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How many of ya'll goes to the grocery store and buys light bread? Do ya'll squeeze it like we do the Charmin? After buyin some---get home and find it STALE! How in the world do the stores know which is oldest and to put it on top? The little colored "tie" is the answer. Blue is Mondays bread.

Red is Tuesdays.

Green is wednesdays.

White is Thursdays and

Yellow is Fridays.

Well, now that ya'll have this tremendous wealth of information at ya'lls fingertips---use it next "bread buyin" day.

I did again couple weeks ago at Wallyworld. On a Monday----brought home couple loaves with the Blue tie. GUess what---it was LAST weeks bread! Went ahead and eat it as I didn't wanna go back to town to return it. Ya'll still gotta SQUEEZE it. I also check the weight on things. Wallyworld at Flora, IL sells sandwich bread for .73 and it weighs 1 1/2 pound. Olney, IL wallyworld sells a 1 1/4 pounder for .73.

Check the expiration dates on packages. I've also found'm that were out dated and still on the shelves. I've also known people who returned "bad" stuff and it was returned to the shelf. Most people don't ever return a rotten or outdated item.

Saw a BIG deer Friday. The truce is over betwix me'n them. Fix'n to learn how to eat'm again. I would shoot a cow but that's illegal I rekon. Course the deer----! Be good to ya'lls neighbors. "A soft word turneth away wrath"! ole hoot. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (, July 15, 2001


Hoot! I cannot believe that you are still eating that "glue" from the supermarket! C'mon, boy! Get on the bandwagon and try making your own's fun! Store-bought "bread" is disgusting stuff no matter how old it is.Besides, kneading the dough gets out all those little pesky irritable feelings that help those cardiac arteries spasm..LOL

-- lesley (, July 15, 2001.

Hi Hoot! I still buy some store bought bread for sandwiches, but like Lesley, I prefer homemade. With my neck injury I find it hard to knead dough (still do once in awhile on a good day) but I like my bread machine! Mine's nothing fancy, just one I got on sale at wally's for about $34. Actually, bread machine bread STILL isn't as good as homemade, but I can use my own recipe and just let the machine do the kneading for me.

Wally's isn't the only place that returns bad stuff to the shelves. I once took some lunch meat back to the grocery store, it was long past expired and didn't look too good. I informed the manager all the lunch meat in that bin was expired - he politely thanked me, and returned my old lunchmeat to the bin with the rest. YECH! Needless to say, I don't buy meat from that store anymore. Recently I bought some dairy disinfectant from a ranch supply store, it was over a year outdated. The store could care less, and when I e-mailed the company, they never responded. The other day I went to our local feed and farm store and noticed some cattle wormer on the shelf that expired in 1996!

Every year, I raise goat kids on bottles, and always use a particular type nipple. Last year I started having some problems with the nipples (I buy new ones each year, and only use them 4 months.) This year, I bought 14 to start, had to replace about half in the first 6 weeks of use. I noticed they are very flimsy and weak this year. Every one has folded up inside the screw-on cap, causing them to leak badly. Some have developed bubbles in the rubber, and started peeling. Six broke off (one was ingested by the kid!). At this point I have replaced all 14, and have since replaced 6 of the replacements!! Needless to say, once I get through weaning kids, I will go to a new system, never again will I buy from that company. I have saved most of the defective nipples and will package them up and mail them to the company president along with a note that I will no longer be buying their products. Even if a company offers to replace their bad product, it gets tiresome having to continually return it to the store, usually at a most inconvenient time.

I guess we can raise our own meat and milk, sew our own clothes or bake our own bread, but most of us would be at a loss to manufacture some of this other stuff. I don't know what the answer is, but I for one will refuse to buy any product from a company who continually puts out bad or outdated goods.

-- Lenette (, July 16, 2001.

Our son worked for McDonals's while going to school. He said the only thing special about the sauce is that the expiration date was last march! Bon Appetit! Barb

-- Barbara Fischer (, September 03, 2001.

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