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During a Masterclass from the Canadian-Britsh director-animator Richard Williams (Roger Rabbit) I learnt about the existence of a video wich was shot during a Masterclass from Michael Caine. It must be very good. Does anybody know how and where I can get hold of this video..?

Thanks a lot,


-- caspar de kiefte (, July 10, 2001


The IMDB page for this film doesn't give much information beyond the fact that it was a documentary made in 1991 and that it's not available on amazon.

You could try the British Board of Film Classification as they have a searchable database of all features which were classified for video release in the UK.

Additionally, the British Film Institute has a list of other databases you can try.

The book that accompanied the series is available, though, from these international Amazon stores.

Click here to order the book from (US) for $11.96

You can also order it from for 8.99.

And I'm sure there are other online bookstores which will be able to help.

-- Marjorie Johns (, July 30, 2001.

I purchased the tape at a used video mail order in the US quite some time ago. As it is not in PAL you will need a NTSC compatible VCR or TV anyway

-- Oliver Koberstein (, October 22, 2001.

Yes, I have the video you are referring to. I purchased it last year at Samuel French Book Shop in Studio City, CA. It was highly recommended by fellow actors and the book store manager.

The phone number is (818)762-0535


-- Christopher Winsor (, March 10, 2002.

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