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Does anyone know how to get permanent marker out of clothing? How about vis-a-vis, water-based overhead marker? I have ruined another pair of pants. The vis-a-vis marker will actually come out with about five washings, but I have never been able to get out the permanent kind. I guess that name permanent should be my warning. So, can you help?

-- Jim (, July 17, 2001


Call the manufacturer, we were able to save a cheer uniform that had Permanent Sharpie Marker all over the front of it, the gal put her name on the tag, and it bled through to the front. We used rubbing alcohol per insturctions from Sharpie! Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, July 17, 2001.

Wow, it came out. Thanks Vickie!! My kids won't know what to think when I come to school with no spots on my clothes :) The alcohol did leave a very faint line around the area it saturated when I scrubbed the ink spot, but I'll bet it comes out with a few washings. I should have asked about this a long time ago.

-- Jim (, July 17, 2001.

rubbing alcohol also works great on ball point ink stains.

-- (, July 19, 2001.

Hair spray takes ball point pen stains out very easily.

-- Paul (, July 23, 2001.

rub old crusty dog poop on it and then have someone who just ate a hot dog pee in a glass with mango juice swish it around in his mouth then spit it on the spot and it should come right out

-- chris h (, November 04, 2001.

What about permanent marker on walls? What takes that out/off? :o) We discovered our 3 year old son made us a surprise while we were making supper. You can imagine our surprise when we walked in to see what he had made for us.

-- Hannah (, December 11, 2001.

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