What are -your- PMS monsters like?

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Well, like I posted in the weblog, I've got Evil Cramp Gnomes™ to deal with every month. Be creative and tell me what your little monsters look like and do.

Who ever said you couldn't turn some things about your period into something fun & imaginative? Muwha.

-- Heather (chiana@insert.nu), July 12, 2001


For about half a day, I am Mother Bitch. I hate everyone and everything. I want to kill the whole world. I mean, it's not just plain old crabbiness, it's intense, irrational hatred and disappointment towards society as a whole.

Luckily, for the other 27 and a half days, I usually refrain from killing people. :)

-- Cyn (cyn@cyn.ca), July 13, 2001.

Yeah, I'll try and tell that to the harmless little old lady's family that you killed the other month when she got in your way at the grocery store. Tsk, tsk, Cyn! ;)

-- Heather (chiana@insert.nu), July 13, 2001.

I said *usually*...

-- Cyn (cyn@cyn.ca), July 13, 2001.

And why are these messages all out of order?

-- Cyn (cyn@cyn.ca), July 13, 2001.

I'm not sure why they're out of order? Hmm, damn thing, heh. I guess I should have left those settings alone...

-- Heather (chiana@insert.nu), July 13, 2001.

just wanted to say they're out of order cause if you post a question and then reply with the same email address, it always appears at top no matter if others respond. it's one of those annoying things. when I had one of these boards, I'd just another alias email to reply...hee! that's a solution ;)

as for pms monsters - weellll, they like to kill my leg with intense stabbing and then go around the side and attack me from all angles. I kill em off with hot water; burning hot water and then a nice heating pad whence I sleep it off and all is okay....or they come back angrier than ever. usually I control them though.

-- Amber (starlight@wellyeah.org), July 15, 2001.

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