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Julia's new movie O, is to be released in late August. do you think critics will have issues with this movie due to its violent content?

-- Jenn (SilverStarGlo11@aol.com), July 11, 2001


Hey Angela!! Thank you SO much for posting!!!!! You're first new person to post in a while! Hope to see ya back again along with a bunch of new people!

Always, Jenn

-- Jenn (SilverStarGlo11@aol.com), July 12, 2001.

Hey Jenn, I love your site. Julia is a great actor. I think the critics will have issues with the movie, I mean, they're critics, they're supposed to have issues. But, maybe they'll lighten up and compliment Julia on how she made a daring choice to do this movie. Maybe...have a great day~buhbye

-- Angela (gym_babe7@yahoo.com), July 12, 2001.

Well, I read in Teen People that it had a school shooting in it, so i wonder what school administrators and parents will have to say about it...

-- Liliana (LuckyLilli27@hotmail.com), July 13, 2001.

I don't care what the critics say :) this is going to be an awesome movie because it deals with real life things that people can relate to.

Rock on!

Taryn :P webmaster@juliastiles.zzn.com http://www.juliastiles.fan-page.com

-- Taryn (webmaster@juliastiles.zzn.com), July 14, 2001.

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