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There's someone who has experienced the use of Agfa Scala 200x as a NEGATIVE b&w film? I've found some development tips in the Massive Dev Chart ( , but I should like to know if someone has used other developers (I generally use XTOL, Microphen, ID11 or TMAX).

-- Luigi Fumagalli (, July 11, 2001


Sorry I can't help, but can I ask why you would want to? Is there some special characteristic that could be found in this film? Maybe very low FB+F? Maybe this could be the 200 film that people in another current thread are seeking.

-- john stockdale (, July 13, 2001.

I once accidentally gave roll of Scala to a local lab, which mistakeingly processed the film as C-41, I believe (or was it as b/w negatves?) Anyway, the negaives and prints were superb, but I am not sure if the chemistry at the lab was in any way affected....

-- adrian de groot (, September 20, 2001.

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