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-- Anonymous, July 11, 2001


I am surprised at the way Mido is being treated in Ajax. it is not fair from Koeman to not let Mido play while he knows that Mido is an amazing striker. All i have to say to KOeman is, Its ur loss.

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2003

mido is the best player off egypt he is very very hotttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mido4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mido is tha best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! greetings from a big MIDO FAN!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2003

What can i say....I truly dont know how this koeman is thinking. Litmanen is too old...yes he scored aganist roma, but this does not mean he should start aganist psv. A player like litmanen is put on the field when ajax is winning comfortably and needs ball possesion. The guy cannot even run, today's game needed both zlatan and mido upfront...but koeman had other thoughts and a humilating defeat was the result of his stupid thoughts...Again mido did not get his full chance he deserve....GO MIDO....TAKE A HIKE BOZO(KOEMAN)

-- Anonymous, December 15, 2002

Mido played a very good game yesterday aganist roma, he moved alot and gave roma's defenders a hard time, he made a couple of superb crosses and if was kept on the field, i believe he would have scored. Everyone was surprised by koeman's decision of taking mido out, the guy came on second half onfire, he wanted to score badly, every one felt that exept koeman....Anyways, ajax played a very organized game over all and again mido proved to be an upcomping world class players if given the FULL chance...GO AJAX....GO MIDO

I liked the "kobry" that mido gave Cafu...kobry in arabic is when a player puts the ball between the legs of the opponent player. I also liked the one of pinnar too...

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2002

So MIdo`s red card overturned what about the game itself , what will they do for ajax having to play ten men , is it fair ?!!

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2002


-- Anonymous, November 18, 2002

Mido Scores Twice :))))))))))

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2002

i agree with u bill reagarding mido's lack of experience that definately contributed in not performing well. However, being mean to defenders could be one of the strikers traits, by mean i mean solid and rough with defenders. That was also the case with the defenders to mido...u have to be a bit mean and rough with defense like inter else you will crushed... the second thing i wanted to comment on is that not only mido lack experience, but the entire team does...Van der vart did not show any eagerness to move correctly to the ball as well. Maxwell played his worst game that i have watched, very lousy movement and loads of inaccurate passes. Again De jong completly faild to mark Crespo and was the main cause of both goals as well as vieri's other chance that he almost scored...Ajax is full of young talented but inexperienced players that shall gain experience by games with big team like inter....best of luck young boys...go mido

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2002

Mido had a mare of a game mainly due to his inexperiance and partially down to the meaness of the Inter defence. To break these guys down you have to have experience and a cleverness which only comes from experience. Having said that, on numerous occasions he was admonished by his colleagues for not moving towards the ball as the ball was played through to him. He seemed to play statutes and as such let the Inter defender past him to steal the ball.

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2002

mido0o0o0o0o0 u r agreat player but in last match with intermilan u didn not play very good..........why from the pressure or what?????

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2002

Guys!!! I m sorry to declare the end of our beloved striker! Ajax official told Mido that he was given his best chance to prove his worth in Inter s match unfortuately and despite his average performance and ajax qualification to the next round, Mido didn t shown!So did Van de Vaart. I guess Mido is gonna get some games before Litmanen and Zlatan comes back from their injuries but then they will be too much competition for a striker to get a permanent startin eleven place even if he s a great player (same for all the strikers)! I believe that Koeman must concentrate and rebuild his team structure to get the best out of all of the good players he have! Only then you ll see Ajax performin as they never did!

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2002

Well, another ajax game which failed to show a great ending, i think koeman should have figured out by now that with, mido and zlatan starting ajax are unstoppable. Ajax went up against Roda JC last night, ending in a 1-1 draw. And as usual Mido was off for most of the game, zlatan wasn't performin at his best, and ajax didnt win. The goal came from Rafael Van der vaart on the 73rd minute, ajax were losin for most of the match. Mido replaced van der vaart on the 85th minute (good thinkin u faggot koemen) with 5 minutes of game time left mido nearly won the game for ajax several times, yet he didnt have enough time. All i can say after seeing this is that it would take a miracle for ajax to beat inter on tuesday, and that, u are a shitty coach koeman. You may have been a great footballer, but u shoulda stuck to wat u were good at.

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2002

Jim, there really isn't much to think of the celebration... Sure it's original, but sheesha is a perfectly legal (in all countries) tobacco- based substance. It's not some sort of mind-altering, chemically- infested drug as maybe some were thinking. In fact, it's extremely common. . .just for clarification ;)

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2002

well...i dont know why all ppl. are talking about this mido Vs zlatan i say they are both good players...but mido is more effecttive on goal..also zlatan is kinda more fancy than mido :)...any way ajax must make use of both players together..cause if mido left..ajax wont have nobody beside zlatan...and i think all the fans know that zlatan is not enough ...and ajax will loose too much if mido left. cause he have proved not just the las season but also this season..that is one of the best players in his position ...and i think he is very promising.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

In case you were as perplexed as I was to see the strange goal celebration by Mido and Andy van der Meyde during the Ajax - AZ game on 19 October... According to the mido-online.com webmaster, "That weird celebration you saw was Mido and Andy acting like they're smoking 'Sheesha'... a long, tube-shaped, bong-type object that is very, very common in Arabian countries."

What WILL the Mido faithful think about that, I wonder?

If you missed the game, you can see video of the Mido Double and ensuing celebration on http://www.geocities.com/s upershota/.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2002

Interesting to see the high expectations for the number 9 to rattle the goals in for Ajax. However, when we look back in the record books invariably the highest goals for the team have not come from the number 9 but from say the number 10's ie: Cruijff, Litmanen. Of course O great one, Marco Van Basten, is the best known exception to this during the period 1983 to 1987 inclusive. Ajax style of play requires the front six players to weigh in with a share of the goals and this is what makes Ajax such a hard team to totally mark out of any game.

-- Anonymous, November 03, 2002

I think Mido shouldn`t leave in winter break , it won`t be good neither for him nor for AJAX

-- Anonymous, November 03, 2002

Zlatan can score around 12-15 goals like you said bro,but if he plays like he should,he can offer a lot to the team.Mido IS a striker,but everyone thinks he will leave in winter.Machlas is not injured,he's just being ignored.I dunno the reason.Leo said he would stay,we need him e.t.c...But he is completely out of the squad.One of my thoughts is: Mido will leave,and the team needs more money.Maybe Koeman uses him more in the games,so he won't reduce his value.And after Mido leaves Machlas will play more...Maybe???

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2002

I don't know what it is, but there's something about Mido that doesn't seem right. Maybe the clash with Ronald Koeman has affected him more than previously thought or, dare I say it, the pressure associated with being married at such a young age. He seems to have lost a spring in his step and some of the arrogance he once had. Not all arragnce his bad, if his arrogant at least you'll know he''l be confident in front of goal.

Leaving the Mido issue on one side, Zlatan is not a natural goalscorer, and will not, sorry Zlatan fans, get you more than 12-15 goals per season.

Does anyone know what happened to Machlas, is he injured or playing in the reserves or what????

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2002

I think Mido is not going to be the really great player unless he listens to his coach. Mido is born to be a striker, but he got to learn from his mistakes. I think Mido will play for REAL MADRID some time soon after he join the giant English team.

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2002

Originally Posted By: Julie Garcia hey Ahmed El-Khawal,if you don't believe in it, it never happens! why are you sayin' that we don't win the dutch leauge?? we are together with psv number one...!!! isn't it a little bit early to say things like that?

No i do believe in it .. But i have lost confidence in this Ronald Koeman and i believe he's not a reliable coach and he sometimes, infact most of the time acts so stubborn and insists on doing weird actions that result in loses of point for Ajax .. example, right after AZ match, Mido was great ! he should have let him be a starter in the match after .. but instead he let the "just came back from injury" Zlatan and start and he put Mido on in the 2nd half .. and ofcourse the less time you have until the end, and specially when ur losing, the more pressuer u have on u and it makes you perform bad .. if Koeman let's Mido start along with Zlatan or even Mido alone, this would be better than Letting Zlatan start alone !

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

I agree, Menno, If anything, Mido has scored way more goals in the 4-3-3 system than in the 4-4-2 system. When Mido & Zlatan play in the 4-4-2 system, I've noticed that Zlatan actually assumes the role of a winger and a playmaker (for example, last year's 4-0 over Sparta). But one thing, Menno, is that you can't say that both Zlatan and Mido have played 11 games or whatever, because if you add up the total minutes Mido has played, it would come out to be only 5 games or so. So Mido is definitely not playing as much as Zlatan even though he's scored as many goals. I really hope Koeman uses the 4-4-2 against Lyon tomorrow. Go Ajax and Go Mido!!

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

Raymond wrote: "Mido is only a good player, when you play in a 4-2-2 formation, in a 4-3-3 formation he isn't good enough. Because he cannot hold on to a ball. Zlatan is way better then mido because he can control a ball and play to the side."

I'm sorry, but we have a disagreement once again, Raymond... No offense :-)

I think both Mido and Zlatan are very good strikers in both systems. Zlatan is good in a 4-3-3 because he's very good at holding on to and protetcting the ball, and pass it on to the wingers. However, Mido is an typical striker for a 4-3-3, too, in another way, because he's extremely strong in the air. If the crosses from the flanks are good, I can hardly think of a more dangerous striker than Mido. Remember the opening goal against AZ, which he scored from a Van der Meyde cross? Or his winner against FC Utrecht (2-1)? Those were typical 4-3-3 goals. Mido scored more than a hatful of 'em.

The two can also play in a 4-4-2 system, preferably together, with Jari Litmanen directly behind them.

It just depends on their form and the opponent. Right now, Zlatan is in better form, so the coach tends to play him. But this may change. And by the way: what's the point of the whole Zlatan vs Mido discussion anyway? Zlatan played in 13 games so far this season, Mido in 11. They scored five goals each.

Therefore: they both get to play (the starting line-up is not everything in football) and they're both great. Man, we're so lucky! ;-)

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

Mido is only a good player, when you play in a 4-2-2 formation, in a 4-3-3 formation he isn't good enough. Because he cannot hold on to a ball. Zlatan is way better then mido because he can control a ball and play to the side.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2002

Koeman said that he may start with Mido even if he starts with a 4-3- 3 formation against Lyon on Wednesday. However, he hasn't decided yet what formation he'll use. I hope it's a 4-4-2 because: 1-Mido & Zlatan form a killer strike combination and 2-The Lyon offence is very dangerous and requires more players in midfield to cope with it. Good luck for Mido and Ajax in this important game.

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2002

hey Ahmed El-Khawal,if you don't believe in it, it never happens! why are you sayin' that we don't win the dutch leauge?? we are together with psv number one...!!! isn't it a little bit early to say things like that?

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2002

I have to agree, Zlatan has been in great form lately, but Mido has been proven time and time again to be a goal getter. I also have to admit that Mido hasn't been on top form lately and Zlatan has been amazing. But, even though Zlatan holds the ball up well and brings other people into play, I don't think his eye for goal is as sharp as Mido's. If Mido's given the chance again i'm sure he'll prove him himself yet again.

-- Anonymous, October 27, 2002

I don't think Ajax will wint the Dutch league this year .. and i predict they'll be elliminated from the Champions League ! sorry but that is what i think .. I'm sicka nd tired of Koeman's stubborness and the way he insists on puting Mido in in the last few mins even though if he put Mido in from the beginning, he would have most likely won the game ..

-- Anonymous, October 26, 2002

i see your point Mohamed and i can't deny how good Mido plays with the wingers especially with Van der Meyde but for me, Zlatan is the man at moment. the combination of Zlatan and Litmanen looks good even though Mido and Litmanen worked well against AZ but then again any striker with Litmanen against AZ can score tons of goals and i really like the way Zlatan moves and he can also play with the wingers quite well. i respect your opinion so lets just hope Koeman will figure the right combination especially the games against Lyon and Inter so Ajax will be victorious! Go Ajax Go!

-- Anonymous, October 26, 2002


You keep saying Koeman thinks this and that. I know what he thinks. We're here to discuss what we, the fans, think. I disagree completely with koeman in that Zlatan is best for this system. I mean, isn't like 80% of goals Mido scored that came from the wingers, van der Meyde and Trabelsi or am I wrong? Is it ture or not that Mido makes a goal out of no chance and uses every one he gets? Remember the tight angle goal against Barcelona and the header against AZ. I mean this guy knows the way to the goal. He almost scored yesterday out of the only chance he got, that 30 yard volley of his. I don't care who plays for striker position. I mean I would like Mido to play more often, but, really, the only person to lose in this situation if he makes the wrong decision is Koeman because Zlatan and Mido will always find other clubs to go to. So for the good of Ajax, I think Koeman needs to rethink what he's doing so they can return to their form. I mean tying against Rosenborg is digusting. GO AJAX!

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2002


Im not saying that Mido cant play against BIG clubs...all im trying to say here is that Ajax is a club that plays its own style of football and at the moment Zlatan is in good form and best suited in this kind of system. if you remember the last stages of the previous season when Zlatan is out of form Koeman started Mido and he scored almost every game and in doing so giving Ajax the championship but at the moment Koeman thinks that Zlatan is the right guy. Mido has its own class and i do agree that if Mido and Zlatan plays together they can destroy every possible defence ^_^ but as always Ajax plays the 4- 3-3 with wingers not the 4-4-2 with two strikers where Zlatan and Mido "could" do great things together.

and one more thing...I did not say that Rosenborg is a big club! what im saying is that Rosenborg is a BETTER team than AZ!

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2002

ya i know jim i always wait for any match on espn they only show real madrid i want to c ajax and arsenal

fox sport world is now on dish network in the 150 channel lineup

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2002

As an ajax fan, i am really sad about what happend in yesterdays game aganist Rosenborg...the game was a one side game and ajax players specialized in missing easy shots on goals utill Rosenborg tied. Yesterday's game is a carbon copy of inter milan game in milan, where ajax dominated the midfield and had better ball possesion and the players started to think that the game is over and of course Koeman had the same feeling too, but Crespo had another thought!! Again during ajax game aganist NAC which ended in a dramatic 3-2 win, the same thing exactly took place...players confident of winning, Koeman sleeping out-side not doing any alteration in his strategy niether in his players and the result was ajax was on the verge of tying after a 3-0 lead!!

Another comment that i want to make is mido should have definetly started the game yesterday...Mido's performance aganist AZ just three days ago was superb, Very positive on goal(scored twice) and "very coorpetive with his team mates(made good assists, one of which Jari scored from. Zlatan on the other hand played his last game with sweeden 10full days before Rosenborg's game. Not only that, he suffered an injury during that prevented him from participating in both sweeden's next game and ajax game aganist AZ. Logically, who should start a player who performed well and lead his team to a 6-2 win or a player who got injured and did not participate in any rough 90 minutes ecounter since 10 days!!

Believe me its not about Mido or Zlatan, its about Ajax. I believe Koeman should re-think a lot of his thoughts for the sake of ajax and ajax only....

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2002


I completely disagree with you. You're trying to say that Mido can't play against big clubs and be efficient? You mean to tell me that he didn't score against Barcelona, PSV, & Celtic last season? Are those not considered big clubs? Now, please don't tell me Rosenborg is a big club. It has the driest kind of style ever. Just because it won the Norwegian league 11 consecutive times doesn't mean it's a top European club. Ajax were dominating Rosenborg more than they were dominating AZ. And would you tell me, what did Zlatan do when he was on the pitch for 70 mins? He made 1 goal out of 100 chances. And you call that playing world class football against a big team. There were times when he even completely missed the ball with his foot on low crosses from Trabelsi and Boukhari. Please don't give me that crap about Zlatan being able to play against top clubs and Mido not, because they did not get equal chances in the CL. After all, Koeman will probably judge Mido based on the 20 mins he played versus the whole 70 mins that Zlatan did and managed to score a goal. Zlatan will again be his favorite. I mean, I don't care who Koeman starts with. That will only really affect his performance as a coach. But, when you start saying things like you did, it pisses me off because it's unfair. If I was Koeman, I would've realized by now that Mido & Zlatan are complementary. One creates chances and dribbles and the other scores. Remember Sparta(4-0), Celtic(3-1), & Manchester United (2-1)? Well, these are my thoughts which don't matter much because Koeman will still do what he wants to.

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2002

all i can say is that Ajax is a club that's well known of playing it's system of TOTAL FOOTBALL so wether it's Zlatan or Mido or even the "missing" Machlas starting in the striker position he must play with that system in which he is the important link between the wingers and the shadow striker like Litmanen and Van der Vaart. i think Koeman is using Zlatan at the moment cos he is more creative and can bring everyone on the field in the game and that's the most important thing besides scoring goals, Mido is good in finishing like the way he showed us against AZ but AZ(mediocre club from HOLLAND) is not Rosenborg(CHAMPIONS of NORWAY)so you just can't blame Koeman for starting Zlatan over Mido against Rosenborg.

both Mido and Zlatan are young and gifted talents with full of potential and its Koeman's job to develop them so don't call him a retard simply because he started Zlatan over Mido or the other way around...be realistic guys, Koeman has seen and done it all in the world of football so give him some credit and pleeaaaasssssssseeeeee DON'T even try to compare Koeman with Dino Zoff ^_^

all we can do is hope that Ajax will continue to grow and play as a team and become winners!

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2002

Tarek Moharram,throw away the crack pipe... Everyone else understood what i meant,except you...

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2002

well well .. Koeman proved again to be a retard ! He lets Mido stay on the bench even after his great performance against AZ ! Well that's what he gets ! and Ajax will keeping failing and failing and will be elliminated very soon as long as this retard Koeman is acting that way .. Maybe Koeman was a good playuer .. but certainly not a good coach and can't be compared to the real legends like Luis Van Gaal and Alex Ferguson and Mario Zegalo and Carlos Albero Perrera and Dino Zoff and Caesar Maldini and Franz Beckenbauer and etc ..


-- Anonymous, October 22, 2002


Cool down. Geo meant nothing that resembles what you interpreted it to be. All he said is that Mido is still unknown to most people and not too famous, while Koeman is a soccer legend. Geo has always been fair when it came to Zlatan and Mido issue, so there's no need for name-calling.

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2002

Well i didn t notice anny reaction about the critic of Geo didn t anyone noticed wat he mean t when he said that Mido is young player named Ahmed Hossam? He meant he s a muslim and that he shouldn t get respect for it so fuck u Geo and i m tellin u that that have nothin to do with sport Mido is a great player that should ge his whole chance in Ajax where he already prooved his worse and after the AZ match i believe he should be in the startin 11 besides zlatan and together they r gonna achieve great things for Ajax

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2002

Samer, you and I are both out of luck at present. Fox Sports World abandoned us, and nobody else has picked up the ball yet. The best you can hope for at present is for a Champions League game or two on espn2.

Full information on our TV page.

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2002

van der meyde and mido o'brian and mido make a good conncetion

i hope o'brian gets better soon


-- Anonymous, October 21, 2002

Okay, now that I've seen Mido's double on SuperShota, I gotta say:
  1. Mido's first-goal header was sweet! How did he find that little bit of daylight from that angle!? Excellent stuff.
  2. Andy van der Meyde is a tormenting demon when he's in that mood! I bet Tim de Cler was seeing him in his dreams that night. Way to go Andy.
  3. What the heck was that goal "celebration" they were doing after Mido's goals? Playing the flute? What? I hate those rehearsed celebrations. Give me Jari any day. Just run around like an excited kid with a big smile on your face. Don't try to be original. Just net the goals. :-P

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2002

What more can i say, two crucial goals, one assist and fantastic performance by mido...GO Mido and Thanx Koeman

-- Anonymous, October 19, 2002

In my opinion Koeman seems to make very few misstakes. The team is improving all the time and Koemans knowledge about his players capability is far better now than it was the previous season.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002


-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002

I am very surprised at all of you for going all out on each other over very stupid reasons. "koeman said this" and "koeman said that".... "mido's feelings are hurt" or "mido's feeling good".....

i used to enjoy reading the posts but not now.... this is all too ridiculous....

no need to tell someone to stop writing or not to come back. this is making mido's thread look more embaressing than "the sun's bizarre page". i urge all of you to take a deserved break, just as the players are, and continue on a fresh page next week.

hope no one gets offended but just read the last 10 posts and you'll understand where im coming from.

thank you.... im off to buy asprin.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002

I am very surprised at all of you for going all out on each other over very stupid reasons. "koeman said this" and "koeman said that".... "mido's feelings are hurt" or "mido's feeling good"..... i used to enjoy reading the posts but not now.... this is all too ridiculous.... no need to tell someone to stop writing or not to come back. this is making mido's thread look more embaressing than "the sun's bizarre page". i urge all of you to take a deserved break, just as the players are, and continue on a fresh page next week. hope no one gets offended but just read the last 10 posts and you'll understand where im coming from. thank you.... im off to buy asprin.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002

Perhaps Menno should take the Mido forum completely down as the lunacy about this guy is way too much to bear. "Mido is Great", "Mido walks on water", "Mido is the best",

Oh I forgot, "Mido scores in Europe". Oops, I forgot I guess the lunacay has affected me also.

Oh yeah Koeman is a dick! He is a retard, etc., etc.

Give it all a rest.

Good player Mido, lots of potential. Key word potential, but he has A LOT TO PROVE.

What I am saying is be accurate with the reports and, stop overating, overstating, and complaining so much. Mido followers I beg of you all to open your eyes, and be realistic with your analysis. He has to grow up Mido. He is the player, he needs to play. Plain and simple.



-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002

Well Menno, id like to bring you back to a quote u said earlier, "Why don't the people who don't give a crap about Ajax just find some other forum to worship their Egyptian/Swedish hero? Build a Mido or Zlatan Church for all I care. But leave us Ajax fans alone", in case you havent noticed this is a Mido forum, see it says it at the top of the page, you want a quote? "This is the place to post your comments and questions about Ahmed "Mido" Hossam", see. Anyways theres no reason to get a freakin migrane over it, just let everyone "discuss" mido. and... if you dont like it, well then dont come to this forum.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

Now you have me worried Menno. Is this disease contagious to supporters as well as coaches. Here in the UK last year we suffered badly from a Foot & Mouth outbreak amoungst animals - is there any link between the two and will Ben Bell's asprin work for this as well ?

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

Bill wrote: "However, it does appear that Mr Koeman did open his mouth on this occasion without first engaging the public relations segment of his brain."

The above description by Bill is a very accurate definition of the minor brain affection referred to as The Co Disease (Commentus Incorrectus Adriaansae)... *LOL*

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

For one thing, I think we've exposed an error of translation in our match report, which says:

"Mido can't possess the ball so well and is less smart."

However, Menno's translation of Koeman is quite different:

"Mido is a different type. He's more physical, but not as smart in holding on to the ball upfront."

The first reads like a generally derogatory statement, while the latter is more a point of difference in style between Z and M. I suspect the latter is a more accurate translation. Mido is not as possession-oriented as Zlatan. Replacing one with the other led to a specific tactical disadvantage in that circumstance. That's what Koeman said, and I'm sure that's what the players heard.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002


Knowing Menno, I would definetly plump for the totally trustworthy side of the answer. A later posting from Menno did highlight that further explanations were made to Koeman's basic statement. However, it does appear that Mr Koeman did open his mouth on this occasion without first engaging the public relations segment of his brain. Mr Koeman is still an apprentice in the coaches role and I am sure he is still on a learning curve on how to deal with the media. He is not alone alas in this (and 2 wrongs donot make a right), as over the years I have heard many, many times that the forwards were unable to keep the ball and so the defence was put under pressure. I feel it is a shame that this incident appears to have deflected the glory that the squad should be bathing-in from such a great win.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002


What I read, which is exactly the quote Omar is mentioning, was posted in the match report, right here on this site. So, is it trustworthy or not?

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

I have a question too. Can someone please loan me an aspirin or 4? This thread has given me a raging headache.My simple hope is that coach Koeman will find ways to use each player to their strengths;Zlatan's prowess on the ball and Mido's energizer bunny ,never quit pace in front of goal.Since the Lyon match, the Jari-Zlatan combo has been dynamite. I hope that Mido can be worked into the mix .Opponents will be the ones going for the aspirin then.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

Just a couple of quick questions so that I can try and form a conclusion on this one: Omar stated in an earlier posting :

"first i would like to tell that yes indeed i have watched the whole game of feyenoord ajax and read exactly what koeman said about mido...i wouldnt have posted any messages if i havent seen or read what koeman said!!"

The questions are : (a) What language was the interview in and if in Dutch, does Omar understand the language, and

(b) We all know how certain biased reporters can twist, emphasise and put certain slants on words to say what suits their purpose. Did Omar read an authenticated transcript or what was reported in the papers ?

Not having a go at Omar here, just trying to understand the facts.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

i totally agree with u Geo, there is a difference when Ronald Koeman come out on public tv and say shit about one of his players and when mido( a 19 years old ajax player) come out on tv angry from his coach because he took out as he was not playing well...i guess its u menno who is defending Koeman till ur last breath...When mido came out on tv and said he wanted to leave ajax that was wrong...but the man is only 19 years old, sometimes u have to forgive and forget to keep the boat moving. Plus mido was punished and appologized on tv.. Again menno, i dont think u get it...its not about mido and zlatan or mido and koeman, its about ajax...Revealing ur weakness in public is definately not professionalism.. And again if koeman contiues with public critisim method, it will do no good for ajax...trust me menno GO MIDO and GO AJAX

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

Well,saying that someone is LESS smart than someone else,is a harsh thing to do even if you talk about normal people.Imagine how harsh it is when you say this for football stars in front of a TV camera.Plus,Koeman kinda said that Mido ruined our game.Even if it IS true,c'mon Menno,you don't say this shit.Honestly,i have never seen this tactic of "public criticism" in the degree that Koeman does it. When Mido did what he did in front of the camera,acted like a child (he is a child anyway).Comparing this,with Koeman's comments isn't fair,since Ronald Koeman is RONALD KOEMAN,while Mido is a young upcoming talent named Ahmed Hossam.I hope you get my point...

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

"Here is a part of what i read of koeman's comments about mido "Mido CANT posses the ball so well and is LESS smart therefor we had LESS possesion of the ball."

That was Koeman's basic statement, but a whole explanation followed. By the way: I think this statement is absolutely correct. Having seen the entire game, you must have seen that it is a fair statement.

Omar wrote: "Menno, its not about mido or zlatan, its about being honest, i believe koeman mad a mistake by praising one of his player's weaknesses upfront to the whole world and i have every right to post what i believe."

Yes, that's right. The way you express your feelings here is perfectly acceptable. This sounds much better than the "insane" and "unprofessional" bits, which was the part that annoyed me.

In general: I also think it's better to keep serious criticism "indoors". But this little interview was absolutely harmless. You act as if Koeman slaughtered Mido on TV, but that's definitely not the case. A coach shouldn't publicly humiliate his players, but please, come on: they're not made of sugar, are they?

Also, in the case of Mido, it may work very well to (mildly) criticize him in the media. Wasn't it Mr Mido Hossam himself who decided to lash out at Ajax on TV? That should have been kept indoors as well. What Koeman did, was definitely not worse than that. Where were Ahmed and Omar to call Mido a "retard", "insane" and "unprofessional" when he performed his one-man show on TV...?

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

Hi menno, first i would like to tell that yes indeed i have watched the whole game of feyenoord ajax and read exactly what koeman said about mido...i wouldnt have posted any messages if i havent seen or read what koeman said!! Second i would like to assure that my loyality is to ajax as my favorate club, nevertheless i am an egyptian and would definately like mido to be in his best form plus this is the place where u could discuss everything about Mido and raise questions about him...Here is a part of what i read of koeman's comments about mido "Mido CANT posses the ball so well and is LESS smart therefor we had LESS possesion of the ball" From what i understand from this quote is that koeman is blaming mido's lack of smartness for ajax less possesion of the ball, thus looking bad in the last 17 minutes or so...and again i still do believe that he should not have said that to the media publicly like that, but rather this should be said to mido himself and worked on in the training sessions..Praising one player and refering to him as playing "fantastic" (Zlatan) and pointing out the weaknesss of another player publicly is not healthy at all, especially if both players are at the begining of their career and still have along way to go, dont u think that Menno??

Menno, its not about mido or zlatan, its about being honest, i believe koeman mad a mistake by praising one of his player's weaknesses upfront to the whole world and i have every right to post what i believe...no i wont build a church form mido nor for ajax, cause a church or a mosque is only build to pray for God and no one else. Again i have to tell u that the reason i do care of posting my comments on mido is for ajax since mido is an integral part of ajax, and if mido or anyother player does well, therefore ajax as a whole will do well..

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

Moheamed wrote : "All Omar was saying is that he should've talked with Mido about it and not go off making a freakin' press conference about it."

That was not everything Omar was saying. He also said this: "what koeman said is insane and if proves something proves how not professional he is..."

I replied because that is a very blunt statement for someone who neither watched the game nor heard what Koeman said.

Moheamed wrote: "You're trying to tell me that the only person responsible for Ajax not having much ball control in the last 15 mins was Mido."

Read again. That's not what I was saying. In fact, I didn't even give my persoal opinion on Zlatan's or Mido's performance in my previous post. All I did was explain what Koeman said. I wanted to explain that he did not criticize Mido. And it definitely wasn't a "freakin' press conference". It was a short question a TV reporter asked him on the pitch, immediately after the game.

He did not say Mido played poorly. He just explained that Mido is a different type of player. Mido is physical, headstrong and he goes straightnto goal. Zlatan has better skills and is smarter at defending the ball, keeping it in possession amidst a multitude of defenders. As feyenoord started putting Ajax under pressure, this quality of Zlatan was missed. Mido has different qualities, but he was pretty much alone upfront and could not really make an impact.

(Note: the above paragraph is what Koeman said - not me. What I think is irrelevant for now).

So, once again: Koeman did not criticize Mido - and definitely not at a press conference.

Mohamed wrote: "Anyway, cool down. Don't get so agitated because of this issue."

You better tell that to Ahmed (who calls Koeman a "retard" who is "destroying" Mido) or Omar (who says Koeman is "insane" and "unprofessional"). It's that category of Mido fans who get agitated here, just because their idol is not The Ultimate Superstar right now.

Please get a grip. The worshipping is kind of scary. Some ten years ago, I walked around in T-shirts from a band named Sonic Youth. It said KILL YR IDOLS, which is a much healthier attitude. Or was that just my generation...?

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

Ladies & Gentlemen

I think you will find that what Menno said was that discussion is OK when based on facts and not what could or couldnt have been said and done. His further point is that discussions on Zlatan and Mido have tended to be based on blind devotion and not always on facts. I really cannot see what is wrong with Menno's point of view.

Hup Ajax or should I now say Play-up and Play the Game Ajax

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002


What the hell has gone in to you all of a sudden. What is the purpose of these forums if we can't discuss the ajax players? All Omar was saying is that he should've talked with Mido about it and not go off making a freakin' press conference about it. You're trying to tell me that the only person responsible for Ajax not having much ball control in the last 15 mins was Mido. I mean, I haven't seen the game but I can't imagine Zlatan running with the ball at his feet all the time. I'm not a Mido fanatic, so from all the reports I've seen, I know that Mido isn't in his usual form. But, he was never praised like that last season when he was in form. I'm not for Mido leaving just because he was critisized by his coach, but I would've preferred it to be "in the locker room" (as Geo put it). Anyway, cool down. Don't get so agitated because of this issue.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

"Mido should leave! this stupid retard Koeman is a retard and is destorying Mido! Mido please go! In Christmas go to Italy or England where you will gain the respect you need!"

With sycophants like Ahmed El-Khawal giving him "advice", and the Mido Stalkers throwing themselves off of bridges because he won't publish his IRC number, is it any wonder Mido is a bit turned around?

Yes, Mido, go to Italy where young players are never bought as third- string insurance and left to languish in the reserves. Go to England, where the petulance you've displayed of late is sure to be appreciated and rewarded. (Do I have to use those silly [heavy sarcasm] markers?)

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

Omar, you've posted a few messages in several threads now, about Koeman saying bad things about Mido. Two questions for you:
  1. Did you see the game? So did you know how good or bad Mido played in the first place?
  2. Do you even know what Koeman said exactly, or did you just read something somehere?
I saw the game and I heard exactly what Koeman said. He didn't criticize Mido at all. He just explained that Zlatan and Mido are two different types of players (and they are) - that's all. He was asked why Ajax was under feyenoord pressure in the final half hour of the game. His answer: "Zlatan is very good at holding on to the ball upfront. He wins a lot of time that way, and takes away pressure from the defense. Unfortunately, I had to replace him due to a minor injury. Mido is a different type. He's more physical, but not as smart in holding on to the ball upfront."

That's all. That's no criticism; that's a tactical explanation. No offense to anyone. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Just another blind Mido fanatic. "Mido on the bench??? Koeman's an asshole!! And Mido has to leave Ajax!!" Gimme a break... It's so stupid. So incredibly blind.

It is you, Omar, who is making exactly the same mistake as Mido made himself, a few weeks ago: you think that Mido makes the Ajax world go round. But it's not about Mido, and it's definitey not about you. It's about AJAX. That's the only thing that counts. No individual player is bigger than the club. Quite frankly, that's why I'm slowly getting sick and tired of the Zlatan and Mido crap.

Why don't the people who don't give a crap about Ajax just find some other forum to worship their Egyptian/Swedish hero? Build a Mido or Zlatan Church for all I care. But leave us Ajax fans alone.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

I prefer the "keep-it-in-the-locker-room" style of coaching.You see,Ajax has young players,but has experienced players too.And many of the young players are extremely mature(Chivu)...Maybe this will work with Mido,but perhaps it would ruin,let's say,Wamberto's psychology.Like ancient Greeks were saying "ta en oiko,mi en dimo",which means "don't tell everyone what's going on in your house"...

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2002

On Koeman's Management style and picking out Mido for criticism....

There are two schools of thought on football man-management, firstly there is the "bunker mentality" where you never criticise your players publicly (it's left to the privacy of the locker room). Ferguson at Man Utd is the best example...he never picks on his players in public, even when they have played badly (e.g. Veron) or are acting way out of line (e.g. Keane). The logic is you build loyalty and the team views people outside the club as "hating" them and the team wanting to prove them wrong.

The second school is the "I'm going to emabarass the publicly so that you want to prove me wrong and rise to the occassion". Cruyff (a mentor of Koeman) was the best example of this at Barcelona where he often criticised players like Romario and Stoichov.

I think bost tactics have their strengths, although the Ferguson tactic works better with a team that's average and needs to lift it's combined game, the Cruyff method works better when you have very talented players that need to be kept on their toes (and you have reserves if they don't respond).

The other element is that it depends on the personality of the player involved...some will have the personality to rise to the criticism, others are too fragile and will crumble.

It can't be said often enough, but Mido (and Zlatan for that matter) are both still VERY young. They are both phenominal talents who have major careers before them. If they can't take the heat in the relatively low pressure Eredivisie, they aren't going to be ready for the "big move" to a league like Serie A with it's massive pressure and hysterical media circus. Bergkamp certainly couldn't handle it at Inter, and Kluivert was a flop at AC, and these players were "protected" at Ajax as I remember it.

Having said all of this, we'll have to see how Mido reacts, I think it's going to end up doing him good in the long term. Whatever else happens, Koeman isn't going to change his style in my opinion. If Mido did go (and I hope not) I hope for his sake it's to the English Premiership where the pressure will be less (and the defences are less tight!).

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2002

Mido should leave ! this stupid retard Koeman is a retard and is destorying Mido !

Mido please go ! In Christmas go to Italy or England where you will gain the respect you need !

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2002

I don't wanna talk about who should play right now,cause Zlatan is doing a lot better.But what you guys said about Koeman's comments is something that i wanted to post in here for a long time.I too have noticed that Koeman acts more like a jurnalist and less than a coach when it comes to talking to the press.He judges players in public,and compliments every single player that did well in a game.In the other hand he makes other players' moral go to the bottom by judging their bad games in public.Those things should be kept in the team Mr.Koeman.You know the psychology of footballers since you were a great one.Don't do to your players,what you didn't wanted to be done to you by your coaches back in the days...

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2002

I agree with you Omar. A coach in the place of Koeman in charge of a very professional club should not critisize players publicly. That's what coaching is for. He should've discussed the issue with Mido and Mido only. He bans him for a couple of matches, then only lets him play as a sub for 18 minutes and he judges based on that. I don't know whether its Mido's playing or Koeman's feelings about him that are causing problems. Anyway, I don't know why Koeman would not like Mido, except for that little incident, but I thought that was long forgiven by now. Anyway, I hope Mido and Ajax the best. I still think Mido & Zlatan duo upfront is the most dangerous attacking style for Ajax.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2002

i am very disappointed of koeman's comments on mido performance during feyenoord. Koeman stated that ajax lost possesion of the ball after mido came in for zlatan!!!Mido's ball possesion was not good enough and that made feyenoord look better in the last 15 minutes. He aslo said that zlatan did more than what he was asked to do and he played "fantastic". How can professional head coach like Koeman critisize a player on his team publicly like that and blame him for making the team look bad...what koeman said is insane and if proves something proves how not professional he is...it looks like mido will not stay long in ajax!! GO MIDO

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2002

After today's game aganist feyenoord and after Zlatan's performance, i think mido would be sitting on the bench for a while...Mido did not get the ball much to be evaluated, he was in a very critical time (when feyenoord were down 1-2 and all ajax players were defending to maitain their victory)i think why zlatan is doing well is because he gets to start from the begining regularly keeping in mind that (he misses at least 5-6 real chances every game)...its totally different to get in last 20 minutes and be asked to score especially if the game is away, aganist feyenoord, litmann is out this leaves no playmakers to deliver thru balls for the strikers, thus less chances are created for strikers. I think mido is a victim, his performance today would have completly changed if he had started the game either next to Zlatan or as sole striker. One last comment Bukhari should be benched and sikora should definately play on the left side....i dont know where was Van der Myde today, it makes a great difference when he plays next to trabelsi on the right side...GO MIDO

-- Anonymous, October 06, 2002

yes jake .. god damn it ! you don't judge a player from one game ! then by that i'd say Zlatan is a crap player cuz he played less good games than Mido did ! Mido was fantastic last season ...

and look at the stupid strategy Rosenborg played with ..that impacted the performance of Ajax in a bad way you know !

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2002

I think Mido does have what it takes to play international top- football. You can't just watch him play one game and then say he's crap. Zlatan has also made bad games, remember?

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2002

Unfortunately last nights game again proved that Mido doesn´t have what it takes to make an impact on an international level yet. Anyway he´s still very young and have lots of time to improve.

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2002

Thanks for the info, Jim. GOOOOOOO AJAX!!!!

-- Anonymous, October 02, 2002

According to NOS Teletekst (or more exactly, according to Menno who read it on Teletekst), Mido will start alongside Zlatan, in front of (surprise) Wamberto at #10!

Also, you can see Mido's very nice goal on http://www.geocities.com/s upershota/.

-- Anonymous, October 02, 2002

Does anyone know whether Mido well be in the starting eleven tomorrow?

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2002

yes it was

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2002

Here's what BBC Football had to say about Mido's goal: "If you were looking for one of the best goals in Europe this weekend, Egyptian Ahmed Mido's volley for Ajax would not be far off as the Dutch side drew 2-2 with Breda.

The tightly marked Mido was playing his first match after coming from a suspension imposed by t he club.

He equalized in the 56th minute with a left-foot volley from a well placed cross by Zlatan Ibrahimovic."

Was it that nice of a goal? I haven't seen it.

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2002

Insha'allah Ajax will beat Ahly !

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2002

Menno, are you sure mido took the pic ? i don't understand dutch .. but foto means photographer or photo only ?

i mean how do you know mido took that pic ?

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2002

On the 24th of coming January, AJAX will travel to Egypt to face the arch-rivals of Mido's former club Zamalek. Al-Ahly was chosen by the CAF as African Champions while Ajax was chosen by Uefa to face each other in a friendly because of something called the Meridian Cup. Well, this team beat Real Madrid 1-0 in August of 2001 and AS Roma 2- 1 in August 2002. But for some reason, I think Ajax will win this one. I don't know why. Anyway, it'll be interesting to watch Mido play against his national team teammates.

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2002

Mido is not only a great soccer player, he's also a very talented photographer! Check this report on Ajax.nl and see for yourself. The text is all in Dutch, but who cares? Just some Ajax players saying that they're going to beat Rosenborg. Just move your mouse to the beautiful portrait of Jelle Van Damme at the top of the page and keep still... "Foto: Mido"

Absolutely superb! The composition! Simply brilliant! ;-)

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2002

*LOL* What a beautiful 'Dutchification' of Wamberto's name: "Vanberto". We don't want Boukhari! We want Jan van Berto instead!

BTW: Mido was not superb. He did well, with one assist and one goal. But he also missed a few chances and he quite often chose the wrong tactical position. Which is perfectly understandable, after having been out for a few weeks. But 'superb'... No.

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2002

After yesterday's game aganist NAC and after the superb performance by MIDO, i think Koeman should rethink what he is doing...Mido came one when ajax was 2 goals down and he managed to turn everything around, causing the first goal and scoring the second. COME ON...MIDO shouldnt be benched if ajax wants to score...i also think that both mido and Zlatan together make a good attacking power ajax this was clearly seen yesterday...i think Nourdin Boukhari the new left midfielder is too slow to play, sikora or vanberto should start on the left side and the unstoppable van der myde on the right side and mido and zlatan upfront...just little tips for Koeman!!

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2002

Mido is the striker number one in the world. Visit my egyptian soccer site in french: http://membres.lycos.fr/egyfoot/

-- Anonymous, September 28, 2002

hey guys wass up? i think mido is just so HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!! and he also i a very talanted player and hopefully he will get egypt in world cup

-- Anonymous, September 28, 2002

It happened once man,take it easy.I also said that Mido was brought in very very late,but i think Koeman now knows what he will do next time that Ajax can't score.Mido will play more trust me...Oh and you said something about who is Ajax's best scorrer e.t.c.Sorry to inform you,but if we are talking about goals coming from a substitute,someone else is probably way better than Mido. ;-) And i bet that Mr.Koeman would love to have him in Milan.The way the game was going was perfect for this substitute.But unfortunately he was left in Amsterdam... :-(

PS:Sometime in this season,Mido will probably be in the starting 11 and Zlatan on the bench.Sot hen he will have to prove what he can do...

-- Anonymous, September 27, 2002

Ok seriously, i have had enough of this koeman, whats wrong with him, he brings on Mido with 10 minutes left and expects him to score a goal... NEWSFLASH, IF U WANT A GOAL PUT HIM ON THE WHOLE GAME!!! so ajax has dropped down from 1st to equal second with lyon, and inter, are lookin sure to qualify, although Ajax did play a much better game, with more possesion, the strikers didnt have that extra edge which is needed for a goal, although the came close with goals a number of times, it still didnt matter.

-- Anonymous, September 27, 2002

Koeman deserved that defeat as he couldn't read the game well. Ajax was in control in most of first half and in the first 30 minutes of the 2nd half, but the Dutch coach didn't use Ajax' goal-getter (Mido) and insisted on Zlatan who proved to be ineffective in front of goal. Mido came very late in the game and barely touched the ball as the Italian giants started to play their own game after Crespo scored their only goal.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002

I hope Koeman the retard will now let mido be a starter ! because Ajax attack sucks without Mido !

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002

Interesting to note that the root of the current 3 striker problem lays with Beenhaker & Co in that they bought Mido as a winger (and ignored the guys history etc) with Zlatan to play as the striker. As we all now realise this just didnt work and Mido starred as the striker in the second half of the season. It must be very difficult to keep all three happy as they are still all very ambitious players and proud people to boot. Glad I havent the problem to deal with.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002

hi mido i'm in the same academy with you i'm in the last year in computer science "undergraduate" modern academy in maadi

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002

no actually i think Mido, coud be a starter against Inter Milan. For several reasons,

first mido is more physical than zlatan...and in italy that very very important and koeman knows that and he rested sikora and litmanen for that reason..

..inter are known to be intrested in mido ..so evn if koeman hates the guy now (wich i doubt) will have to let him show his stuff live..

..he didnt play the last 2 games and leaving him out on the third..means a killer to any player's confidence and no body in ajax wants to do that..cause in his worst dreams he is thier number 2 which is always needed in good form..

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2002

One correction my friend...Mido and Zlatan have fan "clubs" in here.Machlas has just ONE fan... :-)

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2002


Mido might be on the bench v. Inter, after all, Zlatan did score two goals against Lyon....

I know we have our Mido, Zlatan, and Mr Machlas fan clubs on the messageboard, but, all in all, I think this situation is very good for Ajax. We have three great strikers in the squad, and we have competition for places. If the starting players aren't getting the goals then he has something in reserve, and Mido will be motivated (i.e. he will have "something to prove"). This isn't Eredivisie stuff where our quality will/should shine through.....it's knife edge stuff where tactical squad rotations are an integral part of a team's success. I predict Zlatan for the first 60 minutes, then if the need arises 30 minutes of Mido.

Oh...and a 3-1 win.....

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2002

From what I heard Zlatan played the entire game and was terrible infront of goal considering all the easy chances he got and squandered. Except for the goal he scored I heard he did nothing. One of the football sites said the crowd were chanting "Midoooo....Midooo...". So I guess the people have forgiven Mido, but Ronald Koeman has not. I don't think he will give him a chance to play against InterMilan even if Zlatan plays like crap.

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2002

If Mido's been forgiven, where was he against RBC? Did Zlatan play the entire game?

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2002

Ok Adam, I agree that the guy couldn't have done much more than apologize, but why put himself in this bad position infront of his team and his fans and everybody else?? Ok maybe he should have self convidence, but don't u think that a lot of people have lost confindence in him?? Its a really bad thing, I think that he should use some brains before he does a childish act like that to avoid situations like that, this does not mean I am against him, I just say that because I wish he doesn't do such silly things that he could easily avoid!!..

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2002

Lets get this straight...Zlatan and Mido are both good strikers and a "little" friendly competition for places has to be called for so that their desire to play grows. But people on this board are taking it to a whole new level with all this "take my side" and "Sweden or Egypt" thing. I personally think Zlatan is a great striker with a lot of potential, but so is Mido. This has to be great for Ajax, two young strikers battling it out, makes for great football and great drama. Now about the Mido bust-up. I think Mido did say the wrong things at the wrong times, but the guy did apologize for everything. That is acceptal because what do you really expect for him to do; buy 11 red roses to the team, or beg, or any silly thing like that. A striker has to have confidence in himself so that he's calm and assured in front of goal, and if the club asked anything harsh for him to do to get back his place, i think would have broken his confidence. I forgive you Mido, and i expect to see more great battles between you and Zlatan, for the sake of the club!

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2002

hi ahmed i hope to be ur friend im from aswan and i love ur way in play to much and ur soul it very high and i hope to vist us in aswan could u answer me ? ok see u

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2002

Good news: Mido joined the Ajax-1 squad again today. He was banned for the Lyon game, played with the away game at Young Vitesse with Young Ajax (and scored!). Today, it was "all's well that ends well". Mido and Ronald Koeman had a short chat on the training pitch, after training - and seemed to be on speaking terms.

Welcome back, Mido. You're forgiven. Now give us some goals :-)

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2002

Thumbs up for my brother Karim!

I know what do you mean by "enthusiasm" Menno.Can someone of the "Old Schoolers" remember my first posts here???LOL!Of course i told you from the start that i am an Ajacied from way back,and that i am very proud that my fav Greek footballer plays for Ajax.But i got carried away a million times.

Anyway,about the Mido-Zlatan situation,i've stated my opinion many times.Zlatan has better tecnique,but Mido is overall a better striker (NOT footballer) than Zlatan.Right now i can't say who will become better.Time will tell.Mido has the people against him right now,and has to be VERY VERY patient.


-- Anonymous, September 18, 2002

Karim, you're tha man!

I can understand that some of the Swedish and Egyptian visitors to the Zlatan and Mido forums get carried away every once in a while, out of pride, or enthusiasm for 'their' player. No problem. It's actually very nice.

But it is absolutely true that some of our Swedish friends are veryaggressive in their pro-Zlatan approach. The Egyptians seem more realistic, laid-back and willing to actually discuss Mido, rather than just yelling how great he is and attacking people who criticize him. And indeed: no Egyptian visitor ever wrote that Zlatan was crap or whatever. Some of the Swedes said silly things like that about Mido.

The Egyptian girls - known to the Ajax USA staff as the 'Mido Stalkers' - are a different story, by the way. They're out of their minds (which is kind of funny, I must admit).

Zlatan was marvellous yesterday, especially in the first half. Good for him, good for Ajax, good for me and all other Ajax fans. Even good for Mido (cos he's an Ajacied as well).

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2002

Thanks Jacob.

It bothers me when one person has been doing nothing else but try to create a fuss..... and this has been the case for a while now.

Anyways, looks like Mido is learning a lesson here...... at this level of football, if you try to act childish, you'll be on the bench... and by doing so... and after last night's performance by Zlatan... I reckon he'll be on the bench or as a sub for a while.

If you wanna play with the big boys (professional level), it's only logical that you play by their rules.


-- Anonymous, September 18, 2002

Good one, Karim!

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2002

I was searching for previous posts for something that could back Jake's post up... fortunately I failed.

Jake, when Zlatan was playing crap.... none of Mido's followers commented in a way such as yours. I agree with Kim's post and you should thinker deeper before you post such shallow posts.

Zlatan scored twice to give Ajax the win... good for him, he deserves it. The key word is "Ajax" not "Zlatan" not "Mido". If you want to makes this site a war zone between players or at least their fans... (which you are obviously trying you hardest at)..... then please spare me your comments on Mido and any other player.... and just put yourself on mute for a while until you learn from the lesson you obviously forgot about... you know... Dr. Menno's lecture in sophistics! This is all very ridiculous.....

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2002

hey jake - considering you're a swede, seems to me you're eager to "sell the boy" as you are concerned that Zlatan is, at the end of the day, not really a match for Mido in front of goal. Try to be a bit objective next time mate. This is not about your sweedish loyalties but really about what's best from Ajax. Fact: Mido has been the most consistent goal scorer for the Amsterdammers in the last 9 months - Koeman is giving him a lesson and fair enough. But selling him would be the biggest mistake he can make, and I think he is smart enough to know it. And so do you!

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2002

I agree. Obviously he is pissed of because he hasn´t got what it takes at this level. If he continues with this behaviour, then it might just be the right time to sell the boy!

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2002

Poor Mido... "The crowd shouldn't be so tough on me (sniff, whimper) I'm only nineteen tears old (whine, bitch, cry)." The fact is Mido was slacking in the match, got pulled, and decided to sit in his highchair and bang his big wooden spoon because he wasn't getting what he wanted. I don't care if he's 19 or 99... his behavior is unacceptable and I agree with Koeman's punishment. It's unfortunate that European football players are acting more and more like American "professionals". Hey Mido... would you put in 100% effort for another million euros?

-- Anonymous, September 16, 2002

Wow!Surprise,surprise! :-P

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2002

Bravo Mido. He absolutely did the right thing; actually, almost the only thing he could do. It certainly was a remarkable little story as Menno mentioned, and although all is well that ends well, I'm afraid this incident will have some lasting affects, hoping I'm wrong. Why? Well although a lot of us seem to agree that Ajax fans seem to forget quickly, they'll be quick to let this incident resurface if things get difficult for Mido sometime down the line.

The best way to make everyone forget would be to get goal-happy in a hurry, particularly with the Champions League starting...

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2002

Oh my god!! I can't believe this!! What is this ?? baby talk??/ He says that he wants to leave the team and 'pretend' that he knows what he is doing and now he apologises??? Seriously, how can he face the people and the rest of the team and his fans?? This is a big mistake mido made and it will take long before the people forget it, aspecially the dutch ones. As I live in holland, I know that they don't forget people's mistakes easily but forget their good things very easily. Mido will have to start ALL over again to regain his popularity and most of all people's respect which i think that he lost!

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2002

Well I'll be damned...

Mido had his conversation with Ronald Koeman and Leo Beenhakker this morning, and guess what he did?

He apologized for everything he said.

Simple as that. Leo Beenhakker appeared on Dutch TV to comment and a report also appeared on Ajax.nl. In their conversation, Mido called his remarks "irresponsible" and "rash". He also went to the training pitch and apologized to the entire squad.

Beenhakker: "It was obvious that he regretted his remarks very much. Hewas disappointed because of his substitution, but he understands very well that it's a big mistake to think that this would not have happened in England or Italy. Quite on the contrary, and he's aware of that. Well, fair enough. Let's not forget that this guy is only 19 years old. Let's call it juvenile rashness. Of course, the club had to do something. Therefore, we handed him a fine. He will join the squad again on Wednesday morning, after the Lyon game. Mido understood that. Forgiven and forgotten. This was a little bit clumsy of him, but let's not exaggerate it."

A very remarkable story, worthy of an Ajax USA news report, which will appear on the homepage tonight. But all's well that ends well. Case closed.

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2002

Menno is making me think about all this things he mentioned in his post.And i think that he is probably right.Then again,you never know how a 19 year old boy will think and act...

To the fans that talk about the love of the jersey:Yeah it is the most important thing.I am sure that there's not even ONE player in the team that doesn't love the jersey and the fans.But in the other hand you have to admit that the Ajax fans,forget quite easily. :-)

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2002

I don't like it when mido is leaving, but if he thinks this is the best for him, he have to do it.

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2002

In my point of view if he said such things then he is not a pro and then his place is elsewhere than in Amsterdam where he love of the jersey is far more important than personal interest or plan of career...Mido is sure a top gun but anyway if he wants to then Mr Hossam you can leave now, plenty of young players will be happy to just get your seat on the bench.

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2002

menno, I think you're on to something with what you said. it is much too obvious that there is much more behind mido's words then what we see or hear. sure it,s possible than an italian or english contract was part of the motivation. perhaps he thinks koeman has been intolerabley too impatient with him. maybe mido sincerely believes he is not in koeman's concrete plans for the immediate future. whatever it is, we're not at liberty to jump to conclusions when we don't know the whole story. if certain ajax fans are this quick to completely flip on their support of mido, then they're no better than mido's comments themselves.

i have a feeling we'll all learn what,s truly behind midos remarks very soon ;)

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2002

I've been thinking about Mido's words, and I must say that I'm absolutely convinced that it can't be as simple as Mido says. I've been a football fan for a long time, and I know the mind of the average football player well enough to know that they will NEVER burn their bridges as easily.

I mean: they would never destroy their own position so easily if they're not sure what will happen next. So, quite probably, Mido does know what will happen next...

Something must be behind this, cos let's face it: what on earth can he be so angry about??? Ronald Koeman was the man that gave him his first chance as a central forward. He was in the starting line-up until two weeks ago. Then Koeman made those "not giving everything" remarks. They had a positive conversation, after which Mido worked extra hard during training, after which Koeman said that he was very satisfied with Mido's determination. Everything seemed to be solved.

And now this?? Apparently, in the past ten days, something happened to Mido that was so insulting to him that he wants to go, 100% sure. Whatever it was, it can't be that bad. I simply don't understand.

So, my personal thought is that his agent is pushing him. Maybe there has been some offer from Italy, Spain or England, which is very lucrative for both Mido and his agent. Maybe his agent pushed him to try and force a split or whatever.

One thing's for sure. This whole thing STINKS. Dirty games are being played over here. We have not heard the hole story yet and I'm sure some interesting story s behind all this. Mido's statement came so sudden and it was so blunt and so eloquent... It was as if he had prepared it, as a speech, as if he had just learned it by heart. As if you could hear his agent talking...

This is the weirdest change in attitude I have seen since the De Boer twins unexpectedly attacked coach Morten Olsen, trying to force a split cos they had received an offer from Barcelona.

Whatever the story is: this attitude by Mido (immediately wanting to leave and announcing that on TV rather than internally) is absolutely disgusting. Very, very disappointing indeed. The F-Side spotted him on the stands tonight and was all over him. In fact, I'm not at all sure if Mido would have gotten away safely if he would have been in the 'wrong' section.

Mido said: "They should not take me out of the team that easily, because I'm only nineteen years old."

I say: "You shouldn't think you're Allah himself and that your spot in the team is holy, because you're only nineteen years old."

If you're only nineteen years old, you should jump to modest conclusions - not arrogant ones.

But then again: I really think this is not the way Mido feels about this case himself. Someone TOLD him to do this. We'll hear the true story some day. I don't know when, but we'll get to hear it.

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2002

look, whoever wants to blame mido for leaving should get bent! Mido is one of the best strikers ajax ever had, and yet, no one can see it. Koemen leaves him on the bench more then half the game! Even after he sees mido score, he still doesnt keep him on. So if Mido wants to leave good on him, dont stay in a team that doesnt respect you.

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2002

You're absolutely right, Geo. I totally agree with you about the disloyalty of the fans toward the three strikers. If they do that, then they should not complain when a player is becoming disloyal to his club because he's is not playing. Also, the deal with three strikers being on one team is very bad. And to add to that, Koeman also gets Litmanen from Liverpool. I'm sorry but you don't buy great strikers to bench other great strikers. All of these strikers should play, so if they have to move to another team to be a first team regular, then so be it. No other position on the field is being replaced every match. It's ridiculous. I hope Koeman finds a solution before the season and the champions league get into their critical parts.

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2002

To Julie Garcia:I said this thing about the crowd n' the strikers because it happened with ALL THREE strikers(Mido,Zlatan AND Machlas).In Machlas' case the crowd never told him to leave,or make any bad songs for him.But i can see from what Ajax fans say worldwide,that they think he is not needed anymore.Even from the most hardcore fans,the ones that were singing:"Nikos Machlas is en Jood!"...

Now from what i heard they said "Mido go away".I remember some time ago the same people yelling "MIDO MIDO"...Now about Zlatan.The GO- AWAY-WE-DON'T-NEED-YOU Zlatan became all of a sudden their favorite player?Until when?Zlatan will go through rough times in his relationship with the crowd again.Remember my words...

Listen,Nikos,Mido AND Zlatan,said that they wanted to leave the club.This was their mistake.But they had a reason for saying this.They can sit on the bench for a while.But how can ANY of the three be out of the 18 starting players?????????This is not gonna work.And you'll see that either Koeman should start playing with two of them in the squad,or someone should leave(as i said a million times i prefer the first.The 4-3-3 isn't working anyway...)

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2002

hehe.. ok they don´t want mido anymore.. youre right geo.. get lost, and never come back is not the same as midooo midooo midooo... but it´s his own fault.. stupid to say something like that..ciao x

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2002

geo, i think that mido one of the most popular ajax players is on this moment, and the crowd didn´t treat him bad, so far..?! and the crowd still want ´midoooo midoooo midoooo´... but ok, they were not very nice to zlatan..that´s true, and very sad!

the match of tonight was not very good, it was great that litmanen was back, but, zlatan.. yeaah, what can i say, he is not the striker we need, a real goalgetter, i don´t know what that guy is doin'.. but he scruwed up tonight! i don´t know what koeman have to do against lyon, the next champions league match, on tuesday..?(machlas? or zlatan again?machlas didn´t play a while!) i think we need mido, don´t you think? i hope that koeman can talk to mido, and maybe he change his mind? koeman sad today in a interview with studio sport, that if mido say to him again that ´he will leave this club as soon as possible´ that mido don´t play again, and won´t be selected for the team.. ow, to bad isn´t it? it´s not good for the team all that troubles with players, they have to focus on the champions league.. good timing mido..! ciaooo xxxxx julie

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2002

Oh yeah, Koeman said in an interview tonight that he will probably talk to Mido tomorrow (Sunday). If Mido sticks to his statements about wanting to leave during the next transfer period, Koeman prefers to see him go away immediately. Ronald doesn't want any players that are not fully committed to the club. Quite rightly so, if you ask me.

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2002

This must be the quickest turn-around in supporter's attitudes towards a player ever. Tonight against Zwolle two songs could be heard about Mido: "Mido, rot op" and "Ga weg en kom nooit meer terug", meaning respectively "Mido, get lost" and "Go away and never come back". Expressing your disloyalty this bluntly towards your club is bound to make you impopular. His view of the world must me seriously f***ed up if he thought that this was a good idea.

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2002

News update...

According to this morning's edition of newspaper De Telegraaf, Ronald Koeman has removed Mido from the squad of 18 for tonight's FC Zwolle game. Nikos Machlas will replace the Egyptian on the Ajax bench. Koeman decided this to make sure the case will not distract the rest of the players, and destroy their concentration. Ronald Koeman and Mido will meet each other for a conversation tomorrow, at the ArenA.

To be continued... :-/

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2002


I've seen the full Mido interview on AT5. His statement was very clear indeed. This is what he said (not literal, I am quoting it as I remember it; it comes very close): "I love this club and I love the fans, but there is not enough open-ness and they should not be so tough on me because I'm only nineteen years old. I will leave Ajax in the winter-break. Absolutely. That is 100% sure. We have a great team that can really achieve a lot internationally. I sincerely wish the guys the best of luck and will never say anything negative about Ajax. But I am going."

It really was as clear and as blunt as this. However, you could tell that he as very angry when he said all this, and I think his opinion may change when he's given this some thought. Studio Sport showed the interview on national TV. They also said that they had tried to get Ronald Koeman on the phone for a first reaction. But he refused and said that he wanted a personal conversation with Mido before commenting on this.

This is a good decision, I think, and I would not be surprised if this little fire will soon be extinguished. Studio Sport also said that Mido will be in the squad of 18 for today, but not in the starting line-up. I wonder whether he showed up this morning, being the temperamental guy that he is.

All in all, I think we shouldn't jump to all kinds of conclusions at this point. Let's wait and see what happens. The only conclusion for me, right now, is that it's a bad sign indeed that the first thing that comes into the mind of such a young kid in case of the tiniest little frustration, is to officially state that he will go, on TV. A doubtful and extremely disloyal attitude indeed. But that's just how the average football player feels about his job these days. Let's have no illusions when it comes to that.

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2002

I agree with everything you say.But don't forget the other side of the story.The way the crowd treats the strikers when they score,and then how f****** easily they forget them...This is sad also...

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2002

mido is such a egg!( yeaah a egg) he disappoints me.. 'i leave this club as soon as possible!' he thinks that koeman is not patient enough whit him! yeaah right! koeman is the most patient trainer of the world! (look at zlatan...) mido want money, he don't love the club, he don't love the crowd! i can't believe it!he don't give a damn about ajax! it's really weak from him, that he walks away, if he don't get what he wants.. be a man mido..! he is a great striker, but he is not after 11 goals 'the man'!zlatan is a great striker to, very technical, i think he's better, but his confidence is a problem, he will show the real zlatan soon, maybe today against zwolle, together with litmanen?! ok ciaooo, xxxxx ~>xjuliex<~ ( i know my english is bad, i'm sorry for that!)

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2002

This thing with Ajax and his strikers is getting really tiring for both the fans and the players.Machlas out of the squad,he's leaving.Then he stays.Zlatan was leaving,now he stays.Mido now wants to leave while he was number 1 some months ago.Zlatan is now #1,but if Mido or Nikos score more he will become number 2 e.t.c. e.t.c...Bullshit!Koeman must find a better way to find which striker fits each system,and who he really needs.I would keep all three of them,and get rid of others that don't deserve to wear the Ajax shirt.He has three strikers that kick ass,but his obsession with 4-3- 3 doesn't leave place for two of them to play together n' the third sitting on the bench...Sick situation indeed...

-- Anonymous, September 13, 2002

The daily Sportjournaal on NOS television just reported that Mido wants to leave Ajax. He will not be in the line-up on Sunday, beause Ronald Koeman was dissatisfied with his play in recent games. Zlatan Ibrahimovic will get the chance against FC Zwolle. That's why - reportedly - Mido wants to go.

Don't know how serious this is, but it sure makes sense to me. The story, that is - not Mido's attitude. If it's all true, if it's really this simple to Mido and if his loyalty to Ajax is so minimal - well, then he might as well go indeed.

But first, let's see what happens. It might be a silly remark, out of disappointment.

-- Anonymous, September 13, 2002

what about mido's enjury

-- Anonymous, September 09, 2002

Karim, I just wrote you. Tell me if you got the e-mail.

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2002

Even though the webmaster has not been replying to my mails.... i will still be generous enough to announce that there's a fresh interview with Mido on www.mido-online.com...... check it out.

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2002

hi ben i want to inform u that the news u wrote is 100% correct and true..there were some scouts in that game...

-- Anonymous, August 26, 2002

Here's a big surprise(NOT!!!), representatives from several Italian clubs, Juventus for one, were in Arnhem to watch Ajax players such as Mido and Rafael van der Vaart. I guess that the Italians have alot of time on their hands, what with the television contract row in Italy at the moment. All clubs and sports journalists have time on their hands to create B-S stories..seeing as the Italian league is on extended summer holiday for the aforementioned reason.

-- Anonymous, August 26, 2002

hi mido I want some photo to you I will wait your coming with ajax to cairo to paly with zamalk

-- Anonymous, August 24, 2002

PlanetFootball report that Mido has flatly denied signing any"pre- contract" for Juventus. But, they still insist he is an option for Juve. And so, one could probably add, are at least 50 strikers playing throughout the world.

-- Anonymous, August 21, 2002

guys the news we posted on our site are coming directly from italy as ina press conf. MOGGI announced such news u can check the italian version at www.calciomercato.com and as we all know they suffered a lot last year after salas being sidelined for the whole season and the current injury to trezeguet who is targeted by A.WENGER who happens to be an idol for david .the juventus will discuss the option of getting a deal giving them the upper hand on mido maybe next season 2003-4 ..

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2002

Planetfootball.com does advise that Juve have been keeping an eye on Mido and also says the following: "The Stadio Del Alpi outfit are keen to add another striker to their line-up AS COVER for main front runners David Trezeguet, Marcelo Salas and Allesandro Del Piero."

Why would he leave first team action in the league and Cl and stay on the bench?

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2002

well, i thought at first that the news about mido is just nonesense until i read it myself on www.planetfootball.com, so check it out, it was posted today.

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2002

Karim, the Trezeguet for the Arse is one that surfaces very regularly in the UK. I feel that this transfer could take place, but like yourself I cannot see Mido going to Juve.

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2002

Am not really sure how much truth there is in this one but Egyptianplayers.com are allegedly stating that Juventus's director of football has announced their interest in signing Mido for 18m Euros, as they are seeking replacements for Trezeguet who is currently being targeted by Real Madrid and Arsenal (first time I hear of this). Nothing on Ajax.nl on this one but I wouldn't worry too much, I personally think it's a bunch of c**p.

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2002

According to an english newspaper ( Daily Star ) Sunderland are interested in signing Ajax's Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2002

Bill, I fully agree that we should wait until the draw to asses our chances, especially when conceding 3 goals at home.... but any team can go 3 down to Barcelona at home...... it's how they picked themselves up and played some good football what counts at the moment. The defense is good... just wasnt the night for all of them i guess..... and Trabelsi... well not much to say..... he's just terrific to watch. Awaiting the match report and Ben's comments.

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2002

Don't worry about the defence.We have Chivu,JOB and one of the best wingers in the world in my opinion(Trabelsi).I see some problems in the defensive part of the midfield.Let's hope things will get better.

Then we have superstar VD Vaart,and kick-ass V D Meyde.I also want to see Wamberto play more(one of the players that offered a lot in the hard years).And Sikora?Yeah he can kick asses too...

Koeman is one of the few coaches in the world that has 3 strikers of this value in his team(and each one of them with a COMPLETELY different style of play).I hope he realizes this sooner or later,and decides to keep them all in the team.He can find a way to give play time to each one of them.

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2002

Karim, I believe that it is a tad too early to get excited about our CL prospects. I didnt see the match but was very worried that we leaked 3 goals at home to Barca. I await Bastiaan's report and Ben's comments on the state of our defence. I would suggest that we await the CL draw before assessing our chances.

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2002

Correction to the below: i mentioned that both strikers are 19...... we all know that Zlatan's 20 and Mido's 19.

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2002

Jake, Adema, Geo,

After last night's game, how do you feel about this year's CL campaign. Was watching it on a regional sports channel here in Cairo and the commentator was repeating one thing after the match:"Watch out for Ajax in this year's Champions League"!...... i thought that was brilliant. Why?

Look at last year's preseason and CL qualifications. Just getting into the CL was a dream that ended before any of us could spell the word Z.L.A.T.A.N! We had 2 new strikers.... a 19 year old coming in with a hype maybe only top strikers would receive and another, an 18 year old Egyptian bought from the Belgian league, who was coming in as a left winger. As the season started and progressed, both strikers/winger were not living up to expectations..... and it was left up to an attacking 19 year old midfielder and a Greek striker to save our butts. Things then changed and we all know what happened after that...... LE DOUBEL!

I thought the commentator's words were fantastic because in just 1 year, we have 2 19 year old strikers scoring against the world's best, yes... the Swede and Egyptian, and people are actualy looking forward to seeing Ajax "compete" in the CL. I don't think anyone would have been able to say that last yaer.

Adelma is right...... but that doesnt take away the fact that Jake's post had a sarcastic/ironic taste to it.... and that's why Geo and I had to respond...... no offence.

Now that the preseason matches are over...... and that our strikers are ready... just hope Machlas gets his chance too as it was nice seeing all 3 strikers on the field last night even if it only lasted for 10 mts....... I really can't wait for the new season.... and Ajax's capaign in the Champoins League.


-- Anonymous, August 05, 2002

Thank´s Adema I never said that the greek was anything but a decent footballer. And Mido? Well he´s only 19 years old. Give the guy some time and he will end up in the premier league sooner than you can spell Z.L.A.T.A.N.

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2002

Don't act like you can't see the irony in his words.He makes Mido look like a player that will be used only when Zlatan is tired (!!!).And Machlas like a player that we should feel sorry about (!!!)...Can you give another explanation to his posts???

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2002

Why are you people attacking Jake? He said nothing bad about any player, are you attacking him just because he likes Zlatan the most or just because he used the word "superstar"? Kind of odd.

Anyway, take a look HERE and read what "Oscar" says about a certain Ajax player... these are the people you should be attacking, if any.

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2002

Followed Zlatan's career???Career of what?2-3 years?And what did you see?Zlatan making his fancy dribbles and tricks?It takes a lot more to become a true STRIKER.Yeah,i believe that Zlatan can do A LOT better than he did last year.But until i see it,i can't call him a "superstar"...

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2002

What´s in the past is in the past. I have followed Zlatans carrer so I won´t mind Karims ignorance. Let´s concentrate on this season. There is a reason for this Zlatan hype dear Karim.

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2002

I'm not really ready to compare with last season's disaster yet. This year it feels different. Zlatan plays much more like a team- player now and he doesn't loose the ball as much. I wouldn't say he's a the first choice for Koeman yet, but it kinda looks like that. Mido is also very good and I think Ajax has got two of the best striker youngsters in World going on here...just give them some time na dthey might just become the 'superstars' you were talking about.

Maybe it's time for a 4-4-2 sytem, or at least I think they would be great together.

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2002

Corrections in the below post:

"This again..... and as for Machlas".... Think again....

"for him into a God"...... form him into

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2002


i'm interested to know if you saw any of Ajax's games last season.... because such a remark makes me wonder how much of a football fan you are. In last eyar's preseason matches one cannot argue that Zlatan was the top scorer and everyone was feeling that he would live up to his ridiculous hype that came along with his signing. Mido and Machlas were ofcourse not looked at serisouly for a good part of the season... maybe Mido more. My question to you is this: what happened after that? Zlatan f*&^$d up COMPLETELY and was put on the transfer list..... and probably the reason why he wasnt sold is because no one thought he was worth all this money. (not sure how much... anyone care to share).

Same thing happening this year..... Zlatan is scoring..... but does that make him the "superstar" that should have Mido benched? This again..... and as for Machlas.... well I wish him luck in regaining his form as I am a big fan of his and believe that he can make it past "superstar Zlatan" if he is given another chance.

It really makes me laugh... the way Zlatan fans always seem to jump the gun and for him into a God just because he scored a few goals.... in the preseason....... just as last year.

Good luck this season.


-- Anonymous, August 04, 2002

"I have seen Mido in a couple of games and I must say that he is a good complement to superstar Zlatan. He will also be a good substitute when Zlatan feels tired."

*LOL* Feeling funny,huh?

Damn i needed this laugh...

-- Anonymous, August 03, 2002

I have seen Mido in a couple of games and I must say that he is a good complement to superstar Zlatan. He will also be a good substitute when Zlatan feels tired. I believe Ajax can go far in the championsleague this year.

-- Anonymous, August 03, 2002

.... the below is according to rumours I've heard.

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2002

Zlatan will be starting the game tomorrow, while Mido will play in the second half.

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2002

hi all can any upload or get Mido film on AT5. Title: Mido, King Of Caïro.

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2002

The annual Amsterdam tournament will kick off. The tournament this year will include giants of Europe (Ajax, Barcelona, Manchester United and Parma). Ajax will play 2 matches, the first is the opener against Manchester United and the 2nd on Sunday against Barcelona. "www.egyptianplayers.com" see, i use proper citation:)

For those of u who would want to watch these two games, stop by any friend who have the CNE, the games will be on supersport channel, ENJOY:)

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2002

Any confirmed reason why Mido didn't play against Norwich?

Oh, it's interestingly scary that now boys are sending him love messages!

-- Anonymous, July 29, 2002

hi mido i love you so much and i want to see you my man

-- Anonymous, July 27, 2002

hi mido how are you i saw celtic match u was the best player in the world and u is my best player in the world my name is ahmad al bosta from jordan and my age is 19 i want 2 ask u if u want 2 go 2 another club and thanks my email is samozin2002@hotmail.com and if u have msn messenger please call me ok good luck for u

-- Anonymous, July 24, 2002

hello "mido" ....... well i am one of your fans who really like you and i want to tell you that you are so hansome and a good football player and i want to say congratulations !about your marrige and i am sure that you 2 will make a happy marrige .and i wish for you a happy marrige and a good life and i also wish to talk to you one day . see you .

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2002

hiiiiiiiii! mido we r salma & samar {twins} we love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.congratulatoins 4 your marraige we r soooo happy 4 u. we've seen u at 3agamy last year on the paradise beach. we hope 2 c u again byyeee=)

-- Anonymous, July 13, 2002

Does anybody has a picture or something from Yosra?? I would like to see her. By the way, i'm vey happy for Mido and Yosra.

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2002

I haven't seen the documentary so I can't really say. There was another local cameraman there so difficult really to notice.

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2002

Okay, so I've watched the short Mido film on AT5. Title: Mido, King Of Caïro. It was real nice to see footage of Mido's wedding, but I must say I didn't really like the 'documentary'. Not very well made.

Basically, we've seen only three things: Mido driving through Caïro, repeatedly saying: "Man, if I would drive like this in Amsterdam, the cops would immediately take my license." The interviewer was right next to him, but had apparently nothing interesting to ask.

The second thing: a lot of Egyptian people (friends of Mido and 'strangers') going: 'yeah, yeah, Mido is great, he's the greatest player in the world, we all love Ajax and Holland, Mido is the man!' Yes indeed: pretty much the boys' version of the 'Personal Messages' thread we have here on Ajax USA.

The third thing: the wedding, which was actually the only part that I enjoyed. It was great to see how they celebrated. Yosra really is a tremedously beautiful girl, and she seems real sweet to me as well. There were a lot of hot girls, by the way... Amazing.

All in all, a disappointing piece of work. Mido is a madman, but also a very nice guy, with a very interesting background. He's not ordinary, not average. It really should be possible to make an intersting half hour of film about him. This AT5 guy never managed to brak through the surface, if you know what I mean. He didn't even try.

By the way, I was wondering: Karim, did the camera guy film you? Maybe I've seen you, without being aware...

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2002

Hey Miranda if you have seen the film of Mido what was today on At5, you would noticed that Mido knows this girl for a long time, she is a really beutifull nice girl and i wish them all the best together. Youre message looks very "jaloers" to me. Mido is a great player and i hope he will stay in Amsterdam for a long time. All of you most see the film "Mido the king of Cairo"...all Mido fans would love it.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2002

Which players were on his party?

-- Anonymous, July 05, 2002

The wedding was great, though non of the Ajax players / staff could make it in the end. Met with Aero Alman, or however you spell his name, of AT5 Television. Those of you who will watch the program, can take my advice and enjoy the interview he had with the famous Lebanese singer Youri, not sure if he'll air it though but Aero said it was very likely. Good luck this season.

-- Anonymous, July 04, 2002

Zlatan, Trabelsi and Krol are going to be at the wedding. It should be sweet meeting them. As for other details..... it's non of anyone's f******g business. Congratulations Mido!

-- Anonymous, June 27, 2002

I have a surprise for all you Mido and Ajax fans........ will post it on Saturday morning!

-- Anonymous, June 26, 2002


-- Anonymous, June 18, 2002

hi mido am an egyptian girl am 16 and i wanna tell u that u r so sexy and handsom and i love u sooooooooooooooooooo much and i wish i can see or talk with u coz u r the prince of my dreams so i love u my prince and hoppe to see once and then die

-- Anonymous, June 14, 2002

mido u r best ok the best im really very sad when i see owen,hag diouf and another young players without u i was wishing 2 enter the world cup with ur young age,hey,i had seen ur wonderful commercials of vodafone u was so nice and ive recorded it so i hope u a nice season with ajax like the one before but from the begining of it. there is another point i want to say it to salma ( im get boring easly from ur strange messages 2 omar)

-- Anonymous, June 13, 2002

hi there, I donno what is all that for, answer what, anyways I like that player Ahmed Hossam, not because he's a good player, nope I'm a good player 2, but in Handball (goalkeeper) but I like his way his facial expresions when he gets a goal, I think he's great in everything, but I donno why my friends don't like him!!!!!

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2002

Hiiiiiiiiiiii Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiido My name is Dido and I love you very much and try to have some of your talents in my playing My name is Mohammed (Dido) and have 17 years and I was a football player in Isko young team last year and I determind to pass the Zamalek tests next month wish me goodluck please but I want to ask you a very important question I play forward and also a very good goalkeeper and my friends opinion is that I'm very good goal keeper But I love the ofensive performance please help me and know that I 'm goal keeper than aforward . I wish you good luck with your team and I'd like to see you in real madrid after two years and congratulation on your ferari modina. Mohammed (dido ) from Menofia in the town of Mohammed Abdelwahed the zamalek player.(mrdido40@hotmail.com) yallah bye

-- Anonymous, May 19, 2002

Mido is simply the best of the dutch division, he's the man. If he had played the whole season he was the no1 striker!

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2002

congratulations to the ajax fans .. mido kepp rollin man .. you are a big star ... ehtam shoyah byliaktak wenabi ... mabrook .. iam sad coz of inter milan ... but ajax had make it up for me ..:)

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2002

yasser baiomy, you know mido ? you live in holland or what ? you met him after the match ?


-- Anonymous, May 05, 2002

hi all mido fans .. today mido en sha2 allah will play the big match .. well i caouldnt sleep from the last night .. mido you are the best in neitherland man .. i heard that you have a seriouse offer from AC Milan . ooh man .. i think you gotta think alot about the next move .. i prefer that you make a big name firest in holland then you choose which way you gonna go ( like Nistelroy ) .. finally mido .. khali balak shoyah men lyaktak ya man .. ana bashofak we metab3ak koyes ... we rabena ma3aaaak .. net2abel ba3d al match .. hope you score and u will score twice ..

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2002

DEAR MIDO Hi man ... my name is Ahmed i am egyptian . U r a good player i hope u go to the top club in Europ . i like u soo much .. from ur younger brother ... MIDO AL S3'yr ... take care of ur self.

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2002

Actually Karim, as of yesterday, Mido seemed ready to play in Sunday's match. Although apparently painful, Mido's injury isn't serious; in fact he practiced yesterday. Where are you getting that Mido won't play? If he doesn't, it would apparently be Koeman's decision and not a direct result of Mido's injury.

You said it might be that he's being saved for the Amstel Cup final.. well, isn't Sunday's match at NEC just as important? The championship isn't Ajax's yet and they'll still need a result.

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2002

Heard taht Mido will not play or at least start against NEC. Probably Koeman wants to save him for the final.

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2002

Does anyone knows what is the model of the Ferrari that Mido drives? I am really anxious to see any pics of his ultra cool car driven by Egystar Mido.

-- Anonymous, April 29, 2002

Thanx alot Menno, i was just going to ask u, but i found the answer to my question before i ask :), anyway AJAX could win next game and take the title, this is really a great team with great players, so keep those goals runnin

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2002

For all you Mido fans out there (and we all know there's a lot of you): the injury Mido sustained against Den Bosch today, is nothing serious. TV show Studio Sport reported that he will be available for next week's champions' game in Nijmegen. Not to worry :- )

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2002

Oh my goodness!Ajax have Mido the Magician to score and score,I hope he be the main striker next year.And hope that Ajax will play 3-4-3 total football where defenders get to attack,strikers get to defend and midfielders covering the whole field if that department have a hole in it.Ronald koeman may be the next Rinus Michels to unleash some youth players into the world stage just like Mido the Magician being unleash!!!!

-- Anonymous, April 26, 2002

Thank you omar,I really respect you because you said you didn't even smoke.

-- Anonymous, April 14, 2002

karim ,,i guess u did mido no good ,at least in front of his fans he lost a lot by what u said,,those things are private and u shouldnt go on blowing ur own trumpet by putting it on the net..what can i say

athletes shouldnt go on and stay up that late not to mention drinking (maradona,gaza,caniggia,rossi,bowyer,ramzy..the list goes on 4ever)

and i dont guess mido will go thank u for what u did to him "loyal fan"!!!

and for u mido : keep walking but not with JOHNNY WALKER .plz

ps:u r not the only one who meet the guy

-- Anonymous, April 13, 2002

For sure the guy needs his sleep. It's do-or-die against PSV, then basically another do-or-die vs. Sparta on Sunday.

Just saw a pic of Miss Belgium 2000... wow :)

It'll be interesting to see who plays in left midfield. Wamberto is supposedly suspended, but I'm unsure as to whether his suspension applies solely to league play, or if the Cup is included. Perhaps Pienaar can me moved there? If Ajax are too defensive this time, don't expect a great result. To sit back and defend against a team the likes of PSV is asking for defeat.

I think PSV just played really well that day though... Ajax will definitely have more possession this time.

By the way Mido fans... I just posted an interview, well really an autobiography, of Mido on Mido-Online.com ... very interesting stuff... for example his early teen years, skipped school a lot apparently. It was in Ajax Life magazine, and a good Dutch friend translated it for me.

Karim, thanks bro. Feel free to email me by the way. Are you ever on any instant messaging programs? if so, which?.... So what do u all think of what Mido said?

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2002

I sure hope Koeman doesnt give him a defensive role AGAIN against PSV tomorrow. We're playing at home this time, so I see no excuses for not playing with an all out attacking style. Whose our left wing for the game? Zlatan? Will Wamberto able to play giving that his red card/suspension was during a league game and not the cup?

MIDO, if you read this..... YOU DA MAN!!!

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2002

Yup, he asked me if I had read anywhere on the net about his relationship with Miss Belgium 2000...... it sure sounded like he was bragging about it.(if i was going out with Miss Cambodia, believe me I'd bragg about it too!). Hesham and I called him at 11.30pm, 10.30 local time last night. We wanted to know if he knew what channel we could watch the game on here in Egypt. He was asleep, but managed to answer. Didn't talk for long really cuz he wanted to go back to bed to wake up early for training.

PS: Did get your email, many thanks. Unfortunately have not managed to ask him yet. Will advise when i do.

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2002

Good stuff Karim. Did he say anything about Miss Belgium? The woman is amazing....

He definitely has his work cut-out for him this week, with two matches to play in a span of 5 short days.. But as Mido said himself... he thrives on pressure...



P.S. Did you get my email Karim?

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2002

Ok, so last night I was in for a pleasant surprise. Mido's first cousin Hesham is a very good friend of mine, and knows how much a fan I am of Mido. Well, last night, at a restaurant/bar called Sangreya, I had someone tap me on the shoulders... and yes, to my surprise it was Mido. Apparently Hesham spotted me when they walked in and told him that the lunatic was me. I changed my mobile number 2 days ago, so they were not able to contact me upon his arrival. Anyways, we sat down over a bottle of whiskey, not to worry we were 4 people so everyone's still alive, and chatted. He's in Cairo for 2 days, leaving tonight actually, as Koeman gave them these 2 days off. He's very happy at Ajax and doesn't want to leave, at least for now, even though he's confirmed that Aston Villa want him, and especially if they play in the champions league next season. He was excited about the fact that he might be playing against Juventus in particular. About the remainder of the season, well if the next 4 games are won, then we will become champions. He was pretty excited about the semi-final game on Wednesday cuz he said its going to be a full house, but is worried about the defence against their attackers, and who can blame him there? (I asked him about JOB and he thought he was a world class player). he told me that Zlatan is very likely to be leaving next season as his confidence with the crowd is slipping. He said that their summer training camp will be in China this year and that he cant wait to play Barcelona and Man-United in the tournament.

We left at 4am.

I'm going to see Hisham and Mido in about 2 hours..... they are still fast asleep with a hangover to follow..... I'm feeling it as I type. This sure was a great surprise and to thank your site for a great job, I mentioned the hilarious love letters he's receiving from the girlies. He promised to check it out. I got his mobile number and hisham and I are probably going to visit him this summer sometime in Amsterdam and what a party it will be if the league is won! Sorry, I know this is too long.... but I had to share this with you guys.


-- Anonymous, April 06, 2002

Is there any chance for AJAX to take the championship this season? And how many games are left to be played? At home or away? What team is Feyenoord playing in the postponed match? I hope AJAX wins it.

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2002

mido how are u iwish to u scooer more goal iam ahmed hassan from egypt

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2002

MIDOOOOOO, MIDOOOOOOOOO, MIDOOOOOOOO..... Nothin' else was heard at the arena after these two MOZZA goals were scored, that's how they love this guy and that's how they support him and wish he'd stay with the team 4EVER, so ain't no need 2 let him leave, I say, he stays and rises with Ajax and show us all what he got, and I do think he's still got more & more. RIGHT ???

-- Anonymous, March 28, 2002

Yesterday Mido stated that he wanted to go to Ajax so desperately that it didn't matter to him that they bought him as a left winger in the first place. "Ajax is a big club and populair in Egypt also. That's why I wanted to go there..."

So no reason at all for him to leave. The guy is happy at Ajax. Especially since he finally is accepted as a central striker, instead of a left winger. Should be a big relieve for him.

-- Anonymous, March 18, 2002

Menno, totally agree, why the f*&$k should he leave? And just because he scored twice doesnt mean we should jump to cunclusions that he should join the likes of man-u. The lad's only just turned 19 and looks destined for a great career, only, and i honestly believe this, only if he stays at ajax. Where else is he going to find a club known for turning youngsters into stars? Plus, if he went to manu... do you actualy think he'd play? Ajax is the right place to be at this time of his career, so lets hope his form stays cosnsistent. Geo, mido's surprise excellence can only do the likes of machlas and zlatan good. I believe they should fight it out to the final sweat during training, thus creating a chance to play. So when mido f*&%ks up, they can both come in and help out... and who knows... maybe start this great visious cycle all over again by having the other benched..... am i making any sense here? PSV coming up...... cant wait!

-- Anonymous, March 18, 2002

Mido did great for second time in a row.And this time his role was IMPORTANT!!!(cuz in the previous game,Ajax would win anyway)...Now he scored important goals and led Ajax to the win...I always thought he was better than Zlatan for central forward...I still have faith in Machlas,but i believe that they can both stay in the team.There is not a LAW that says that u should use ONE center forward for the whole championship for God's sake!!!And some people still have this belief...This is modern football...There are no heros.Everyone can be in the starting 11,and everyone can lose his place when he is out of shape for a period of time...Each player has to offer something to the team's course for the Eredivisie title...Almost all the other players offered a lot of things(and still do,or at least can do)...Now it was Mido's turn to prove he has a lot to offer to this team.And he did great!!!Well done once again...

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2002

mido...no words will explain how much of a great talented striker u are.. indeed, u proved ur coach wrong and reserved ur place as the sole striker for ajax amsterdam. I hope Coeman understands now that u are not left wing, but rather a talented and a super striker...keep on the good work and mabrouk for that champain bottle ur got for man of the match...

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2002

"i hope to start to loo up fpr other teams like liverpool , valencia , Manchester"

Why should he go, for f#&$% sake?

A completely irrelevant remark. He doesn't even want to go.

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2002

mido.. you have done a great job and i hope to start to loo up fpr other teams like liverpool , valencia , Manchester any...... u r the hope of egypt outside it..

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2002

So how about that? 2 goals is impressive. Mido's looking to be the definite starter vs PSV. I didnt watch the match, but sounds like Machlas and especially Zlatan have some work to do. Menno? Geo? Your input please. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2002

Well..the right word is "efcharisto" my brother,but it's all good.;-) I got your point anyway...Yeah Mido had a great game,even though he played only 30 minutes.I would LOVE to see all three together in the squad,really.But with the current system Koeman needs only ONE of them each time.So it is a great thing for Ajax,cuz they will try to prove they are better everytime they play.The bad thing is(especially for the young ones) that they don't get much time to play.Mido and Zlatan need the experience...And for me,that Machlas will lose his position in the starting eleven many times :-)...Another thing,is that each one of them has a TOTALLY different style of play.So Koeman can choose the right one for each game...

-- Anonymous, March 11, 2002

Geo... as machlas previously did.... it was great to see Mido come off the bench and score. Machlas has had an upper hand over the other strikers in the lineup, which he desereved and still does.

Zlatan, whom i think is highly overrated and the surprise of the season with his inability to deliver, is proving to be a flop (oh boy.... how popular will i get with the zlatan fans from now on...? but guys... he hasnt lived up to his preseason hype).

So having mido score off his first touch of the ball will definetly do his morale good. Lets wait and see what they both provide upfront, as i think it will be a striking competition to prove who should rightfuly start against psv the following week.

Lets face it... at the end of the day... this can only do ajax good.

If my greek is correct... i believe "afkharisto" is the right word for your posting.

ps: almost forgot... to answer your question... i think the next few weeks will provide us with the answer depending on how he performs. If he f#$ks up as a striker..... there shouldnt be room for dissapointment if he is left on the bench or moved to the left.

-- Anonymous, March 11, 2002

Today it was a great day for Mido.His morale must be better now.What's going on with this matter?Is he staying in the team or what?Koeman is in a difficult position with those three attackers.Sometimes is good to think before you buy a player.Ajax is trying to find the "super" striker,and keeps buying attackers,without deciding who has to leave...

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2002

Here's the reason Mido didn't play against Feyenoord. From Egyptianplayers.com: "Egypt's star striker Ahmed Hossam 'MIDO' played with Ajax reserves against Twente yesterday, he played for 70 minutes and has been replaced by De Jong.

Mido had a minor clash with the coach Koeman and left Amsterdam for a short vacation to Cairo, for that reason he wasn't selected for Feyenoord's match.

Mido complained to Ajax's general manager Leo Benhakar about him being benched in the last games. He became unhappy with Koeman who prefers Nikos Machlas & Zlatan over him for the striker position and prefers the Brazilian Wamberto over him for the left winger position.

Koeman selected the attacking midfielder Pinaar instead of the angry Mido. The Dutch coach gave Mido a fair chance to impress. However the Egyptian played in the left wing and not as a striker which resulted in him being unable to score.

The Egyptian is keen on the move to England next season, he announced during the ACN that he is considering a real offer from Aston Villa."

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2002

Does anyone know why Mido was excluded from the Ajax lineup against Feyenoord today?? He wasn't even on the bench. As far as I've learned, he's not injured, so what would be the reason not to include him.

Even Zlatan played today, and we all know how ineffective he's been/still is.

Not only has Mido not been given chances up front, but when he does play, they keep throwing him in left midfield, a position completely unconventional for him.

So far, Koeman has made several suspect decisions for Ajax. Let's hope learns the club's and players' strengths quickly before it's too late.

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2002

I think coach Koeman should put MIDO as a striker alongside Zlatan instead of a left winger, since that's the position where he plays best. We all saw how much better he performed when Adrianaase moved him from leftwinger to striker. It seems to me Zlatan and Mido play well together, so he should give them a chance.

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2002

hi.......i just wanted to ask about mido's performance in the few min he played in the last match........and also the prediction of seeing him in the start up next match as Rafeal V.D.Vart is injuried.......thanx for any information

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2002

Mido played the 90 minutes but did absolutely jack. For 70 minutes, he played as a midfield to help out in the defence!? Anyways, he's going back to Amsterdam asap, so we might see him in the next game.

-- Anonymous, February 05, 2002

From Team Talk website, Cameroon defeated Egypt by 1:0 to advance to the semi-finals of the African Cup of Nations. Patrick Mboma scoort in the 62'. Two Hossams are listed in the linescore, one who played the full 90' and one who entered as a sub.Not sure which is Mido.

-- Anonymous, February 04, 2002

Mido scored a goal in today's Egypt-Zambia game. Match notes on EgyptianPlayers.com.

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2002

Posted this morning in Egypt's biggest newspaper "Al-Ahram" (The Pyramids), that Mido is wanted at Aston Villa. The 18 year old is said to welcome the offer and that he will leave Ajax at the end of the season. Is there any truth in this?

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2002

a preview of Friday's match between Tunisia and Egypt at the African Cup of Nations in Mali... it's Trebelsi vs. Mido...

Brotherly Battle in the Group of Death

Egyptian-Football.com - (Bamako, Mali) - North African rivals Egypt and Tunisia clash on Friday, in the second match for both squads in Group D of the African Cup of Nations, the ‘Group of Death’.

Both teams will be looking to rebound from sub-par performances in their opening matches. The Pharaohs allowed a late-game, fluke of goal to be scored in a 1-0 loss to World Cup debutants Senegal, while the Carthage Eagles were held to a scoreless draw against Zambia.

Although the two teams share an intense, deep-rooted rivalry, players on both sides are quick to assure fans that the two nations are strikingly similar, and the players are thus close friends.

“We’ve got love for each other”, says Tunisian defender Hatem Trebelsi. “We’re both North Africans, we speak the same Arabic language, practice the same Muslim religion, and many of us are friends outside the pitch”....

link to the full story including comments from Mido:


-- Anonymous, January 24, 2002

Ahmed Hossam is indeed healthy and participated in Egypt's opening match of the 2002 African Cup of Nations against Senegal.

There was some confusion over whether or not Hossam, nicknamed Mido, would be fit for the competition or not.

He had collided with defender Ibrahim Saeed in practice, roughly five days before the start of the competition. It was feared Mido had sustained a fractured left foot, but x-rays a day later were negative, and Mido was diagnosed with nothing more than a bruise (much to Pharaoh and Ajax fans' relief and delight).

My sources tell me that Mido is currenlty about 92-95% fit. He is slated to start at striker again for Egypt, when they face Tunisia, and fellow Ajacid Hatem Trebelsi, this Friday in Group D of the 2002 African Cup of Nations in Mali.

Hossam Hassan on the other hand is still out with a leg injury. He's currently undergoing intense rehabilitation, and just might catch up with the Pharaohs in time for their final Group D clash with Zambia later next week.

- - - Hosam; Editor, Egyptian-Football.com

-- Anonymous, January 22, 2002

Just read the AJAX-USA report on the homepage and noticed it is from the 16th. The Planet Football report is from the 18th. A little confusion over whether Mido is fit or not. Wonder if the two strikers, each containing Hossam in their names,were confused in print.

-- Anonymous, January 19, 2002

From Planet Football, Egyptian striker Hossam Hassan is set to miss the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations thru a blood clot in his leg. Because ,the article says, the manager will not be calling up cover for Hossam , much of the striking pressure will fall on..guess who? Mido!! Hopefully a case where one man's misfortune will be another mans moment to shine. Good Luck to Mido!!

-- Anonymous, January 19, 2002

Mido scored first goal for Egypt during Egypt-Burkina Faso friendly match, read our report from http://www.egyptianplayers.com/:

http://www.egyptianplayers.com/nationalteams/articles-nationalteam-Eg ypt-burkina-report-11-1-2001.htm

-- Anonymous, January 13, 2002

Here is some play-by-play notes from Mido's involvement in Egyptian national team friendly vs. Mali:


For pictures of Mido, visit our new Gallery section.

-- Anonymous, January 07, 2002

Hi Mido,I am agreat fan of you.Iloved your playing very much since the sinegal match.Ihope you a good life and to continue the best player in Egypt as I see.I also want you to be more calm in the matches because we dont want to lose you in the champion ship of the african nations.thank you.

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2002

BONSOIR MIDO je sauhaite toujours bon chance dans tes matches nous attendons de vous voir en pleine forme pour championnat en vous sautaitant grand succés. pardon pour cette lettre c'est graphique en francaise mais tu peux traduire en arab c'est pas difficile. merci beaucoup


-- Anonymous, January 02, 2002

Today Mido played with the Egyptian National Team in a friendly, He showed some good football and scored a fantastic goal by his head from a cross and also another header that was cleared off the line, also scored a goal but the reffere cancelled it coz he was offside. Mido got his chance in the National Team i hope that he gets his chance in Ajax and benefit the team......GOOOO GOOOOOO MMIIDDOO

-- Anonymous, December 30, 2001

I think Mido is the best player in Egypt

-- Anonymous, December 27, 2001

That's the problem with many strikers nowdays.They always try to impress.That's why the REALLY great strikers,are the ones that use their mind and play simple.For the good of the team,and not to show off.But i am sure that Mido will become more mature in his game.I dunno if the same will happen with Zlatan though.

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2001

I'm a BIG fan of Mido, and I think he will eventually establish himself as a very effective player for Ajax. My assessment was that the 15 minutes were not enough to allow him to overcome his temporary crisis-of-confidence since his concussion. He seemed too eager to impress; his play was somewhat showy and disjointed. This was also true of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, by the way. But I have plenty of confidence in Mido's eventual return to good form. He should relax, try to contribute without trying to 'steal the show.'

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2001

hi, i just wanted to know how dwas Mido's performance in the 15 min. he played in yesterday's match........ thanx for any information, bye

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2001

I agree very much with what Tjeerd said about Mido. Techinically its a very great player, but that doesn't really pay off in the game. Ajax should play more like they really want to win, they have to put some effort and agressiveness in it!

-- Anonymous, December 19, 2001

I would like to say something about this guy Mido. I must agree that he's a very talented man when it comes to his technical skills but so far it hasn't been of any use, no effect at all and that also counts for Zlatan. It just looks like the have no interest in winning at all and my opinion is that if you've got players like that playing in Ajax 1, just tell them to piss off (that's not only with Zlatan & Mido but with most of the players, the are not worthy).

In my eyes the main problem is that they are not agressive enough (I do not mean it literally) I mean if you would have the chance to play for Ajax 1, you would try to do anything and everything to win the fucking game, ball or whatever...or is it just me??

I do hope Koeman is a man who does see those kind of things and is man enough to make decisions even if it are difficult ones but maybe those ones will bring back the pleasure I HAD in watching Ajax play.

I do hope we will all have the privilege to see Ajax again on the same level (or almost) as they used to be, have fun all!!

-- Anonymous, December 18, 2001

I'm not sure whether Mido will be back in the team on Wednesday. It's hard to tell which central forward Ronald Koeman prefers, since he has not had all three of them to his availability for a game yet.

In Koeman's first game, he chose for Machlas in the starting line-up. Zlatan was on the bench, Mido suspended. Machlas scored one goal; Zlatan, as a substitute, two. Against RBC, Zlatan was the man, but he played poorly. Against Roda, Koeman only had Zlatan available, so he was in the team, played well and scored again...

Personally, I think Koeman will play with Zlatan on Wednesday and put Mido on the bench.

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2001

hi, i just wanted to know if Mido will play the next match after his suspention ended, thank u for any information

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2001

Well, Mido is suspended at the moment so he won't play this week. But he survived his concussion very well. Like I said in the Zlatan- topic, Koeman is very impressed by the technical skills of both his new strikers (Zlatan and Mido). Besides, assistant Ruud Krol once was a coach in Egypt and back then he also liked Mido very well as a player. So I think Mido will get his chance. Don't worry!

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2001

I was wondering if anybody has any recent news on mido. It seems all the rest of the ajax players have been talked about lately, due to the signing of the new coach, and their first win under koeman. How is mido's fitness, has he finally reached full match fitness after his concussion? Any news about the new coaching staffs impression of mido? Hopefully he will impress them on the pitch once he is back from suspension, providing ofcourse he is given his chance!!!

-- Anonymous, December 07, 2001

hi Medo, how r u? Your are the best player in Egypt and Africa and please do all your effeort to hold on to the starting eleven and dont let the red card bring you down.bye and have a nice day.

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2001

mido, my name is mohamed i am from egypt , i am living in usa , i want to ask u :whydon't u play most of ajax matches , i think you are a good player , and u r better than zaltan , the other forward , also i want to know how to see your matches in usa

bye , and i hope you have anice day mohamed 13 years old

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2001

"I will be back to matches soon"

This translation of an interview, conducted in Arabic by Hesham El Zeny for Egyptian national newspaper Al-Ahram on Friday, 23 November 2001, comes to us as part of Ajax USA's new content partnership with EgyptianPlayers.com.

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2001

Whats Goin On, My name is Hani Hanna, I live in the US and try to follow as many egyption players as I can. Mido is probaly the most promising of the bunch which includes many like Tarek Said as well as Hany Ramzy. Sucks about the head injury but us egyptions are strong like bulls which Mido showed to the utmost. Dont let the bullshit keep you down and keep on keepin on. It would be awesome if you emailed me but hell if i was a professional Football player i wouldnt, Peace Out Mido, Kick SOME ASS!

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2001

hi again mido i wish you reply me in my email i like your style in plying and i wish to see the best football player in the world forever and you know i'm a big fan to zamalek

-- Anonymous, November 11, 2001

Firstly, I would have to disagree with you menno. The nomination is NOT made on the basis of this season only, but the entire year (2001). If you look at Mido's performance over the past year, he has made a phenemonal improvement, going from an unknown 17 year old reserve in belgium, to one of first names on the Egyptian national team's roster at just 18 years old, not to mention playing as a center forward for one of the best clubs in europe. Apart from this, I was wondering whether anybody could please translate the article about mido on ajax's site (www.ajax.nl)!


-- Anonymous, November 10, 2001

From Ajax Netwerk:

"Ajacied, Ahmed 'Mido' Hossam, is one of the approximately 40 nominees for the title of 'African Player Of The Year'. A winner will be chosen by the end of the year. PSV player Adil Ramzi (Morocco) and Feyenoord's Bonaventura Kalou (Ivory Coast) are also among the nominees. None of the three 'Dutch' Africans are expected to be finish in the top three of the competition."

And where are Hatem Trabelsi and Abubakari Yakubu, if I may ask?? The competition is about *this* year. In 2001, Trabelsi played better than Mido, at Ajax *and* in his national team (Tunisia qualifiedfor the World Cup; Egypt didn't).

It's a shame that most 'Player Of The Year' competitions only seem to appreciate the qualities of strikers.

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2001

hey mido, man u, yamany, shitos, r all great stars, and i luv yall. i am mahmoud, i live in englan, i play for manu's youngsters, i also go to the american community school in london. is it true that if u r becoming a pro footballer, u have to drop out school. anyway man take care, dont bump ur head man. oh i also got a concusion last game, so dont be stupid like me again. dude come on man, lets show those bastards, who we r, and that we have more spirit than they do. i miss u so much in the fields. yala bye man.

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2001

Again I say that Mido is proving that he is a very brilliant star, and that el kbeer kbeer men so3'roh..., I really epxceted to see a fantastic star when I first saw him in the pitch at the Emirates friendly game last, when he joined the national team for the first time. No arguements normally are said around a real star.

-- Anonymous, October 26, 2001

I'm very happy to see that Mido recovered! It's such a good thing to see him playing again. That's good for Ajax!

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2001

hi mido i'm mohamed omar from egypt i like your style in football and i wish to you good future with football and i'm sure you can do it coz you a good player and by the way i'm from zamalek fan in egypt i like this team so much

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2001


He played the full 90 minutes with Young Ajax today, against Young FC Twente. And: he SCOOOORED! After Ter Heijde had given Young FC Twente a 0-1 lead (21'), Mido equalized three minutes later. He started a good run from the left flank, waited patiently until goalkeeper Pasveer stepped forward from his goal - and fired home. Unfortunately, 1-1 was the final score, but what the f*ck: Mido's made his return to action. Who knows he'll be ready to return to Ajax- 1 for the Heerenveen game on Wednesday...

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2001

1 Nader el sayed 18((mido)) 5 abdel zaher 14 ayman abdel azeez 15 ibrahim saeed =(C) hany ramzy 3 emara 11 tarek el saeed 12 barakat Mido 10 abdel satar U Captin MAhmoud el gohary 9 abo gresha Belong to us

-- Anonymous, October 20, 2001

Good news on Ajax.nl today: after a good week of individual training, Mido has returned to the group training today. He's going all the way again and is almost ready to play!

He is not in the squad for this Thursday game at FC Copenhagen. That one's a little too early for Mido.

-- Anonymous, October 16, 2001

Thanks for the interview Mr. Bastiaan, we all really appreciate it!! sorry to be a nag, but I've read the interview, nothing much on when he is due back.. will he be in the squad for the kopenhagen game??

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2001

Thanks a million Mr. Bastiaan. I was rather worried about Mido and what seemed to be a serious injury. Apparently he's alright (thank God) and ready to resume his journey to the football world's elite ;)

Whenever there's a piece on Mido, please let us know! Again, I appreciate your effort....thanks

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2001

For all you Mido Maniacs, I translated a nice interview especially for you: Interview: Ahmed 'Mido' Hossam (source: Standaard)

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2001

Don't know. But I'm pretty sure that he won't be in ste starting line- up. If he's on the bench, I don't know.

-- Anonymous, October 13, 2001

Any news or updates at all regarding Mido? Is he playing tomorrow?

Thanks in advance,


-- Anonymous, October 12, 2001

Great game today for ajax... 5-0, top of the league, four points clear... what more could they ask for??

Well, the answer is MIDO!!!!!!! is he gonna make it for the saturday game?? please, any info would be great...

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2001

Mido is back in training, but not yet with the group. It is still a recovery-training. Today after the training he joined Chivu and Van der Meyde in an onofficial penalty-shoot out. Just for fun taking penalty's at Didulica.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2001

i really hope mido makes it on the 10th but hey i still figure he should not rush anything and take all the time he needs, salamtak!

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2001

Okay, there is alot of "talk" going around. Unfortunately I can't speak dutch, so if someone can please tell me if Mido will atleast make the bench for the wednesday game??

Is he even back from training?? when is he expected to recover?

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2001

hi!all hi mido iam so glad to know that u are traning with your team,and also iam happy that u are oka.the best news i had knowen since you are injury,that u are going to play the match on 10 october. what a great thing that u are oka,isn`t it?

-- Anonymous, October 06, 2001

Ooops, sorry posted it twice!! I also forgot to say that I don't think that MIDO will be playing the next Wednesday (10 October) match against NEC. This because of him leaving the trainingfield today.....Hope he feels a lot better soon (WE CAN'T DO WITHOUT HIM!!)


-- Anonymous, October 05, 2001

Hi guys!

I'm a big fan of AJAX and especially MIDO! I can tell you that, me as a big supporter of AJAX, am really proud to have someone like him in 'our' team. I think that he is one of the best football players in the team now (if not THE BEST) and has a great future at AJAX! Some information about his injury; I've been to the training of the AJAX selection today (5th of October) and MIDO was on the training field again!! Although he left after about fifteen minutes, which is probably because of his head injury!!

He is cute, isn't he? MIDO is and always will be MY man!!!!

-- Anonymous, October 05, 2001

Hi guys,

I'm a big fan of AJAX and especially MIDO! I can tell you that, me as a big supporter of AJAX, am really proud to have someone like him in 'our' team. I think that he is one of the best football players in the team now (if not THE BEST) and has a great future at AJAX! Some information about his injury; I've been to the training of the AJAX selection today (5th of October) and MIDO was on the training field again!! Although he left after about fifteen minutes, which is probably because of his head injury!!

He is cute, isn't he? MIDO is and always will be MY man!!!!

-- Anonymous, October 05, 2001

Nope. No specific news on Mido, except that he's been to the hospital each day - and that the doctors said: "Not to worry, he'll be okay. Just needs some rest." I'm sure Ajax.nl will mention it if he joins the team in training, so I assume this did not happen yet.

-- Anonymous, October 05, 2001

Menno Any further news on Mido ?

-- Anonymous, October 04, 2001

hi! Ahmed i think tnat all of your fans had knew about what happened to u.and i`m sure that they are all very sad. the only thing i want u to know that there is no one as much as iam sad for what happened .all of that is not important the main important thing that i want u to thanks god that u are oka! ya.. ahmed think with yourself about your futuer not only in soccoer.pls. ahmed i want u to keep in touch with god! i know that my words are strange and wilde,but belive me iam saying to u these words because i care for u very much. at last i want u to takecare of yourself plsssssssssssss. not only for ur sace but also for ur fan`s sace. ahmed 7amedla 3la salamtak. plsssssssssssssssssss takecare of yoursrlf ya mido.

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2001

The injury Mido sustained on Thursday, against Apollon, is quite a story... If you're interested, here it comes:

As I reported in my match report, he collided head to head with a defender and walked off the pitch reeling. Ajax doctor Piet Bon drove him to a Nicosia hospital straight away. Over there, the doctors concluded that he had a concussion. He shared a room with doctor Bon that night at the player's hotel. The doctor woke him up every hour, to check if he was okay (which is, Ajax.nl and several papers reported, usual if athletes sustain a concussion).

Anyways - as the team returned to Amsterdam, Mido was in a wheelchair. Co told the press that he was suffering from some weird side-effects: the left side of his body was sort of paralyzed and he had no power in his left leg. So he was brought to Amsterdam's V.U. Hospital straight away. Co, on Ajax.nl: "I've never seen anything like this. Neither as a player, nor as a gymnastics teacher or as a coach. I've seen a lot of accidents, but this is new to me. His left side didn't function and he had no power in his left leg (...) We're off to the V.U. Hospital straight away to have this examined."

The first reports from V.U. Hospital were remarkably worrying ("possible brain damage"), but further examination has now made clear that Mido's brain is *not* damaged.

According to newspaper De Telegraaf and Ajax Netwerk, Mido needs a lot of rest the upcoming days. His muscle functions will return to normal - and he expects to be back with the team for the NEC home game on 10 October.

I'm glad he's okay. It looked pretty nasty on TV: *BANG*...

-- Anonymous, September 29, 2001

My guy, though I know you will agree with me that you are an African. Thank you for making us proud. Nigeria is happy to identify with you and your success so far. Keep it up.

-- Anonymous, September 28, 2001

mido enta wad gamed awy awy...just keep concentrating on football and not anything else in amsterdam, and u will reach the top soon. Ajax has always been a school that many great player had gone out of it, kulivert, overmars and davids are live examples...u are next mido, but just keep on the strong fighting spirit that u have and that appeared in morocco when we lost and in algeria when we tied and we went out of the world cup qualifications...yalla ya mido

-- Anonymous, September 27, 2001

the only thing i can say is:

all egyptians are so proud

go on man,stay on track.

-- Anonymous, September 27, 2001

Here's is what I expected. When Mido was bought a lot of people complained about 'another striker'. Beenhakker immediately stated that Mido was bought as a *left winger* and not as a *striker*, since he was playing on that position also at AA Ghent. But everybody knew that he was only playing there the last few matches before Ajax bought him and that he used to play as a striker and also plays as a striker in the National Team of Egypt.

And everybody who saw him playing at Ajax found out that he is indeed not a good winger (bad cross pass) but a great striker. Yesterday he finally confirmed this himself at AT5: "If the coach wants me to play as a winger I will do my very best, but I'm not so good as a winger. I'm originally a striker. At Ghent I played as a striker and also with Egypt I play there..."

I'm really curious how Beenhakker would respond if you confront him with these remarks. Probably with another stupid answer...

Nevertheless, we lost Shota and Machlas is out of shape, so to me it is absolutely no problem that Mido is actually a striker. Since he is good one!

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2001

That's my man,and that's what I meant when I said "Talented".Go On Mido & show us what you've got.take care.

-- Anonymous, September 24, 2001


-- Anonymous, September 24, 2001

Mido i think ur r the best african player in the world i wish u read this message and on behalf of all my family and friends we wish that u continue ur good playing and preformance and we also want u to know that we r ur biggest fans in egypt and the world

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2001

I think Mido has great speed, that is one thing he is very popular with in Egypt.

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2001

Absolutely not true dude... ;-) His action against Twente was just a matter of 2, 3 meters. You can't show your speed in 3 meters. In the same game two times he lost a dribbling duel because his opponent was easily much faster...

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2001

Absolutely not, dude... He *looks* slow, cos he sort of walks like an old man (or a duck), but he *is* not slow. Remember the FC Twente game, in which Mido was fouled and Ajax got a penalty? He won that penalty with speed. A body movement and BANG - he's gone. He's got a very good timing and he's very fast on the first metres. He'll show that on Thursday, against Apollon, a.k.a. the game in which Mido will score his first goal for Ajax.

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2001

I agree with Menno on lining Mido up right from the start. But I disagree on one tiny thing: Mido is *not* fast...pretty slow, actually.

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2001

I think this dude deserves to play from the start! Against Apollon Limassol for starters. Both against FC Twente and AZ, Ajax was struggling and seemed unable to create real chances. In both games, Mido's entrance made a major difference. He's very explosive, he's fast and he has a surprisingly good cross, too. Zlatan and Mido launched Van der Vaart together, flicking on Chivu's long kick and sending Rafaël on his way to the winning goal. I'd like to see Zlatan and Mido play upfront together. I'm sorry, but I prefer Mido over Machlas at this point (nothing personal, Geo, so don't kill me...).

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2001

A short note to Mohammed Aly and Ahmed Montasser.

Guys, thank you very much for visiting Ajax USA and contributing to our forums. However, Ajax USA is an independent fanclub of Ajax Amsterdam. We have no official contacts with Ajax and we can not guarantee that Mido will read your personal messages himself.

If you want to send direct fanmail to Mido, please send email to info@ajax.nl, mentioning 'Attn.: Mido' in the subject line. Or send a letter or postcard to: AFC Ajax, attn. Mido, P.O. Box 12522, 100 AM AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands.

-- Anonymous, August 16, 2001

Mido is the most brilliant rising star in Egypt for the past season, and I expect that he'll be shining more and more while playing with Ajax. So Wait for him in the champions' League

-- Anonymous, August 14, 2001

I used to be an Ajax fan when I was a kid in the 70's. I lost touch with the team until Mido moved there. I am looking through all the sports channals to find out who is showing Ajax games. Any ideas ?

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2001

Mido is top talented player. Everyone is hailing the performances of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and we forget Mido. Mido is gonna make it for sure!

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2001

well,mido sure is starting real good,i mean 6 goals is really something even if the opponent was weak!he scored 2 amazing goals!he really is talented!keep it up mido youre doing great!

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2001

Mido is most talented stricker in Africa

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2001

we all love mido

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2001

well,im new in here ,but since mido joined ajax,im really intersted in the teams results.well,im egyptian,and i adore football,i havent actually seen the last match with milano,so next time im gonna comment.i just wanted to introduce myself as a new ajax fan now.i hope that mido gets his chance,i know his cousin,and well all egypt is really excited about him.i hope ajax can return to their golden age again.

-- Anonymous, July 27, 2001

Mido and his country, Egypt, have failed to qualify for the World Cup tournament of 2002 in Japan and Korea. The young Ajax left winger put his country in the lead in the decisive game against Algeria, knowing that Egypt needed a couple more goals to keep Senegal from winning the group. Those extra goals were not scored. Algeria equalized, destroying Egypt's World Cup dreams.

However, Egypt has sent FIFA an offical protest. The country wants the game to be re-played, because the Algerian crowd threw bottles and rocks at the Egyptians throughout the game. FIFA has not responded yet. (Source: Ajax.nl)

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2001

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