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I have just received aletter from Egg stating that my credit card account has been terminated. I have been instructed to destroy my card, send it back to Egg & contact them about repayment options. What is the best course to take, as I am unable to work with depression?

Any advice appreciat

-- L (, July 19, 2001


Get a friend/relative/partner to start looking after your mail from EGG or any other companies NOW! - I have been in your situation, if you have a bad day/week/month with your depression you will not deal properly with your finances and things will pile up, you will get in a mess, when you are better, AND YOU WILL BE! (it took me 18 months) you should come out of darkness with some financial stability.

Take it from me PLEASE, its been nearly ten years since I recovered, I didn't do this and am now in a financial mess.

-- A previous sufferer (, July 20, 2001.

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