What are your fantasies?

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My favorite fanstasy I've had about someone so far is that we are just lying in bed, talking, with his arm wrapped around me and I can feel his breath on my neck. The moon casts a silvery glow upon us and we fall asleep in each other's arms. It wouldn't be about sex, it would just be about 2 people enjoying each other's company.

-- Rosie (pixie@winded.net), July 13, 2001


I never really have any fantasies involving sex, more like what Rosie said about the two people enjoying each other's company. I usually have the same fantasy playing in my head but it changes from time to time with a new person or setting. Currently, I fantasize about having a candle light dinner at sunset with Mr. X with a slight breeze blowing outside on like a deck. We'd both be dressed up formally then take a walk together with our arms around each other. We'd end up in a dark corner, just kissing and whispering secrets to one another. Eventually, we'd wind up in bed together, just entwined in each others arms talking till dawn and finally falling asleep when the sun came up. Le sigh, if I only had a boyfriend... heh.

-- Heather (chiana@insert.nu), July 13, 2001.

hmmm I have fantasies all the time!

well, I call them daydreaming/storylines/plots, but same idea. the latest one is that I invite "him" over and we go to the pool and take pictures, then we dance and pretend we're in a music video. sometimes he ends up meeting the "barista" I know at the coffeeshop and they get jealous but erm, these plotlines can have many twists for whenever I get bored.

-- Amber (starlight@wellyeah.org), July 15, 2001.

We meet in a hallway,we pass by each other but turn to look again. She has shoulder length, brown hair,nicely dress with a mid length black skirt,a light blue button sweater,suntone color nylons and black high heels. I am wearing faded jeans,cowboy boots and hat and snap button plaid shirt with the top 2 snaps undone. She stops at the coffee machine and again turns to look too see that I am walking towards her. As the coffee pours out into the cup I stop and stand next to her and whisper how beautiful she is and if she would be interested in having lunch with a tired old cowboy. She is startled at first but answers yes although not knowing why, as she thinks to herself what could I have in common with this cowpoke. Over lunch we talk, our talking finds us sitting there for 4 hrs, we decide to continue our talk at her motel room upon her insistence. Once there she tells me how stressed she feels and I start to rub her shoulders and neck. After a few monents we lie on the bed and I continue to massage her warm,soft skin as she undoes her sweater to reveal more of herself to me. Gentlely massaging down her back and arms, she has me remove her bra giving me complete access to her golden tan top,I continue massaging feeling her body going limp under my hands,she turns over to reveal her lucious breasts and pulls me downs to her lips and as we kiss each other, my hands begin to massag------

-- TomK (tjk@cac.net), July 15, 2001.

-- Yelli (searsdanielle@hotmail.com), December 23, 2001.

-- Yelli (searsdanielle@hotmail.com), December 23, 2001.

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