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freestlye has stopped carrying Efke films from Croatia. does anyone else know of any other source in the u.s. for these films? a friend in france looked around and they said there that no such film exists. anyone know what's up with the manufacturing of efke?

-- James Luckett (jl@mollymail.com), July 10, 2001


Hmmmm, I don't know a source for efke films in the U.S., but I know that Fotokemika in Croatia still makes them. Me source here in Sweden will get a sending now in august.

-- Patric (jenspatric@mail.bip.net), July 10, 2001.

Scroll down for my response to Brian Hinther's question about Efke. Short answer: http://www.fotoimpex.de ships direct to North America for 15 Euro. I haven't tried any these films yet, but the dollar is so strong that even with the shipping they are pretty cheap.

-- Charles Ruberto (charles_ruberto@attglobal.net), July 10, 2001.

A full range of Efke is sold as the Jessop's home brand (A major UK chain). You can order from their web site. Still available is 127 size. Good fi

-- William Buckingham (wbuckingham@bigpond.com), September 27, 2001.

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