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Complain about work.--Al

-- Al Schroeder (, July 17, 2001


The unending game of.. "I ordered a roll of tape, and I didn't get it." Me: "That's because we don't have any." Them: "But I need it."

Or BS coming up behind me every five minutes and telling me what to do, even though I've been doing the same job every day for a week with no one else complaining. BS yelling at me. BS giving me a hard time about going home when I'm supposed to. BS wanting to have lunch with me so she can talk while eating and get carrot bits all over me.

I shush now, before my head explodes.

-- Alicia AntiDiva (, July 20, 2001.

The problem with work is that it is no picnic.

-- Dennis Kobo (, October 18, 2001.

The idiot I work with (not for) is a sleaze who uses his talents (?) to lay every woman (and probaly man) in sight to keep ahead. Would you believe no one will show up for work anymore? The women are all pregnant and suffering morning sickness and the men all have jock itch.

I love my job!!!

By the way, I'm menopausal, so I'm immune from the fucker.

-- Karen Bergman (, March 02, 2002.

One of the attorneys that I work for is semi-retired and divides his time between planning his vacation, checking on his stocks or writing letters to the editors for the sole purpose of seeing his name in print -- the highlight of my day, however, are his whiny requests for imaginary 'emergencies' that require undivided attention.

I pray that on his next trip abroad that he contract monteuma's revenge and dies!

-- Ms. (, October 11, 2002.

i'll be onest, i'm not here to complain anout work, i'm here to complain about BOREDOM. as a long term sufferer of boredom i'm getting pretty fucking sick of it, its not that i dont have anything to do, its just that every fucking thing there is to fucking do is as fucking boring as doing fucking nothing, and so thats what i do, nothing, and as a result of this i'm wasting away and loosing my friends, not to mention self my respect, and so i say, boredom sucks, life sucks, indeed, is their anything that dosent fucking suck???? i'm not expecting any reply's to this but i had to say something

-- bored (, December 11, 2002.

Welcome to the world friend. Capitlism sucks, it turns all of us in to grey nobodies and tells us we have freedom, choice and capitalism is wonderful

From the US to India, Europe to South America, millions of workers get up to go to work about the same time of day (according to time zones)and come home at the same time of day, watch the similar crappy TV and eat frozen, dried, canned food etc. The Capitalist rulers tell us that we are all different. Its helps to divide and rule and spin racist ideas that there different to us etc.

It is the Capitalist that is different,they ae the jet settrs, the boarder hoppers, the union busters, the nationalist promoters and the warmongers.

If you want an interesting life, be a marxist, anarchist or just an activist. There is a War to stop and there are jobs to protect. The environment to defend. You can piss off the multinationals, over throw capitalism and replace it with something nice, was a placard on May Day in London (mayday-international labour day in memory of the chicago martyrs, thanks to US ruling class saying you are different there is a US labour day on the 1st of sept! but it was american martyrs!). A chinese curse: you live in interesting times.

WE DO, but apart from the 'fight club' picture of the Ikea/diy store guide to a perfect home to define a cruddy life under servitude of long working hours, boring your mind, say hey can we criticise something. Can we collectively change that? Try because we will never know if we don't try.

-- Richard Stephens (, December 11, 2002.

First off, capitalism isn't the reason work sucks, work sucks because it's work, that's it place in life

-- Jay Jones (, January 06, 2003.

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