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Hi, I'm 16 and have long been enjoying making my own films and have recently saved up to buy a Kowa PA 35 anamorphic lens. I have always loved the widescreen look, and being able to shoot in CinemaScope 2.35:1 is brill. . .However, once I have captured the video in Final Cut Pro or iMovie, I export it with no compression and re-size it to be properely proportioned back t0 2.35:1. The trouble is, when I save it and am about to export back to tape, whenever the camera moves, objects become jagged and lines appear around them, and the image is not solid. Please help me here, what am I doing wrong

-- Tom Walker (, July 11, 2001


Check the field options. Lower and upper fields. Change it to the oppisite you have now and see if that helps.

-- marcus (, September 28, 2002.

My experences with my Century Optics 16x9 lens have been this, export in the CCD's native 4x3 aspect ratio. I shoot with the 16x9 lens and run it through a De-Interlacer to achieve a "film" look. I've noticed when I export it in a 16x9 ratio... (some BS 720x360 pixel ratio I came up with) there are lines a plenty. But when I export in 4x3 (720x576) It's all good and my footage looks great! After it's deinterlaced then you can do whatever you want with it and you'll have no scanning issues.

-- Jeff (, April 04, 2003.

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