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Was elected to look at a Sheppard Homelift that is very old. No prints. It will run empty car and with 200 pounds. Motor stalls with 250 pounds in car. Capacity is 350 pounds. I'm guessing start capacitor is bad. It has a giant can with 3 wires coming out of it for a capacitor. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Richard

-- Richard Harrison (, July 18, 2001



A condenser "start" motor has a centrifical switch that removes the start winding as the motor comes up to speed. It gives the motor direction and a "boost" when starting. A condenser "run" motor keeps the direction winding in the curcuit (in series with the condenser for phase shift)while the motor is running. It is necessary for the condenser to be able to carry the current load for the motor to work properly. If you have trouble finding a replacement you can parallel 3 or 4 NP caps and use them in series. The total MFs should be about the same or higher. Fred

-- Fred Baltes (, July 28, 2001.

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