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I'm doing a public art project for my art appreciation class & I would like to know if the art piece outside of The Broward Center for the Performing Arts is a public art piece.

-- Brenda Garcia (, July 12, 2001


hi brenda...i dont know the answer to ur question but m sorry if i m bothering u. i m a sculpture major in 3rd yr. i m from pakistan. i m doing a dissertation on public art. as in my conservative society( if u know anythjoing about pakistan u'll know wat i m saying). art is not very much appreciated bor understood as for the lack of education. but now its subtly becoming somewhat a part of my society. if i m bothering u m sorry...but id just like to know wat u think bout art being a part of public and the locals...wat wud u say bout the mnouments and park sculptures? are they art too...form of art but how do u define any art anyway!... plz help me out if u can...anything that comes to ur mind when u were reading my mail..plz..ill be really grateful. thank u again. (i m mailing a lot of other people as well). u take care, sorry if i bothered u. bbye

-- tatheer daryani (, August 03, 2003.

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