Edmond to buy water from city

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Edmond to buy water from city

2001-07-18 By Carrie Pagley Staff Writer

EDMOND — For the first time, the city of Edmond is planning to exercise its agreement with Oklahoma City to purchase water during hot summer months. About 9 a.m. Tuesday, Oklahoma City crews checked two supply connection valves that will allow Oklahoma City water to flow to Edmond customers, said Bret Weingart, assistant director of water/wastewater utilities for Oklahoma City.

The water valves had not been opened, said Sherri Irving, Edmond water resources director.

She said Edmond plans to use Oklahoma City water but is not certain when it will begin.

“Weather impacts the demand, and the demand has just gotten to the point where Oklahoma City water is the quickest way to help alleviate the strain on our system,” Irving said Tuesday.

Irving said Edmond officials continue to check connections and the city’s water demand. Edmond has had a water agreement with Oklahoma City for years, but has not bought water before.

Edmond gets about half its water from Arcadia Lake and the rest from water wells. The west side of Edmond will receive the purchased water because Edmond’s water system is connected to Oklahoma City’s in that area, Edmond officials said.

Edmond’s system can handle up to about 23 million gallons of water usage a day. But if usage remains that high for more than a day or two, the city must ration, Irving said.

Edmond officials last week imposed outside watering restrictions on residents.

Recent demand has stayed around 20 million gallons per day, she said, but more water is needed with this week’s return of hot, dry weather.

Weingart said Edmond has estimated it will need about 1 million to 2 million gallons per day from Oklahoma City to meet needs.

The agreement allows Edmond to buy water from Oklahoma City at $2.84 per 1,000 gallons, Weingart said.

Last week, water customers in west Edmond were mailed a letter detailing the city’s plan to purchase water and how it would affect residents.

“Like Edmond’s water, Oklahoma City’s water surpasses all of the state of Oklahoma’s Department of Environmental Quality standards,” Irving wrote to residents.

Irving said residents would notice no difference in the water. The main difference in the two cities’ water is the disinfectant used.

Oklahoma City uses chloramines to disinfect. Edmond uses chlorine.

Irving said customers who use kidney dialysis machines may need to change the way they operate the devices to accommodate the different chemicals. Irving said anyone who uses a dialysis machine should call Edmond’s water resources department.

Those with dialysis machines also should contact the machine’s manufacturer for instructions on what to change. People who own fish tanks should contact a pet store for advice, she said.

Edmond is one of many metro cities with an agreement to buy water from Oklahoma City.

Weingart said The Village, Warr Acres, Yukon, Mustang, Piedmont, Moore and Blanchard, as well as the Deer Creek Rural Water District, have agreements to purchase water. Many buy water year-round. Norman and Bethany have an agreement to buy supplemental water during peak times.


-- Tess (webwoman@iamit.com), July 18, 2001

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