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the old way are to outdated and they dont work. I would like to know becuse theres this damn change machine in my college dorm its has ripped me off 20 time's to many. I want revenge on this vending macine. I was thinking of just beatting the crap out of it, but the jerk's that owen it know its ripping people off cuse they keep getting notes about it but they never give any refunds. I really need a way to sink dowen to there level and rip them off back. none of the old conventional way's ripping them off dont work on this new machine, I tryed everything from pooring a 2 litter of salt water dowen it -to- taping the back of a doller bill to pull it out. that shit dont work. I really want to get back at the people that own this machine as mush as I want to beat the shit out of it. POST YOUR IDEA's --------------------------CYco

-- Joe Bob Billie Bubba Bo (, July 17, 2001


By the way you write and spell I think it would be better if you save your money and quit college. Appears to be a waste of money and time if this is the result of higher education. Sorry but this is the way I feel. Mike Purly

-- mike (, July 18, 2001.

So your one of those jerks that likes to judge people by the way they spell, well I feel people like you are pritty dumb sitting there talken about ,"you cant spell ...ha ...ha" what a cheep shot, It's not like Im trying to get a doctrine or masters in English, you fool. Your probly the type to edit, and spell check your words in MS-Word before you type anything, you self-conchs, insecure, basterd! You dont even know me. I am a very smart mother-fucker with a consistent 3.89 -to- 3.94 average, and not only that, allot of people listen, and take value to my advise, Even people in these (Top Level) postings and Im sure you will stumble on quite a fuew people on this forum that will back me 100%. So next time you judge sombody just cuse you had a bad day, cuse you mother forgot to give you head this morning, Think Twice!!!! I usaly ignore people like you, cuse Im better then that, but Im sick of people like you judging other peoples character by the spelling no matter how extensive there vocabulary or wizdom. What's next ..... judging wit's by the size of your penis? ...If so I would win that war easly!---------------------- ----------------------------------------Cyco

-- Joe Bob Billie Bubba Bo (, July 20, 2001.

Hey wierdo cyco dude. I don't recall anybody calling you dumb or anything of that ilk. YOU are the one making all the accusations! All I said was you are wasting money going to college if that's the best you can spell. Come to think of it---I'll retract my statment about quitting college. Stupid, foul mouthed little babies like you need to be kept off of the streets. No I don't use a spellling checker. I KNOW how to speell! Mike

-- mike purkey (, July 20, 2001.

Come here big guy... give ole-Cyco a hug

-- Joe Bob Billie Bubba Bo (, July 22, 2001.

i think that you are all crazy but i would like to find out how to rip off vending machines because they have ripped me off too many times and i a sick and tired of it

-- your mama (, April 22, 2002.

shit i think that all of you need to get some booty really soon.. all of you spend way to much time online and it is getting to you... and all of you people are illeterate anyways so go back to high school and learn how to spel you damn commy bastards...ha ha ha as you are reading this a virus is being opened to your mainframe... ha ha ha

-- devin (, April 25, 2002.

ok this discussion goes from some one wanting to know how to rip off venders to an argument over spellieng, i was the only one who spelld any thing wright anywayse.

-- BillyJoe (, May 15, 2002.

just lamenate the dollar.

-- ilya (, May 22, 2002.

Wow this guy is a fruit. Why don't you just blow it up and then learn how to spell.

-- Smokey McPott (, October 06, 2002.

Tear a notch exactly 1/2 a inch in past the 1.

-- Nypd (, October 12, 2002.

exactly where do you tear this "V" notch? and have you ever got it to work?

-- bo (, October 12, 2002.

ok first you need a nice new dollar bill. Then you a crappy ass one all wrinkled and fucked up. then u teps it to the new one leave a little space between them. thena s soon as you put in the dollar hit the pop that you want really fast. Then while thats happening thye machine will read the enw dollar bill and then when it comes to the old 1 it will spit it back out and you might even get change back.

-- SlipNuTs (KLB22816@YAHOO.COM), October 13, 2002.

find a vending machine that has a lot of customers, and stuff a napkin up inside the change return in the machine of a 75 cent pop machine. people put a dollar in and 25 cents is supposed to come out but it gets stuck on the napkin. come back at like the end of the day and pull the napkin out and get your quarters. make sure you dont try to leave it in for like a week, cuz chances are when u come back it will be gone.

-- joey (, October 30, 2002.


-- ripped off (, November 01, 2002.

im a hot lezbian/bisexual woman im 19 an looking for dicks to suck everyday i like pussy too.... oh yeah just take a dollar and put skotch tape the lentgh of tha doller bill on the edge so its the size of two bills long not wide put in the dollar bill itll read it and u should have a little bit of tape left qwikly pull it out. it might jus work.if ur tape falls off jus try again. put some cum on it that stuff stix reeeel good 1 time this guy got hard an he was pumped, meaning his dick was like 8 inches an he busted cum all in my mouth! ohh i got so wet!!!

-- pussy eater 5000 (, November 19, 2002.

got a good one here, pretty sure yall have noticed those little strips in the $20 bill. well they started appearing in the $5 and $10,ok,420, so what you fucking do in case yall havent figured it out, get a bunch off $5 and $1 bills, take the strips out of the $5's and using CLEAR scotch tape place them in the exact same spot but on the $1, and voila!!!!! insert the $1 bills with strips into a change machine get the $5 in change, and go spend the fucking $5 bills somewhere else. FUCK YEA

what country we live in, bullshit azz peace of land!

-- Cannabis (, November 24, 2002.

your gay

-- (, December 06, 2002.

Here's one: put on some rubber gloves, Get a spray bottle full of saline wate, and spray it at the coin slot. Run away, and it should short-circuit and start shitting out pop and change. Never tried before. U can also just pick the lock to the change box, ya know.

-- The crazy Idiot down the street (, December 18, 2002.

Read this one, mofos. K. When know one's looking, fuckin pull the plug out real quick and put it in. Every drink should come out fuckin free! damn awesome!

-- Jason Isorney (, January 05, 2003.

laminate the dollar bill

-- cummybutcheeks (, January 07, 2003.

Take a bottle of liquid blumber, put a ballon over the top,. When It's full,Take some phosphors and nail polsih, and put it around the neck of the balloon. Pour the phosphors onto the nail polish, and tie a string around the ballonn. Make it LONG, like 30 feet. Have a slightly flammable material at 15 feet intervals (beginning, middle, and end) and douse the whole b**** in gas! Tape it to the vending machine, light it, and RUN LIKE THERE WAS A HORNY ORANGUTAN ON YOUR ASS!

-- Crazy Assmonkey (, January 09, 2003.

Oh yeah, it's not very legal, it's dangerous, it's loud, and most of all, if you get caught using explosive Balloons, you can get sent to prison! The risk of getting caught Is EXTREME!

-- Crazy Assmonkey (, January 09, 2003.

The risk of getting caught is HIGH, like 90%. Don't do unless you can act drunk afterwards, so It just seems like a case of the pink elephants.

-- 1 crazy assmonkey (, January 09, 2003.

Never make fun of spelling spelling is nothing more than a none existant patteren. If you see a patteren to it you need help. Spend your time on other stuff.

-- trevor (, January 13, 2003.


-- pussy fucker (, January 23, 2003.

MAN! All u guys seem so cool! Realy funny ideas. Im gonna try some (not the explosive balloon)

Way cool,Apart from that asshole about your spelling! He's taken it up the ass to many time.

By he way, i am interested in anymore whako ideas for conning these shit machines, so e-mail me if u got any that have even a REMOTE chance of working. E:-)

-- Space Monkey (, January 25, 2003.

with the new coke machines (red ones with the clear window and the belt trays) you can get the soda you want, and when its just about to spit it out, then reach up inside and hold the door shut. the belt will lower and then come back up and try again. hold the door shut. then press the change return. you'll get 4 quarters. do the same thing until you have three sodas on the belt. then pull them all out after you order another soda.

(it works, me and my friend bill do it all the time at school)

-- Matthew Glatz (, January 26, 2003.

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