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I am growing,boston,oak leaf,bibb and romaine lettuces.When I harvest I cut off at ground level,leaving the root.Is that the proper way for leaf and head?Will the new lettuce be bitter?In the scheme of life it's not a huge dilemna,but it's one of those too simple to ask a real live person questions. :)

-- teri (, July 13, 2001


teri, you are harvesting yours the way I have mine for years. It comes back nice if it has sufficient water. I learned it from my granny, one of those things you would feel maybe like you should know but how would you if you don't ask??? hugs

-- diane (, July 13, 2001.

Set the lawnmower real low, clean out the bagger, and awaaaay you go. Faster than cutting it by hand. Ok, just kidding :-) You can cut, or rip, not sure it makes much difference. But watering it a lot is definately a must. And yep, it'll get bitter as the summer gets hotter... then time to plant more, perhaps....

-- Dave (, July 13, 2001.

Dave, I must try your way for cabbage.........instant slaw, just add dressing. ;>)

-- diane (, July 14, 2001.


You made me wonder if it were possible! LOL. I was thinking to myself that that would be one fast way to make up the tossed saled for those big family reunions! Just toss a few mortage lifter tomatoes and cucs by the bibbs and get your whole saled done in no time. Sauerkraut in a flash!

I pull my lettuce roots and all, unless it's leaf lettuce. I seldom cut and come again for anything else. I usually have more planted someplace else, and something waiting to take up that lettuces little spot, like late carrots, beans, corn, or whatever else can use up the space. :-)

-- Marty (, July 14, 2001.

Dave you are too funny! :o) I sow my mesclun mix in a block, tweak out any weeds as I find them and practice cut and come again harvest. I go out with scissors and cut a swath about an inch above soil level. That leaves enough plant for it to come back for another harvest. Can you believe this stuff sells for $7.99 a pound at the market?!

-- Alison in N.S. (, July 16, 2001.

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