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The first is for one of 10 Bull 29A hoist machines that I have in one of the buildings I take care of.In the brake there is a round metal plate on top of the brake armature. In between it and the rest of the coil is a rubber ring. This ring was broken in two when I took the brake apart the last time to clean and lube it. I replaced it with what I thought was the same type of rubber, well it dosn't last a week before it is turned into powder. Does anyone know what type of rubber compound is used for this ring. And yes the brake is set up the same as all the rest exactaly to what Bull electric calls for. If anyone has any info please let me know. My second question is for another route mechanic that has 4 US 1200 MDU controlers on service. He has been going through car postion sensors at an alarming rate. Is this typical of this equipment or is there a possible cause for these to go out so often.Any help would be greatly accepted and appreciated thank you. Dave

-- Dave Carstensen (, July 13, 2001


Just a possibility - The material may be Polyurethane - looks a lot like rubber, but a whole lot tougher.

Reliability and long life were not long suits of some US Elevator equipment.

-- John Brannon (, July 13, 2001.

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