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I recently purchased a Brownie Reflex Synchro Model and would love to learn how to use it. I am a novice at photography so any instruction book would be helpful. Also there is film in it but I cannot tell if it has already been used or not. Is there anyway to know? Where can one purchase film (127) for such a camera and is there anyway to develop it from a home darkroom instead of sending it away? Thanks

-- JKlufeld (, July 15, 2001


Brownie Reflex Synchro

I don't have the synchro so I can't help you on the operation part. Try If there's an instruction book for it out there John Craig is sure to have one. You can also try This is the personal page of a collector but there are a lot of resources on his site. I recommend getting 127 film from B & H who are listed on this site under film, but stay away from the cheap Maco (Efke) film I've had only poor results with it. As for developing; I use Main Photo in California ( [isn't the internet great?]) they don't beat you up on price like some of the labs and their service is the best. Lastly, has a lot of great info on developing and printing. The instructions they have for setting up a home dark room were the best. As for their prices, not the greatest to say the least. I just got so much info from them I felt obligated to make a purchase! Hope this helps.


-- John Reichenbach (, July 16, 2001.

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