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Five years eleven and a half months after Citibank wrote to us demanding 43k or some such spurious figure to cover the shortfall on our repossessed house sale, they sent us a one-liner asking us to phone them urgently (last month). We responded with a polite letter requesting that they put any queries in writing, together with a SARN to their data compliance officer. No answer has yet been forthcoming to the first of these, but we have just had a letter from the data compliance officer returning our 10 GBP cheque, and saying that Citibank holds no data about us! It seems to me that we have several choices here- this is clearly inconsistent as if they have no data about us, how come they knew our address only a fortnight earlier?? Should we wait to see if they write again and respond with photocopies of their "no data" letter? Or should we write back immediately to see if they will confirm that, as they have no data regarding our case, they are not considering pursuing a claim? Or should we just forward their letter to the DPA Commissioner as itīs at best incompetent, at worst a deliberate lie? Any advice welcome, as we really do want to put these parasites behind us after such a long period.

-- Melody Clarke (, July 16, 2001


Ask the Information Commissioner to investigate (ask for an 'assessment') under the Data Protection Act, if you think that Citibank didn't properly respond to your SARN. I am personally surprised that they (seemingly) don't even have address/trace info/basic records on you. Hmmm.

Go for it. It costs you nothing. And it's your right.

-- E Scott (, July 28, 2001.

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