Did Adolph H. Sutro see a flying object in the sky?

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Came across an article from S. F. Call of 17/22 November 1896 titled "Saw the Mystic Light" in which a cigar-shaped glowing object was described hovering over Sacramento and San Francisco.

Seem to recall that there was another account of A. H. S. seeing the object from his home at Sutro Heights.

Any input, anyone? I know this sounds strange, but hey, why not?...

-- Wolfgang Schubert (schubert@legalmatch.com), July 13, 2001


Did find an article describing the event of the Mystic Flying Light:

"He and his family and all the servants made their way hastily out onto the lawn at Sutro Heights Manor to watch the progress of the object coming in from the direction of the sea. This, too, was an evening visit, and San Franciscans hurriedly climbed ladders and stairs to get a roof top view as the light beams from the sky played about over their city.

The seals on Seal Rocks found themselves illuminated, causing them to protest with grunts and squeals and retreat into the water."

-- Wolfgang Schubert (schubert@sutrohistory.org), August 13, 2001.

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