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I appear to be in a similar situation to the other users of this excellent site. All the threats and letters of intimidation etc.. Has anyone ever visited or met with Curtis Solicitors. Or does anyone know how successful they are at this sort of thing? In their letter it states they do not take calls but I am sure if you send a letter they just send another back again.

-- Simon (, July 17, 2001


I know of no one who has visited or met with this company. If you send a letter I would fully expect them to reply to your letter. However, is is likely that their reply is not complete. Therefore you must politely request that they supply the documents which you are enntitled to see and that they give answers to your questions. They may feel things are not relevant but if the case ever came to court they wouldhave to then.

Keep EVERYTHING in writing, never make phone calls even if they ask.

If you have any details of your case I, and others may be able to offer more.

-- Matt (, July 18, 2001.


Please post up the full firms name, address and any phone numbers and I will do some research on them.

-- (, July 18, 2001.

Blue Mountain The firm are called Curtis Solicitors, 87 & 89 Mutley Plain, Plymouth, Devon PI4 6JJ. Phone 01752 204444 Fax 01752 600582. Some names appear on the letter head too: Guy Blackwood, Roger J. Miller, Steven D. Coles, Elizabeth A. Smith . Presumebly partners of the firm. would be interested to know anything you glean from this information

-- Simon (, July 18, 2001.

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