What about rabbit with broken tooth...help!!!!

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Taffy, my golden half-lop, half Angora, broke one of his two front upper teeth this morning. I just touched it and it just fell on out on my hand.

Tonight he is eating rabbit pellets and seems to be doing o.k. He hasn't had any unusual bleeding or anything.

What caused this? Was he chewing on his wire cage or what?

I've never had this happen to a rabbit before. His teeth were normal before this. He was born January 10th of this year and is otherwise very healthy and is a sweet and loving pet.

-- Suzy in Bama (slgt@yahoo.com), July 14, 2001


could have been fighting with another rabbit in a cage next to it? Could have chewed on the cage,, maybe a bone chip in a burger?? (just kidding,, had to dig at McDonalds) If its eating,, dont worry about it

-- Stan (sopal@net-port.com), July 14, 2001.

I think rabbits are like hamsters, mice and guinea pigs and their teeth are always growing. Thats why animals like that gnaw on things to keep their teeth worn down as they grow longer.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (jayblair678@yahoo.com), July 14, 2001.

Suzy, rabbits teeth continue to grow throughout their lives, so it will come back, most likely he cracked it chewing on something hard. Make sure he/she has some soft wood or apple branches (no stone fruit branches though, cyanide in their wood) in the cgae to chew on, rabbits have to chew on something to keep their teeth from becoming too long.

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (annie@1st.net), July 15, 2001.

We once had a pet rabbit whose teeth grew too much - a genetic deformity. We took him to a vet who got out his cat claw clippers and clipped the bunny's teeth and charged us $15.00! When the teeth grew too long again, WE got out our clippers and did the same for free. All this just to say, that yes, your bunny's teeth will grow long again. Don't worry! Jean

-- Jean (schiszik@tbcnet.com), July 15, 2001.

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