you will be interested in my music but i have nowhere to send it to : LUSENET : Bill Laswell : One Thread

unknowingly crossed your path online after the darkest weekend i've experienced. i am in need of your address for the music i have created would like you to hear it. my eyes are blue and my mind is wide. patiently waiting.

-- michael (, July 10, 2001


Gosh Mike we gotta stop meeting like this babe lol hehe as u prolly know, I'm a much olde married woman but also a sucka for Italians so help me out here oohkay? but neway I was giving my pals my new,improved, email addy and hey pal! this is it I'm doing ok Michael still have alot of pain but grin and bare it play on my comp and fun webbies like urs ty fer the posts u make they do brighten my day hey you hang in there too someone here needs you we'll pull each other up the mtn if we have to come on, I'm game are you? as far as music, sure would love to hear some now u got someplace to send it to p.s. haven't seen lil bro danny in long time u deport him? haha jp give him my new addy too I kinda like the kid and speaking of kids, my son just got in I gotta scram take it easy, let the music soothe ur soul thinking of you , ur fan and friend, love,cindy

-- CindyHaddock or just m.b's cindy;-)* (, April 26, 2004.

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