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I bought a couple paintings about a month to six weeks ago from someone selling them door-to-door. Allegedly, one is by a well-known European artist who signs his name "Burnett." I bought the paintings for a good price, and got ones I like. So if this turns out to be a hoax, I'm okay with it.

Apparently there is a group of art students from an art school in SF selling paintings door-to-door to raise money for a new art gallery their school is opening.

My question: Is there such an artist? I don't have a first name, I had a couple small children underfoot, so was a bit distracted. Does anyone have any leads?

-- Heather Smith (, July 16, 2001


i have a painting just like that if you get a anser let me known too

-- MICHAEL PERRELLA (, October 12, 2001.

I've just bought a painting signed Burnett it is a Paris landscape oil on canvas and am also trying to find out more (surely theres more than one Burnet

-- rob orton (, October 19, 2001.

I too am looking for more info on Burnett. I bought two paintings in Paris and was given one that came from London.

-- kelly (, November 29, 2001.

Here here, Got two myself...if there are any leads let me know too! I did however find a Ron Burnett signed painting that looked similar in style to the Burnett painting. It was also signed Ron Burnett but the Burnett looked remarkably similar to the ones I got!

-- Timothy J. Knapp (, November 30, 2001.

Got a call from a dealer in Philly? He said they are about twenty bucks and they are not by the Caroline Burnett. Just another rather talented artist in my opinion.

-- Timothy J. Knapp (, December 10, 2001.

I've now got four of these paintings, somewhat impressionist in appearance, maybe scenes of Paris - but a friend of mine says this artist painted mostly in Spain. Any info gratefully received.


-- Peter Bull (, December 30, 2001.

I purchased two Burnett's about 22 years ago at a mall expo in Harrisburg, PA. They were street scene in Paris. I purchased three more Burnett's at a hotel art expo recently. My search to find out who Burnett is lead me to this site. Are there any answers yet?

-- Bill Hunter (, January 06, 2002.

My friend also has a Burnett painting. He got is years ago at a auction. I was trying to find a background on it. No such luck yet let me know.

-- Ellie Juarez (, January 19, 2002.

Burnett is sighned on the left hand side i thought that was different. Anyone else have the same thing?

-- Eloisa Juarez (, January 24, 2002.

I have a huge paintiing signed Burnett in Red. (on right hand side) It's an oil depiction of Paris with the Eiffel tower located in the horizon. It's rather impressionistic with a "monet-ish" essance. I believe it's a fine piece with a rather turn of the century feel to it. People are wearing early European garb, ...just one thing though...the building in the far right is slightly tilted!!! It's something of a mystery to find this clue

-- Kellie (, February 08, 2002.

just found out a freind bought 4 paintings 30 years ago about 10 by 8 inches each one is a different scene, paris, london, the other 2 im not sure, but 1 looked like italy, they were bought from a shop in south east london 30 years ago he paid £ 500.00 for all four, they came in a wide gold frame he was told back then the artist was up and comming although he bought them because he liked them, they are more greyish than you would expect, and the people are somewhat like matchstick men, but they are not and each building which defines where the country is has a slight lean to it none of the paintings are under glass but the signiture is very distinct, I would call them semi fine art scenes, and the canvase is over a thick board, so keep your fingers crossed because £ 500.00 30 years ago was a lot of money, and I dread to think what it would be worth now.

-- linda springett (, February 15, 2002.

My son just recently purchased a lovely Burnett at a garage sale for 35.00. (He's not an art fancier, just liked it and has a new condo to furnish.) Then we saw a smaller Burnett at an Antique Faire that was priced at 225.00. Both are Parisian street scenes and both are in excellent condition including frames. We too are looking for more information on Burnett. I will stay posted. Seems he's the phantom artist per this website.

-- Peggy W (, February 18, 2002.

I also purchased a Caroline Burnett this last summer while on vacation. I was interested in finding information about the artist. I located a brief bit of information at Feristan European Art & Antiques located on the internet. According to them she is an American artist of the 20th Century who lived in Paris. She is also in "Who's Who in American Art". I spotted the painting across a large shop and now enjoy it in my home. I too did not care whether it was by a well known artist. I just really liked it and still do. Good hunting to all of you!

-- lynne johnson (, February 19, 2002.

We just bought three last month in Texas at a small shop that has no history on the artist. All three are in black and white and have heavy paint strokes with scenes from Paris streets. Each signature of Burnett has a period after the name and is signed on the lower right. The shop also had two more with a signature in red.

-- Sandra Haverlah (, February 24, 2002.

I just bought a Paris street scene Burnett (signed on lower right in a brazen thick stroked all capitol lettered except for the letter "u" and the last "T" hanging down a bit lower then the other letters) signatured painting with a golden coated frem with a velvet interborder area. The picture itself is done in a heavily applied acrylic I believe but not sure. This artist really piles on the paint but what a great technique! Shows the Moulan Rouge, shops and people walking. It looked so good that at $45 at a thrift shop I had to take a chance. I have it on ebay right now starting at $92 It's been on for 2 days, no bites yet, hopefully it will sell. I don't understand why these are being sold as someone posted on this web site door to door. Maybe some elaborate robot in a factory somewhere is churning these things out by the millions? If so, then I guess some of us may have gotten burned. Good luck to you all, hope someone finally gives us all the scoop on who Burnett really is and if these works are really art or production runs.

-- Allen Kutchuk (, April 19, 2002.

I bought two french street scenes signed by Burnett,from an art gallery in Gloucester City England in 1983 for £200.00 each. Both original oils and both gold framed. I fell in love with the pictures and was told that the artist was up and comming. I visited Paris in 1992 and saw both my paintings being sold by the street vendors on the left bank, but the colours were all wrong to those I bought 10 years earlier, the 1990 versions were too purple and grays too strong to those I had bought. It seems this artist had been practicing as early as the 1980 and anything later must be mass produced look a likes for tourists. Who is he/she ?????????

-- Malcolm Owen (, April 22, 2002.

I'd love to know who s/he is too! I bought two paintings in Arkansas about ten years ago. Like so many others, I bought them because I loved the styles and colors. At the gallery, I was told they were by a Texas artist. Both paintings with lovely frames were about $200. Four years ago, I saw the same artist's work in a gallery in Brussels. One painting was selling for about $1000. The gallery said it was by a British artist. Would love to know who Burnett really is!

-- (, June 07, 2002.

We bought two small paintings by Burnett in an antique store in Alma, Washington about 6 years ago. They were in old, homemade looking frames and cost us about $30.00 for the both of them. I love them and recently I found three paintings by the same artist in a kiosk in Calgary. The woman in the kiosk told me that he was a french painter and that was all she knew.

-- dixie link (, June 23, 2002.

garage sale maniac picked up 4 Burnett's framed (Notre Dame, flower pots impressionist paintings)4 for $150 total gold ornate frames Large and small. 30x36 etc. This info is tremendous (bunch of years of individual paintings going for wild as well as similar prices but still wanting to no who this bloke (m/f) Burnett is. I have been able to find a few cool paintings in garage sales for a good price with artists that are listed on the net but this Gent/Ms. is no where to be found. Thanks for the info at least I feel I am not alone.

-- Tom C connecticut (, June 28, 2002.

I bought 2 painting by the same artist from a door to door salesman a little over a year ago. The two paintings are of Paris and Venice, Italy. I paid $160 for each. I no longer love them and they don't match anyplace in my house. I'd love to sell them. I was walking by a booth in a craft fair in Lake Tahoe this past weekend and they had more of his stuff. The seller told me the name was Claude Burnette (spelling ???) and he is really upcoming in Europe. Seems like he was pulling my leg. His peices were running from $130 to $200. If anyone finds out the true identity please let me know. The prints I have did originate from a art school I think in San Fran.

-- Janine (, July 02, 2002.

I bought two paintings done in black-and-white oil in Barcelona in 1999. Both are Paris street scenes -- impressionist in style -- one is signed "Burnett" on the left, the other on the right. I bought them at an artists' exhibition in a high-rise building near the Corte Ingles mall. I really like them. Has anyone determined just who this "Burnett" is?

-- Hugh Callahan (, August 01, 2002.

I just bought a framed Burnett painting at a local thrift store for 12$. It looks very impressionistic, and is mostly pastel in color. I really like it...and it doesn't look like the work of an novice. Does anyone have any leads on who Burnett is?

-- Michelle Rose (, August 20, 2002.

Hah, that's interesting.

We picked two "Burnett" paintings up in an art gallery in New Hope, PA. The attendent at the gallery had no information for us. They're very attractive but at $20 apiece obviously not originals. Wondering about their origins, I asked the Google about the author and here I am tossing my two cents in the pile.

-- Michael Bacarella (, August 25, 2002.

This thing said to contribute an answer at the bottom. Well, I have none. I am getting ready to move and found a painting signed Burnett. The name is not signed in cursive, but in standard letters. It is in red in the bottom right. The scene appears to be from Italy, with the Colosium on the right and the arch in the center. There are about 6 people standing in the scene. The paint is on very thick. The back of the frame says "HECHO EN MEXICO" and it has a label from "Personal Preference Inc." There is an address and phone number too: 800 Remington Blvd. Bolingbrook, IL 60440 - 630-226-0700... I just ran a search for that name and found the following:

There is a different address and number there. I'll stop here as this is getting long.

-- Shannon Mormon (, September 05, 2002.

I recently bought an original oil painting at an auction signed J. Burnett in the lower right corner. It is of store fronts with French names on the marquis. The paint is thick and in bright colors. It might have been done by a pallet knife. It is in a large gold ornate frame. I believe it to be a new painting as the paint smells fresh. The auction house also had a larger painting by the same artist again of French store fronts and cobblestone sidewalks. It was signed J. Burnett in red in the lower left corner. They are very good paintings and I really like them. I think the auctioneer got them from a furniture store liquidation. If anyone has any information on the artist please reply. The auction house is in Portland, OR.

-- Danny Holly (, September 24, 2002.

Also seeking information. Bought 2 in Dallas over the last year or so at estate sales. Both Parisian looking scenes. Impressionist (ish...). Anyone??

-- JennF (, October 06, 2002.

i recently bought a painting of a french street scene by burnett in a Tasmanian,Australian auction for US$35.00 it is in a n interesting frame and seems to be fairly oldi bid for it by mistake (i thought i was bidding for a computer!!) i dont think i will be attending any more auctions!!

-- garry johnston (, October 12, 2002.

I also bought a Burnett about 2 years ago for $400 US. It is a Parisian street scene in acrylic paint. I would also like to know who he/she is.

-- Jessica Bowling (, October 13, 2002.

Well I think I can shed a little light and a good lead.

I just bought two Burnett's at costco, framed for $85. signed in all capital letters. The paintings are of Paris street scenes, just like many of you described. I bought it because I liked them. At the price of prints, you can't really go wrong, but these will never be collectors items. My guess is that art achool students painted these under the name Burnett, but if anyone is really interested, you might contact Costco to find out about the artist or machine that made these.

I doubt that there is a real artist named Burnett doing these by hand for those prices.


-- Steve Fong (, October 18, 2002.

I was given an oil painting by a friend in Spain about five years ago by `Burnett` and have been trying to find out more about him/her since. Today 20/10/02 I purchased a similar Paris scene by the same artist at a local car boot sale for the princely sum of £3.50pence and I am delighted. Both are in similar gold frames. He or she must be a very prolific artist but I love the work produced...SOME ONE must know something...........

-- Peter Calderwood (, October 20, 2002.

I just picked one up at a garage sale held by a lady who used to own an art gallery in NY. She could shed no light on this mystery, except that oil on canvas 24"x36" painting was bought in the mid 1980's. When the gallery was still in business, the unframed price was $75 US.

Garage Sale bargain price $2. No long lost Picasso here!

-- Rafael (, October 30, 2002.

Hi - I am looking for a "Paris Street Scene" picture a lady I used to babysit for had on her wall....I think the name on the picute was either Bertini or Burnett. I saw it on ebay but it sold for $250 and I never got a response from the ebayer who was auctioning it. Could someone post a picture of their painting or e-mail me one??? I think we have all been duped by a nice mass reproduction!!!

-- Christa (, November 02, 2002.

Hello everyone. I'm afraid that we don't have any new information to share. We too purchased a painting signed "Burnett" in the lower right. It's an oil depiction of Paris at night, similar to the others described here. It's about 48" x 36". Like many of you, we are decorating various rooms and prefer the "look and feel" of oil on canvas vs. more popular framed prints. We enjoy it, so we don't much care about its' origin or future value. With the seemingly high quantity of similar pieces on the market and the relatively low prices, we agree that someone somewhere is probably "cranking these out". We bought it framed for $200 US and are very pleased with it. Good luck to everyone!

-- Robb Edwards (, November 03, 2002.

Here's a link to more 'Burnett' Oil paintings or copies:

-- NA (, November 07, 2002.

Got one from my inlaes who bought it from some artist in Paris who said it was his. i was loking for more info about him/her and i found this news group. Realizing this person dows't exist still want to know about who is behind all of this.

-- albert (, November 17, 2002.

Well, I have three Burnett paintings purchased in 1990 at a garage sale for $45.00. One is 20x24 and signed on the right in red "Burnett" and two are 8x10. One signed on the right and one signed on the left. I don't have an Effiel tower but a domed building in the background of the larger, two domed buildings on one of the smaller and no domed building on the other. Its really a mix and match but they do look good in a grouping. Wish I knew who he/she was.

-- Lynne Ziegler (, November 20, 2002.

I have matchstick type picture signed burnett,24x36 purchased in village auction in southern ireland, the painting is of a french type town square with gas lighting and several pair of figures all thin with long thin legs similar to the figures described by linda springett, would love to know more about the artist.

-- ja banks (, November 21, 2002.

Perhaps I can shed just a little light on the subject of Mr.Burnett.

In 1987 I visited Paris. As you can imagine, there are easels and artists EVERYWHERE. One particular painting caught my eye as I watched the artist finish his work. I loved it ! It's a Paris street scene done in pastel colors with the tower in the background. I thought it would make a lovely keepsake so I bought it,unframed and still wet,for $20.00. It is signed "Burnett" in the lower right corner and is approx. 12"x14". I've enjoyed it all these years but never thought it was worth more than I had paid until I saw the exact print at Costco last week !!!!! Now I'm wondering.... I will research this more but in the interim: Any of you who own a Burnett just hang on to it ! And if anyone finds out where in the world Mr. Burnett is...please let me know. Regards-

-- Victoria Cadorette (, November 24, 2002.

I also have a Burnett Paris scene. Only the top of the tower can be viewed. Looks like the Paris scene paintings at I bought this at an auction in England for £300.00 it is a handpainted oil on canvas. Looks like it could be worth hanging on to these!!!

-- Marc Bailey (, December 07, 2002.

Here's some helpful information for all those seeking it. "Burnett" is a pen name of a studio that produces paintings for over thirty years. The paintings are hand painted by different artists. Because they are non-originals, they are mass produced and the resonable prices are a reflection of that. The paintings are reproductions of mostly famous artists, they are not prints or done by "machines". Hope this helps!

-- Heidi Pasqualetti (, December 08, 2002.

When she moved several years ago, my neighbor gave me a framed, painted canvas painting depicting a Paris street scene. The painting is done in impressionist style, and the paint is heavily laid on. The signature in the left-hand corner reads "BURNETT in capital letters. It is in brownish red.

I also adore the painting. The colors are subdued in hue but still vivid in effect. The clothing seems to me to be 1930-1940ish, but I am no maven. I believe, but am by no means certain, that the street scene is of the Place du Terte as it appeared perhaps sixty years ago or more. The people on the street are all wearing hats and the length of the dresses is mid-calf.

I would also like to know more about the artist(s).

-- Terri Naiditch (, December 19, 2002.

Hi all, I found it interesting to read all your opinions. As an expert in fine European paintings, I can tell you that an original painting of similar quality would easily cost $10,000, if the artist were not well-known. The Burnett paintings are obviously copies. I have one purely for decoration as it is a nice alternative to buying a poster. The Burnetts are basically factory paintings, whereby the paint is shot onto the canvas. To finish the painting, some thick paint is put on top (either by a machine, by a factory worker or by a street ''artist''), to make it look much more real. That's what the person who bought one in Paris 'fresh from the easel' unwittingly experienced.

Hence as such they are no paintings. The price is composed of materials, a fee to the owner of the original painting each time a copy gets produced and profits. They do are far nicer than an ordinary poster (colour copy) so are easily worth up to a couple of $100's.

Congratulations to the one finding the link which summarises all.

Remark that ''Burnett'' as such will be either an unknown & untraced painter, an invention or refers to the people who reproduce these paintings. It may even be that the original painter's family is completely unknown, and that the owner of the original paintings changed the artist's name to the invented ''Burnett'' to avoid the obligation of having to pay royalties to the original painter's descendants each time a copy gets made. In that case the only one who gets a royalty is the current owner of the originals. Good business, if you look at the amount of copies that must be produced !

There's no point continuing the search after this because I believe the reality is clear now. These are machine copies, with a bit of finishing touches done by a machine / by hand, depending on what's most convenient / convincing for prospective buyers in the street. If anyone wants to find out who owns the originals, you could speak to the factory/factories where these copies are being produced, as they will have to pay the owner of the originals a royalty. However they are under no obligation to give out this information to anyone.

Mysteries solved ? Have a good day ! Steve.

-- Steve (, December 23, 2002.

I also have a Burnett oil painting (I do believe it is oil as I am no expert) I was checking it out on the internet today and found a few different Burnett's. i bought my for $10.00 Can. Can anyone tell me where to go to find out who this is pls.

-- Kathy Pawlett (, January 24, 2003.

Ooooooooooooh Boy, we are all in the same quandry aren't we? I have bought recently for just a couple of dollars Burnetts by the score. My friends love a beautifully executed painting of the "Paris Street Scene" signed, which I inherited when I purchased a home of a recently deceased woman, and asked to have the painting. It was an estate and they gladly said YUP!

A new neighbor then told me the painting was very, very expensive and it belonged to the previous owner who was the fourth singer in a female group who I will not name here. They were big in Las Vegas. Have to admit there is no comparison to these later "done in a minute pieces." I think they were trying to confuse people with the excellent work by Antoine Blanchard, copying the same scenes over and over.

Like all of you, I still don't know what I have, but I will hold on to it for a while, still giving the poor copies to friends who like the style. Does that make me a lousy pal? There are a lot of outlets that sell paintings done by starving artists. One in particular in St. Augustine has wonderful works of all types, sizes and if you want to take a chance, (I did) you can find terrific art for pennies. I recently purchased one that perfectly imitates Nieman.

Good luck, and enjoy the beauty of some of the not so expensive art that can be found in Thrift Shops, etc. Burnett, Barnett, Bernard, or Bartlett. I love oils in all their forms. I can't paint furniture.

-- Paula Dailey (, February 04, 2003.

I've also inherited a mysterious - and pretty huge - "Burnett", from a great aunt who died in Spain. Now I'm wondering if its worth bringing back to the UK at all.Its the old 'Street in Paris' one so many of us have! Any idea realistically how much this may be worth - even if its non-original etc? If anyone can resurrect the quest with more info on Burnett(after the message saying they are mass produced) let me know!

-- Nicola (, February 23, 2003.

I've got a Burnett - the Sacre Couer - paid £65 for it from an Art Shop. Went to paris in 1993 with some college friends and one of them actually met the artist as he was painting - he bought a couple of pictures off him - I'm seeing his paintins everywhere though - they seem to be 10 a penny.

-- Dave Fellows (, March 04, 2003.

I have 4ft high by 5ft wide oil painting of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. The painting was given to us and we no longer have use for it in our home. The printed name "BURNETT" appears in block capital letters in the lower right hand corner. It is a canvas painting framed in a gold trimmed wood frame. It appears that many of the paintings described are of Parisian scenes. Does it make a difference what size the painting is?

-- (, March 05, 2003.

My parents have a painting by Burnett in the hallway...we live in Gloucester, England and have had it for quite a while although I did notice someone else from the Gloucester area had a Burnett too a few years ago....coincidence perhaps?? It looks like a Paris street scene using heavy acryllic paint with a large gold frame. Trying to find out how painted and how much its worth really....only as a reference though :)

-- Ben Dunkley (, March 06, 2003.

This is all really interesting cuz ... my boyfriend enjoys painting.. hes actually quite good! .... but to tease him.. i was constantly saying that i loved "BURNETT"'s techinique better... Whos painting i picked up at an art fair in a small town in Southwestern Ontario Canada.... The constant comparison to their two techniques lead him to finally ask me to look this Burnett guy/girl up .. to get some more info on them... which lead me here....

I wasnt really sure if the Burnett i had was the same one that everyone else here had.. since i do not have any specific landmarks in mine to label it as being a Paris scene or an Italian scene.. it was just a street scene.. where the people have stick legs... and theres a crooked tree on the side of the road .... But the link to Speedy art online helped convince me that it was the same... since the paintings are identical in technique.... HOWEVER!!! The signatures are different! My Burnett is signed bottom right .... with a brownish red paint... All in capitall letters except for the "u" as well (like the other person had mentioned)... soooooo im not sure what i got.. all i know is that i still like it.. and ill still tease my Hope you all enjoy your painting ... regardless of how much $ its worth....

-- Sandra Ribeiro (, March 06, 2003.

And another - just bought a 'Paris scene' from a street seller in London for £40. Curious to find background on the artist I came across this page and just wanted to sign up to the group! I too love the painting and the fact that its not original does not matter. I brought it for a gift for my partner's 40th birthday (as we will be spending it in Paris) just not sure whether to tell the truth about its authenticity or not!

-- Katharine Weller (, March 18, 2003.

Well, I feel better now, that so many other people liked these 'Burnett' "originals" as much as I did, but , I have been trying to find the source of this mystery painter, since I bought one in Singapore in 2001. I was looking at another 'masterpiece', in Bangkok, only a week ago, - - same style, and a very pleasant looking picture of Paris, of course. If it was not for the fact that I had a language hick up with the sales person, I might well have been the owner of 2 paintings by the mystery man. No matter what, art snobbery aside, if you like it and enjoy it , it must be ok.

Roy Parry. Melbourne Australia.

-- Roy Parry (, March 19, 2003.

In New Zealand I saw a Burnett in a store. It was owned by the store owner and not for sale. A week or so after that I found a similar piece for sale in a gallery for NZ$520.00. I have not yet decided if I want to get it but have found this very interesting reading! Seems that these paintings are available world wide!!

-- Marea Kazianis (, March 28, 2003.

I live in Leamington Spa in the UK. Sadly, my God Mother recently had to go into a home and I had to arrange to clear her house for her - which she had lived in all her life and her Mother before her. My husband fell in love with two Paris scenes, "Monet" effect with the artist signed on the right in red - Burnett. I have had these hanging on my wall for six months now, meaning to search the interest for any clues. Finally got round to it today and what an amazing place the net is!! - after 5 minutes searching I was fascinated to read all your comments on this site. I will now search the link given to see if there are any more clues. Seems the paintings are worth what the buyer is prepared to pay - in my case, they are very sentimental but have now lost any hope of unearthing a family heir loom!!

-- Simone Wray (, April 14, 2003.

Hi We too were searching for Burnett to see if the paintings had any walue. I have inherited 2 paintings by Burnett 2 years ago from a family friend who was given them by his employers when he retired. He was given them roughly in 1997 and they were previously in the possession of a French family wjho owned the estate upon which he worked. They were French and wealthy owners of a large estate in Scotland and valued his service. I expect that they had some value. They are signed in the righthand bottom corner 'Burnett' in capital letters. The paintings have paint liberally applied as acrylic and are of Parisian scenes. They are sized 30 inch by 20 inch (from memeory) and have match stick like people. They show buildings and cobbled streets and the buildings are slightly tilted. The paintings are two versions of the same scene viewed from different perspectives. So I guess they are a matching pair! Anyway I guess this doesnt help much but I believe that these will at least be genuine ones- whatever that means.. We dont know the date but the family had been in Scotland for perhaps 20 years. Anyway good luck everybody!

-- anne warren (, April 17, 2003.

I bought a paris street scene (oil) by burnett in Belfast a few months ago. Found this on the net if it helps anyone.....

Good luck

James Harvey

-- James Harvey (, April 18, 2003.

It appears there are too many 'original' paintings of the same street scenes, scattered all over the planet. We have two of them, really enjoy them and like some of the others here, not concerned with their monitary value. I just wish I knew how so many of them were produced. Could there be a group of art students in a garage somewhere???......... naaahhhh.

-- e. marshall (, April 30, 2003.

Well I have two paintings by a Burnett also. Seem to be of a street corner in paris of somewhere over there. One is a smaller one and one is larger. Got them at a grarge sale. I think there were more there but I bought the ones I liked. There must be more than one Burnett. Mine are all capital letters also, on right side. One has a ducth windmill between the buildings. He uses large amounts of paint in his paintings. I don't know what they call these.

-- Ted Turnbull (, May 01, 2003.

Well looking over more answers I discovered other matchs. My burnett is also capitals except for the u . My two paintings are nearlly identical matches. Both have a street light in the intersection, Probably gas. People seem to be stick people. Has one large three story and two four story. All have chinneys. Paint is real thick. Don't know what style of paintings they are.

-- Ted Turnbull (, May 01, 2003.

I have a Burnett also and it is of the same period but is an indoor scene of several people playing music. This is a large (2X3) painting. It does seem to be a French scene maybe inside a palace of some sort.

-- Lili Mardis (, May 17, 2003.

First off, I think I found the artist. Carolyn C. Burnett is listed at They have one painting posted on the site and describe her as specializing in cityscapes, the painting appears as if it could match the two I have. There isn't much else on the site though. I tried to google the name and got nothing. I have calls into Northwestern University's art department and the Chicago Art Institute's library to see if they may be of some assistance. I picked up two Burnetts in the resort town of Saugatuck, MI on two separate trips. Both are Parisian cityscapes in black and white oil impressionistic renderings. The paint is very thick in some spots and they are both signed simply "Burnett." Carolyn Burnett is listed as a French native at Anyway, if I learn anything new, I'll be sure to post.

-- Jake Griffin (, May 22, 2003.

Hi !

Does anybody have the same :

Thank you for answers.

I bought it this morning in a garage sale in France.

It looks really good, as real as good.

Looking forward to read of you.

-- vince (, May 29, 2003.

My parents bought two very large paintings in San Diego (5'x3'), signed Burnett in the right hand lower corner, in goldlike paint. One is a scene of Paris on an autumn morning with a carriage and the other one is a scene of a Paris street, I think on a winter afternoon as the sky looks all orangy and dark. On the right there's a café and in the middle a tree. They bought it at an opening sale (50% off) but if it would be a hoax, people who pay full price for those paintings are ripped off. They are beautiful, but I fear that it Burnett isn't one particular painter.

-- Eva De Keyzer (, June 13, 2003.

I also have a ""BURNETT"". It is not a Paris scene though. It is of two nude woman disguised as trees looking upon a pair of blackish birds. Very earth tone fall coloring. It is absolutely awesome! It was given to me after being purchased in Atlanta. Ga. I love it.

-- lars oneil (, June 18, 2003.


I recently bought from a local store a 48"x36" framed picture depicting the "Paris Street Scene" some of you have described. I am now a bit worried that the picture is not worth the money I paid (about $1000) since there seem to be so many copies of the same painting in circulation. The artist signed as "W. Burnett" in the lower right corner. I have taken some digital pictures and here are the links:

Full Picture: Signature: Close-up 1: Close-up 2: Close-up 3: Close-up 4:

If anybody can tell me if the picture is worth what I paid for, I would be most appreciative (I have a trade-in option at the store I bought it so I can return it and exchange for something else).

Thanks much


-- Kai Gossweiler (, June 21, 2003.

Bought my Burnett today at a garge sale for 10 bucks. I hung it, put a light on it and fell in love. These are definately mass produced but don't look it. The art dealer a number of posts up made that clear. Hey it looks much better than any poster you could buy for $10. so I'm very happy. It is very interesting that Burnett moved so many people to go looking though. ENJOY

-- Celia Ness (, June 21, 2003.

First I will say thank you to all who have written here as it is most usefull and second I am a Artist and rarly buy paintings but today i bought a painting i really liked and then did the research on who painted it. To say it was made from a machine is not possible as the combination of colour and Pallet knife strokes could not be created mechanicaly as there are too many variants,I also paint Oils and do prints so know it is not possible! The paint is Very thick and acrylic then covered with a heavy laquer,the canvas is streched on wood and the painting was painted on the stretcher as there is no paint in the folds (another reason it is not machine made) I have seen other Burnett paintings from links and some are definatly the same artist others are not so it is plain there are more than one! My painting came from a gallery in England and then became at a garage sale for less money than the Canvas would cost . If I wanted to paint the same painting with a pallett knife using the same amount of paint and style it would be for me several hours work ,so inless it was painted by more than one person maby in china or somewhere it is definatly by a very talented person who is Painting many paintings(I manage about 3 or 4 each month!)and is selling them at a good price because the person paints so many quickly. I am really happy with my Burnett and will keep it regardless of who painted it because it is Good Art and not a comodity i care to sell and make money. Good Art=enjoyment not money value :-) To see my Burnett go to my website here:

-- Anniette Chabout (, June 22, 2003.

Hi i was given a burnett painting as a wedding present in 1998 it now sits in my mothers house as i am divorced. No idea where it was bought from, i live in the uk in manchester. It depicts paris at night, i think its the chance' a liase' (please forgive my terrible spelling) it is very dark in colour with matchstick like people, it is in a gold frame but i remember being told by my ex sister in law that they had had it framed for us and it was expensive.It is signed in red in the right hand side.

Any info would be appreciated or if anyione wants to buy it as i am gettin married again and see it as a bad omen therefore will not have in in our house , thanks.

-- clare (, June 23, 2003.

I sell Paintings by Burnett in a mall in Canada.Along with Burnett there are other artsist like Kingman(who does landscapes) and T.Denver (who does still lifes)etc... as far as i know,the name refers to the actual artist who does the design of the painting transfer.Under the paint is a faded transfer,only there for the painters to follow like color by numbers without numbers.These are done by hand,i often find brush bristles in the paintings,they are just done by a few artists~ eg. one does the sky,then the next does the building shapes,next does the windows,next the people etc... . I see some Burnett paintings that are done by different artists forsure,and also some that are so much the same that the boss tells me to hide one under the counter till one sells. I'm very honest with customers and tell them that if they want to get a painting that will be of value to go to a reputable gallery,we sell decorative art not gallery art.These are still a zillion times better than a print because of the texture and dimention when light hits it.I think of Burnett as a 'style' of painting and not a person.

-- Miya (, June 28, 2003.

I am researching hte subject for my cousin who has two Burnett paintings, both in heavy acryllic paint applied with a pallet knife, and both signed in the bottom left hand corner. Again Paris street scenes, but close-ups not grand vistas. My cousin got them as a gift almost 35 years ago from a friend in Harare (he was living in Zimbabwe at the time I think). I will keep on looking, and will post an answer here if I can find anything. I do think though that there are at least two Burnett's, one signing in capitals bottom right and the other in caps bottom left. Different colours too.

-- Fiona Hartmann (, July 06, 2003.

This is all very fascinating as my wife and I bought a "BURNETT" at a garage sale today. I wanted to do some research and stumbled onto this forum. I also found this link to a web site that is selling a Burnett for around $425.,,274523.html

maybe they can shed some light on this mystery.

-- Jeff Bohrer (, July 20, 2003.

Found a few more links to Burnetts online:



# 2 is the same painting as the one found at this site (, so it looks like some of these are reproductions at least.

-- Jeff Bohrer (, July 20, 2003.

My Barnett painting is sign on the lower right side and only the first letter is capitilized. The colors are awsome and the painting colors are very thick.

-- rick fonseca (, July 23, 2003.

Hello all. Like all of you, I have a "Burnett", too. Am looking to sell it actually, as it is too small for my wall. I see, however, that most of you have not been reading the previous posts. One in particular dated -- December 23, 2002, by Steve ( gives the answer to all of your questions. It is quite logical and as he stated should end everyone's quandry. Here is a copy of his post.

Hi all, I found it interesting to read all your opinions. As an expert in fine European paintings, I can tell you that an original painting of similar quality would easily cost $10,000, if the artist were not well-known. The Burnett paintings are obviously copies. I have one purely for decoration as it is a nice alternative to buying a poster. The Burnetts are basically factory paintings, whereby the paint is shot onto the canvas. To finish the painting, some thick paint is put on top (either by a machine, by a factory worker or by a street ''artist''), to make it look much more real. That's what the person who bought one in Paris 'fresh from the easel' unwittingly experienced. Hence as such they are no paintings. The price is composed of materials, a fee to the owner of the original painting each time a copy gets produced and profits. They do are far nicer than an ordinary poster (colour copy) so are easily worth up to a couple of $100's.

Congratulations to the one finding the link which summarises all.

Remark that ''Burnett'' as such will be either an unknown & untraced painter, an invention or refers to the people who reproduce these paintings. It may even be that the original painter's family is completely unknown, and that the owner of the original paintings changed the artist's name to the invented ''Burnett'' to avoid the obligation of having to pay royalties to the original painter's descendants each time a copy gets made. In that case the only one who gets a royalty is the current owner of the originals. Good business, if you look at the amount of copies that must be produced !

There's no point continuing the search after this because I believe the reality is clear now. These are machine copies, with a bit of finishing touches done by a machine / by hand, depending on what's most convenient / convincing for prospective buyers in the street. If anyone wants to find out who owns the originals, you could speak to the factory/factories where these copies are being produced, as they will have to pay the owner of the originals a royalty. However they are under no obligation to give out this information to anyone.

Mysteries solved ? Have a good day ! Steve.

-- Steve (, December 23, 2002.

-- Kim Sch.... (, July 26, 2003.

I bought 2 Burnett paintings today at a dealer in a mall. This dealer is based in California and travels around the country. He told me that Burnett is an artist in California. One painting is a colorful Parisian street scene with the tower. Another is, according to the dealer, black and white Vienna scene. He said each painting is originally about $700. The store was closing today so I paid $150 total! I thought I got a good deal, but after reading the message board, maybe I got ripped off. I'm sure glad I didn't pay $700 for each!

-- Melanie Brsan (, July 31, 2003.

Our Burnett painting was inherited. It was owned by a midwest family and on their wall for at least 50 years. It is a 24X36 oil on canvas, appears to be a Paris street scene,no Eiffel Tower, has buildings and figures more sculpted than painted, heavy use of palette tool. Resembles work of Carolyn Burnett. Signature is in lower right,last name only, brown paint, script with only first letter capitalized. It is unusual that this is the only piece of artwork that was specified in the estate. Lovely painting, so I guess we"ll just hold for sentimental reasons. .

-- Don Hillner (, August 03, 2003.

woahya!..... what a commotion! .. All this makes a highly interesting read and I've learnt a lot ... what a lovely story to tell your friends as you gaze up at your Burnett on the wall! I made an earlier posting and I'd love to know how many 'Burnetts' there are out there. I'll bet 'Burnett' or the original originator would be highly amused. Whatever the case I think the paintings look great and I'm delighted that the mystery is resolved. Enjoy them everybody!

-- ann warren (, August 04, 2003.

I do bought two Burnett's from a struggling art student. One was in color of a Paris street for $100.00. The other black and white of Moulin Rouge for $150.00. I like them and liked helping the "student" out. I liked them until I noticed the name on the black and white was spelled Burentt and the other was Burnett. They've lost their appeal. All for money, not art.

-- C. S. Somers (, August 05, 2003.

I'm also very confused like all of you. I bought a small Burnett signed painting of a street in Paris with the eiffel tower background. I got it from this guy on some street corner painting thinking he was the painter himself and it was signed Burnett. Then i come home, go to the mall and find similar paris scenes in two different art gallery stores. What is the deal w this "Burnett"

-- Karen Miller (, August 09, 2003.

I recently bought a small Burnett painting at a yard sale for a dollar. It looks much like the many Burnett paintings described by other buyers. Someone should write a book about this phenomenon or arrange an exhibit of Burnett paintings. Even if it's a hoax, what a fascinating story it would be.

-- Phil Goodman (, August 11, 2003.

My husband bought an oil painting last year in England showing a Paris? street scene (buildings and figures). Size approx. 24 x 20 cm oil on canvas. The painting is signed Burnette (note the "e" at the end)in brown paint in the lower right corner, only first letter capitalized. Is Burnette the same "artist" as BURNETT? Any ideas, please?

Renate Dry

-- Renate Dry (, August 14, 2003.

Well I have been searching for a while as I have been given two painting's by Burnett!!! All your answers are very interesting. The two paintings I have, where owned by a very wealthy lady and I belive to very old. I live in Australia now and the paintings will be brought over when my parents vist next year. So it sounds like the are not real money spinners. But i am sure i will enjoy them. My farther thinks they are at least 100 years old. Well we will see. I think the fine art dealer had the answers to most of the questions. I will will let you know if any thing comes of them.

-- Sean hope (, August 18, 2003.

i bought a burnett today at a consinment store in the DC area for $50. The lady said the only thing she knew about it was that the lady that previously owned it was an owner of lots of fine art. it is a oil on canvas and fits the discription of previous entries of inpressionistic and what looks to be on the streets of paris. there are 2 white, dome-shapped building tops that you can see over the tops of the stores. The focal point seems to be the lamp post. the buildings dont seem to be very slanted to me and the colors are greyish and pastel. in the bottom right corner it is signed BURNETT with the last "T" slightly lower than the first. However it is not brown nor red, its in black. and it too some in a nice gold frame with a stick label on the bottom that says "The Haste Gallery Picture Frames & Restoreres Great Colman St., IPSWCH Tel:58429"

Please tell me if you make any progress!

-- Susan Digges (, August 20, 2003.

hello again, i was thinking, is it possible that "BURNETT" is one of those street artists you see in the big cities like new york, london, paris...? it would explain why some of them are the same, adn some are of the same location but different perspectives and colors. Street artist often paint the same scene twice. It would also explain why there are so many. do you think burnett could have been a painter on the streets of paris and/or italy?

-- Susan Digges (, August 20, 2003.

I recently bought a painting at an antique store for 15 dollars in Madison, NY. It was a scene of Paris, Montmarte. There are stick figures. It is signed in red Burnett. Any ideas?

-- Deloris Grant (, August 29, 2003.

I have recently bought 3 paintings by Burnett, all are of Paris, I have been told by the gallery owner, that Burnett is an artist from the south of England who mainly paints Paris and Ibiza scenes.

-- Paul Gledhill (, September 06, 2003.

I was cleaning up in the basement today and found a Burnett that fell down behind our clothes dryer. Arc de Triumphe in back ground, stick leg people walking the street and some row houses to the right. We had it in our bathroom for a long while and then my wife redecorated. Somehow it ended up in our basement. My wife bought it for $10 or something like that 20 years or so ago at one of those mega oil painting sales run at a local hotel in New York state. Mass produced? Most likely but there has to be a limit to them. I am no artist but I have a mechanical engineering background enough to say this can't be done by some robot or other mechanical means. I would be more inclined to think its a factory of students or starving artists going at it for a few bucks to buy food. Speaking of food, how about this food for thought. What artist painted your Burnett? After this great read here it's going back on the wall. It is a nice painting and now after reading everyones story here it will be a great conversational piece. Who or what it BURNETT????? The mystery.......continues.

-- Rob Phillips (, September 07, 2003.

I am so confused after reading all this. My parents bought a C.BURNETT about 25 years ago in Houston for about $500 that I now have. I noticed that no one mentions the "C" before BURNETT. One person mentioned Carolyn Burnett. Does she sign her paintings C BURNETT. ? There is a period after the last name. My painting sounds like the one's described, just not so pastelly, more dingy and cloudy. We are moving and I would like to sell it or keep it, but I want to know more about the artist.

-- Lisa B (, September 09, 2003.

I'm sure that everyone here has enjoyed their "Burnett's", as we have ours. I've searched quite a wile for the answer to "Who is Burnett?" and think I finally have the answer...although I doubt if it will ever be confirmed. There is and advertising agency with locations in each and every one of the countries mentioned above, that I think could be the source of these paintings.

It's called the Leo Burnett agency. Leo Burnett has been responsible for just about every successful ad campaign since before TV was invented. I'm not swearing to it....but I think if ever someone were going to sell a brand like Impressionist Paris (or Rome or Spain or Denmark) and sell it around the world this agency could.

Do a little research for what you think.

-- Nick Riggs (, September 12, 2003.

hi to you all , i have only just found this site , and very intresting theories there are to. i also hve two burnetts and i love them very much . i purchased them in cardiff south wales , uk. about ten years ago. i paid approx £150 pounds each for them .i am also an interior designer and i do specify that oil paintings by burnett will in many cases enhance the finish to a room . i to have tried to find out about the artist , but to no avail. one thing i will say , is that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and no matter if you paid one pound or a thousand pounds for a painting , the pleasure it gives you is beyond price , so after reading this sites messages , i have not read one that has been dis-pleasing , and for that alone , i thank burnett.xxxxxxxxxxxx

tony daley , cardiff , south wales , uk

-- tony daley (, October 19, 2003.

There is a web site that may be of interest, i.e., This site has information about the painting/s previous discussed. I almost bought a 4' x 6' oil marked Burnett on the lower left, still might?? may be enough it the address above fails you.

-- D. Teman (, October 22, 2003.


I just bought two Burnett paintings at the goodwill for $8 and $15 respectively. I don't know how much they are really worth, but they will definitely look great on my walls. Looking at the detail of the paintings, the color variations in the strokes, and the thickness of the paint, I just can't imagine this being done by a machine. I am very interested in the "final answer" of where these paintings came from, but I don't think the mystery is solved as implied from some above posts.

-- Chad Smith (, October 23, 2003.

I have four Burnetts that I bought at a mexican flea market in Austin, Texas a year ago for $40 total for all four. They are all impressionist style scenes of Paris. The vendor at the flea market was French himself, but didn't seem to have any information on the artist. A friend of mine also saw a Burnett that looked a lot like mine hanging in a real estate office here in Austin. I suspect this is very low quality art and not worth anything at all. From far away the paintings look fine, but up close, the technique is pretty poor. I still like mine, but am not expecting them to be worth more than I paid for them.

-- Elizabeth Jones (, October 28, 2003.

I too bought two Burnetts at a "Starving Artist Sale", we were decorating a "Granny suite" and needed to cover up some holes in the wall. I spent $49.00 CDN for a very large Parisian painting with a very nice wooden frame, it would have cost more to have the wall fixed. Not only did it look good but it served a functional purpose. I knew I was buying a mass produced oil painting, because there were another 40 similar paintings stacked with the same Burnett signature. What really concerns me is the number of people who were hood winked by reputable dealers and/or vendors.

P.T. Barnum's line reminds all what is happening here, and to say it is not the money spent, but the enjoyment one gets only makes me believe that the "Elvis on velvet" I have will fetch a tidy sum on Ebay.

-- Ed Van Gogh (, October 29, 2003.

I also bought in 1994 and BURNETT in a fair of antiquities in Miami- fl for 15 dollars, and an adult for 50 dollars, the salesperson informed that it belongs to a local artist that lives in flowery kendal and he sells with big productions, here in Brazil the schools are teaching to paint themes of Paris for being easy to do, any painting school teaches to their students to paint streets of Paris. 3 of my signed paintings Burnet are announced in the most important is that you/they are really beautiful paintings Marcelo Tufaile - São Paulo - BRAZIL

-- Marcelo Tufaile Nogueira (, November 02, 2003.

I was looking for more information on the price range of this particular artist and was unable to get a line on what her paintings go for. I came accross this site and thought that I might be able to shed some light on the subject. I just recently picked up a painting at a fund raiser for a local high school here in Tucson this past weekend. The painting that I had purchase for practically nothing was sold to me by a woman who claimed to be a great niece of "Carolyn Burnett". whom had passed away in the 1970's.she told me that the painting that I bought was the last painting she ever did. She also had a few more paintings that was left to her at that time, but were not for sale..She explain that this particular painting was not one of her best. This woman also told me that her great aunt had studied and lived in paris, but traveled extensively throughout europe and painted her entire life. She also told me that she painted mostly in oils, but did use other mediums, whatever that means.? I am not an art dealer and have very little expertise when it comes to art, I just know what I like and if I like something, I buy it. So what you have may be worth something in the long run..So hold onto it. I did find one of her paintings on (< and tried to get a auction value, But I am not willing to pay $21.00 a month for something I never used or would have hardly ever. I Believe that what I have is an original by this artist...Good Luck to all..

-- Nick Ficchi (, December 16, 2003.

ok guys,heres the deal,the paintings come from china or karea,it is factory produced,machine for the base hand finish on top .wholesale price £2.00.i first encountered the painting in australia,1990,were i soled it door to door to make travelling money.ive since seen exactly the same paris scenes,all by burnette ,in england ,france ,spain ,america etc .while in australia i must have sold at least 1000 of the same copie,so the amout out there must be staggering and its not only this artist,there are hundreds of others ,the middle east is flodding the markets,better than a poster hey.

-- michael freesa (, December 27, 2003.




-- Tiffane (, January 04, 2004.

I have a Burnett also. Mine is a picture of three Ethiopian type of women and bird. My brother got it off the garbage in New York cityback in the 1980's. He gave it to me because it matches my living room furniture perfectly. I always get compliments on my Burnett. I was interested in finding out more about the Artist

-- (Uncle, January 31, 2004.

Bought two Burnett's at an auction in Wadebridge, Cornwall, UK today. Paid 30 pounds for the both of them. B&W, Paris, looks like somebody painted them with a cement trowel. A little disappointed they're not real. The fun of buying original art is knowing that there is only one of what your buying, not one million. Oh well, thanks for starting the web site Heather.

-- Jeremy Robins (, March 01, 2004.

Hi all Burnett lovers !!

Finally !! I found something about my mystery artist. I bought my first "Burnett" on St.Thomas V.I. about 20 years ago, and then found another "Burnett" about 5 years later, also on St.Thomas.

I later visited some friends for a wedding, and to my surprise, they also had a "Burnett" in their livingroom ! But they had purchased their copy in Paris. All of the same "Paris Street Scene", thin people, old lamp posts, houses and trees etc.. I liked the paintings, that's why I bought them. And now I know that I am most probably not the owner of two very valuable paintings, but the owner of two very nice paintings that I like, and only paid approx $100 for. I thing they were worth it !! So now you know - there's at least 3 "Burnett"'s even in Norway.

Kind regards Edgar Thomassen

-- Edgar Thomassen (, March 14, 2004.

My wife and I stopped in an antique store near Skippack, PA about two years ago, and she became attracted to this painting of a Parisian street scene of seven people walking at an intersection of 3-story structures with one gaslamp at dead center and a small tree slightly to the right. It is signed "Burnett" in black, upper case letters in the bottom right hand corner and as many have already suggested, gives the appearance of heavily applied acrylic paint to give texture. The dimensions are 20 x 24 and it is framed in a gold- colored frame which incidently has imprinted "HECHO EN MEXICO" on the back.

I'm starting to think that someone had a good time coming up with the name "Burnett" which sounds so much like "burn it". Anyway, we ended up paying $75 US for it and my wife still loves it, so it remains in our dining room for the time being.

-- Gerd R. Naydock (, March 28, 2004.

It has been very interesting reading all your comments. I too have two "BURNETTs", that I pyrchased about 20 years ago, costing about £60 for the pair, in Beckenham in Kent. (England) One is of the "Arc de Triomphe", and the other is of another arisienne scene. As one of the previous mailers have noted, mine too have a gas lamp, and tree centrally situated in them, the smaller one has 6 people, and the larger has 8 people. They are in a brown wooden frame, thick oils, on canvassed hardboard. I am going to try and sell these on ebay, as they bring back too many sad memories of my now disolved marriage. Sorry about that bit. But hopefully someone out there will want another couple of "BURNETTs" to add to their collection. Thanks for a wonderful site, and I will keep watching, and hopefully one day someone will find out who this illusive "Burnett" really is. Thanks again. Good hunting. David

-- David Levy (, March 29, 2004.

Thanks for all the responses. I've looked into it a bit more, and have decided that these aren't done by the same people, but it turns out that a signed painting is worth more than an unsigned one, period. So folks at the art school or wherever, are taught to sign this name while they are still learning their trade. Like others here, I vastly prefer "real" artwork to photolithography. A lot of the value to a painting is in the brushstrokes, which of course are lost in these framed monstrocities that try to pass for art reproductions.

So, which is better? I think a "Burnett" that only cost a few dollars and looks real versus something like a "print" that might say Van Gogh, and costs $500 framed at the local art house, but is valueless. It is a shame these up and coming artiste's didn't just put their own names on the pictures. After all, one of them might become famous in their own right down the road, and we'd have one of their early pieces to value. Oh well, like a lot of you, I like both of mine, they are nice to look at and decorate the walls nicely. Enjoy!

-- carlsen (, May 02, 2004.

I am a proud "BURNETT" owner.. I found my find at a garage sale in my hometown of Livingston, MT.. for $2.50... I just love it and it hangs in my bedroom. Mine is floral, wicker, cottages and ships across a bay in vey briliant colors.Thick heavy acrylic with signature in right hand corner, al caps.. I too was curious on who this was, did Ihave an "Antique Roadshow Stopper" or what??.. So being curious (and told by local art dealer) I quickly pulled into the internet to search.. and all you folks are here, I am now I am even more fascinated then ever before because look at all these emails before me.. I can say, we are all lucky to have found a worldly common with such history..brought on by BURNETT.. who ever the mystery is And the search continues ....

Happy Senco de Mayo

Signed.. Lil Otter Woman

-- Pookin Amonisi (, May 05, 2004.

I purchased a "Burnett" painting about 5 years ago from a small antique store in Long Beach, Ca for $ 60.00. It is 24" x 48" . The scene is of a city ..I assumed Paris..never been there! Pallet knife style, dark clouds, about 20 people, trees down the middle of the street, clothes or flags hanging from the top of (7) 4 story buildings and a windmill in the background on the left side. Signed with a Cap B, urnett in writting with a period & Brown ink.

When I brought the painting home my wife to be at the time..didn't like the painting because of the windmill. The windmill just didn't fit for some reason. We hung the painting in our rented apartment for almost two years. We got mixed reviews from friends and guests about the painting. One night I got drunk and being a frustrated artist I decided I would paint out the windmill on the 'Burnett" painting to please my to be wife. I worked most of the night ..into the early morning. Now the painting has 8 windmill..and I still don't know what city "Burnett" painted. My wife still doesn't like the painting and today 5/10/04, I have decided to give it to my ex-landlord that owned the apartment we use to rent above their home.

Bob & Olga love the painting, can't tell I painted over the windmill and if they try to find the city "Burnett" painted it might be very hard to recognize. I don't know the value of the painting and I don't care, the painting now has history to me and I will enjoy visting Bob & Olga to see the fine gift they enjoy so much once in a while.

As to my wife now, when I showed her this website, she started to like the painting more; and stated that after seeing all the lousy art available on the market the "Burnett" looked pretty good.

-- Ralph Justen Thomas (, May 10, 2004.

Saw one tonight at an auction here in Georgia. Went for 65 bucks. I know it is mass produced now, but almost wish I had gotten it. I like the poster that said it sounds like "burn it". I am a beginning artist and I think I'm going to start signing my pieces Burnett until I get good :)

-- Marcus Valdes (, May 11, 2004.

hello, i bought at an "venice burnett" for 36 euro in germany. the painting is realy beautiful and i feel like a miljonair! if you want to see a picture or if you have a "venice burnett" please let me know. do you understand? thanks johan (netherlands) the frame is black brown and gold...

-- johan wiel (, May 30, 2004.

My wife bought me a Paris scene after I took her to Paris 18 years ago. It is signed J BURNETT on the bottom left. It is approx 18in by 12in.It is of Sacre Coeur in the rain with ladies with umberellas walking towards steps.I love the painting and I am now intrigued by the mystery. I think it was about £45 from a sale at an hotel in Leicester England, supposedly a local painter.The reason I looked for J Burnett today on the web is I saw another Burnett at a customers house. If anyone else has this scene please e-mail me. Ted Giles Leicester, England

-- Ted Giles (, May 30, 2004.

We have two paintings by this artist of the Moulin Rouge bought five years ago in Cardiff U.K., after some searching of the internet it turns out that these pictures are by a Paul Burnett, Contarct Artist to a company called "artemyss auctions". There are many of his works available on ebay follow this link to a typical advert. ViewItem&category=551&item=3709754187

Hope this helps.

-- Ian Fowler (, June 07, 2004.

My research has brought me to ebay. mini chess sells them from UK for 90 bucks. they are done by Paul Burnett. you can see an upclose picuter of the signature to compare. good luck! kristina

-- kristina (, July 07, 2004.

as an information. I have 8 paintings signed "burnett" and I loved and bought them in Istanbul. I know there are more pieces still available in several small art shops.These paintings cost me almost nothing as like lot of people over. Most reasonable answer for me also comments of the shop owners is "artist workers" of a small atelier probably in China are painting these pieces inspired by Carolyn C. Burnett's work.

-- orhan kemal sakýnç (, September 10, 2004.

We have three 'Burnetts', all signed bottom left. We bought them all in Paris for around 6 - 10 euros. Have to say we didn't think at the price we were buying anything valuable but they do remind us of our times in the city. What is art if not to bring pleasure? Art should always evoke a response and Burnett has obviously done that if nothing else if this collection of emails is anything to go by. So, is it art? It also travels well,reaching more countries it would seem that Coca-Cola! Enjoy! We do.

-- karen & Mick Barron (, September 10, 2004.

Hi, everyone. My parents had a painting by a Burnett since before I was born. They got it at a house sale for a fairly low price, and I was wondering who this Burnett person is/was like many of the other people here. The characteristics seem to be the same, but unless I see prints, or slides of the other ones, I have no way of telling whether we're all even talking about the same artist.

Like other people have said, mine is impressionistic, looks like palette knife. The scene is European. But I think the most characteristic thing is how the people are painted. Sorta roundish on the lower body. I'm surprized nobody has anything solid on this artwork.

I'll be checking back once in a while to see if anything new has been posted. Thanks.

-- Tim Kou (, September 11, 2004.

I have a painting much like the paintings described here. Parisian street scene, eifel tower in back, stick figures. Although, "Burentt" spells his or her name differently on mine. Any other Burentt owners out there?

-- David Hess (, September 27, 2004.

i just found a burnett hidden behind a wardrobe where i live and was wondering if its worth anything. its a paris scene on the sane with notredamn in distance.

-- bob atkins (, October 06, 2004.

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