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Lack of time for developing has taken my frezzer full of black and withe film, mostly Tri-x at diferent asa frm 400 to 3200, I´ve kept this since almost three years, now I want to start procesing, and want to ask of any experiences in defrezze film and other alterations of it. What shall I spect?

-- Roberto Watson (, July 18, 2001


I have used film this way for a long time. Usually the change in film is to lose speed not gain, however, if that is what has happened that is the way it is. Take the film out and let it warm up to room temperature before using.

The only problem i had was when the film was over 8 years old, everything seemed fine until a few weeks after film was developed, when the emulsion began to flake off. Needless to say and never let the film get that old anymore. Usually, a few years just effects speed. As I remember I just my standard developing time which is based on my equipment, etc. Run a test roll and find out.

-- Ann C lancy (, July 19, 2001.

Roberto, I gather you mean it's already exposed... going to have fun looking at that I reckon, hopefully some nice surprises! I took some (unexposed) film out of the freezer this morning, and placed it in the fridge to slow the thawing process. Not having done this before, it seemed a good idea. I think you've stored it good enough and it's not old enough to worry about changing your processing methods (I've done some much older stuff and it had higher fog level but printed fine). Do you know what's on each individual roll? Maybe pick one 'less' important roll and see how it goes!

-- Nigel Smith (, July 19, 2001.

Thank´s Ann I think you´re talking about unexpossed film, I´ll have that in mind, some times the same problem when I have more cash than regular and buy film for life, and store it, thank´s very kind of you.

Yes Nigel I´m talking about already exposed film, I have done this before but for shorter time like six months or so, and about picking a less important roll and do a try, is a good idea unfortunately I only write film speed and date, but I´ll do fine, thank´s

By the way what kind of photography do you do?

-- r watson (, July 19, 2001.

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