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COMMENT: If this keeps up (San Diego is already buying water from the Imperial Irrigation District and Imperial Valley farmers), eventually Southern California will become a non-producer or exporter of anything basic to life support, exporting only ideas -- i.e. computer software, automobile designs, etc.

MWD To Buy Water From Desert Farmers (KFWB) 7.11.01, 7:10a --

The state's largest water importer will pay farmers not to farm in the arid Southern California desert.

The Metropolitan Water District imports water for many Southland cities and unincorporated communities. The MWD's plan to pay farmers not to farm was tentatively approved on Tuesday.

If implemented, the 35-year plan would spend up to $337 million to buy water from farmers in the Palo Verde Valley, which is in eastern Riverside County.

Farmers who agree to sell their water to the MWD would be required to leave as much as 29 percent of their land unseeded during growing seasons. Leaving land fallow will save on water that would otherwise be used to irrigate crops.

The MWD promises to pay a total of $84 million to farmers who sign up for the program. The rest of the money will be distributed in annual payments.

-- PHO (, July 11, 2001

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