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How can I get a list of re-posessed houses in the UK. I am interested in buying


-- Lesa Robinson (, July 09, 2001


There is no such list.

All repossessed houses are sold in the normal way and should be sold for a true and fair price.

Anyone not doing so can leave themselves open for prosecution.

-- Go Away (, July 09, 2001.

All you Lender's having a look at the site today - SEE WHAT WE MEAN??? Buy a house at the full market price and don't be such a vulture.

-- Too scared to say (, July 09, 2001.

Is there a specific reason you want to buy a repossessed house?, are they better built?, are they in better locations? or is it because you want to save a few quid?.

I suspect its because you want to save a few quid, and I don't blame you for trying as you think its a fair game. I would however suggest you read this site to realise that for every 1000 you save off true market value is another 1000 being harrassed from the previous owners, NOT the bank or building society.

-- Not Likely (, July 09, 2001.

Why do people always jump down the throats of other people just because they are trying to buy a cheap house?I have had my house taken from me I had to watch in court as the mortgage company were granted the order that broke my heart I lost all of my years of hard work!!! What do you do???? One thing I did not do was blame some poor sod who was trying to buy a house that he or she could afford no I blame the mortgage company and the government for letting these leeches ruin people instead of helping them.My advice to all you sad people who like to throw stones with the mob,its action like this that stops you going forward and getting on with your life you tend to use all your energy hating people that have never done you any wrong,because you cannot get at the people that have! GET A LIFE AND YOU MIGHT FIND THAT YOU CAN THEN GO FORWARD.

-- david stevens (, July 10, 2001.

I think maybe you should have done a little more research on this site before you tactlessly asked that question, or, why not trawl the web for a website called;

Get stuffed!

Mr Angry

-- Mr Angry (, July 10, 2001.


And learn how to spell repossession, we all can!

-- Mr Angry (, July 10, 2001.

In response to David Stephens:

I, like most people, HAD got on with my life and do in fact have a very good life thankyou. Then out of the blue they want money all because they sold the property for far less thanit was worth on the open market and against all the correct procedures.

Speaking for myself, I do feel angry at those who wish to make a profit from the misfortune of others especially as there should not be the opportunity in the first place.

-- Matt (, July 10, 2001.

The crux of the matter David: if the Lenders were telling the truth and repossessed houses were not undersold, there would never be any posts from anyone looking to get a CHEAP house. We all tried to move on after our repo's and were/are hammered into the ground by debt collectors and Lender's and their agents crawling out of the woodwork - in some cases over a decade after the event occurred. I am sorry you lost your home, but had you resources such as this site available to you, your repossession may (or may not) have been prevented. It's forum's such as this which highlight Lender's [alleged] duplicity - saying one thing to the CML and the press and then doing the exact opposite and the glaring shortcomings of certain legislation. I am afraid I would NEVER buy a repo - unless I was sure that it was at the regular market value. I've had too many years of being hounded by my Lender to inflict that misery on someone else. When they took your home with a Court Order I take it that was that - you've clearly never been chased incessantly for a shortfall, day in day out, at home, work and through friends and family. People are entitled to feel aggrieved when someone comes onto this site looking to profit from that type of misery.

-- Too scared to say (, July 10, 2001.

I feel very sorry anyone who has been thrown on to the street but lynch mobs do more harm than good,in answer to the people who think I had an easy time of it think again they are chasing me for nearly 50,000.The only reason they will never get a penny is that I have now got nothing in my name and I swear that I will die before paying them.I do not even know who moved into my home after I was shafted but I was informed that it was a young couple who were not particularly well off[what should I do first burn them out or stick needles in their eyes?your choice]if I met them in the street and they said we bought your old house I would wish them well but you would all no doubt burn them at the stake.Mr angry I am very glad you can spell and if I wanted to use that word and could not spell it I could have copied it off this site but then thats a lot for you to work out is it not?!!!!!!!!!!!

-- david stevens (, July 10, 2001.

I am very sorry that they are chasing you too. Fifty grand? It's just NOT fair though. Why should you go through your life with nothing in your name? If you work, that, by the way is irrelevant, as they can go for an Attachment of Earnings Order and take a chunk of your wages. Why should they be able to chase you when they've left you with nothing? Nobody here advocates violence or retribution against people in repossessed homes. What *I* object to is the amount of people who post here asking the *victims* of sometimes devastating and family wrecking repossessions to help them find a CHEAP house....they shouldn't exist if the Lender's are telling the truth!!

-- Too scared to say (, July 10, 2001.

I understand what you are saying but if you blame innocent people who are on a tight budget then the mortgage companies and the government and it is the government that lets this situation continue get a free ride.How far do you go down that road do you also blame the next person who buys the house because it might be slightly under market value I think not.What none of you seem upset about is the amount of auction houses that have sprung up on the back of the crisis and they only continue in business because of the mortgage companies and are all in the swindle together.Its easy to pick on members of the public because they do not hide,what we should do is make all the details of the company directors[mortgage companies and debt collection services] public on this site and see if they like thier families having people spy on them and ask thier neighbours strange personel questions in other words a name and shame campaign.I think that thier friends and neighbours might keep them at arms length if they knew what parasites these people really are,if we all put our minds to it it would be easy.

-- david (, July 11, 2001.


Two tiny points, hopefully to clarify matters.

1. We are angry at the right people - read the rest of the site. 2. You are right that we should have no reason to have a go at people wanting to buy houses cheaply, it isn't their fault. However, the site is very clearly labelled, and I get frustrated that people are too thick to see that buying houses isn't what the site is about.

Re your own situation, it mirrors mine to a degree, but I got through it, and settled for about 6% of what they asked for. Mostly by reference to the site, and, actually, facing the problem, tackling the problem, doing the research myself, putting my energy into it. In the meantimes I've got on with my life, but I haven't forgotten what I went through, and sometimes I stick around to help others. Partly it returns the favour - and partly it makes me feel good.

You sound quite bitter in some respects but very positive in others; your attitude towards the people who have benefitted (innocently) from your misfortune is admirable, and you made several good points in your replies. I hope the initial flaming you got (only a mild one) doesn't put you off visitting the Q&A board again and maybe sorting your own situation out along the way.

Good Luck.

-- (, July 12, 2001.


Please could everyone stop and read my message.

I came to this questions page straight from a search engine, and had no idea what the aim of the site was about. I knew what the topic was, but not the AIM.. therefore, I did not know that this was a site to help and assist and comfort people who had endured reposessions.

So please, before you all start spitting hatred at people that come on to this site looking for websites to buy repossessed houses, please remember

they did not necessarily come to this page through the main site entrance, and so they may well not know what the aim of the site is about.

And, just incase you are saying that I don't have any Idea about the subject, you are wrong. My partner had his home repossessed and was made bankrupt. He now says good luck to anyone that can buy a house for a bargain, because that is the way of the world.

Just to prove that he means what he says, we are now looking at buying a repossession for ourselves. In his words:"That is what life is all about:- you take the bad with the good and blame no-one else but yourself if things go wrong and congratulate only yourself when things go right. Only you shape your life and it's destiny."

I think that they are pretty sound words to live by, and they come from someone that has been through it.

Incidentally, to spew spiteful words to someone who can't spell (as Mr. Angry did) is the lowest of the low. It makes you lower than a worms belly. The person who mis-spelled "repossessed" or whatever it was(Wayne) could have dyslexia.... How low can you be??? Nasty peice of work that you must be....

Good luck to every one that is going through turmoil at the moment and We both wish you strength and eventual peace in your lives.

There IS light at the end of the tunnel.. honestly.. My partner is proof of it!!.

-- keeping quiet!! (, May 06, 2002.

Hi Lesa,

Your posting above may have been made with all good intentions but I am afraid I take great exception to it.(and please note I am NOT spewing hatred!)

Why do I take exception too it? Well A) Because it blandly explains away the deliberate predatory actions of others as mistakes and B) It spouts the well used and exceedingly well discredited maxim of "you have only yourself to blame if things go wrong"

Please exlain that maxim to the millions throughout history who have suffered wrong at the hands of others. The use of it in any form always makes me suspicious of it's intentions and anyone that lives by it.

In case you wonder, I too have experience of repossession. I though believe I was a victim. Oh, I do not deny that I contributed to the repossession but so did my ex becoming disabled, unemployment and the economy. I was NOT the cause of the shortfall trap which is the misery that I and other similar victims suffer. In my case That WAS caused by the HALIFAX deliberately undermarketing and underselling the property DESPITE my constant requests for them NOT to do so.

I will finish by stating that it is not my intention to insult you or anyone else by this posting and If I have done so I apologise sincerely. No my intention is just to tell all the repossession shortfall victims out there to keep fighting, DO NOT be persuaded by anyone to blame yourself without first ascertaining the blame of others that may have deliberately or negligently put you in such a position. If such actions by others subsequently prove to have taken place then use the rights given to you by law to demand justice.

By the way it is not really necessary for anyone to 'shout' on any posting to this forum by using HTML commands in their text.

-- Tony Hayter (, May 06, 2002.

Here! Here! Tony - Sorry if I shouted!

-- Chris (, May 07, 2002.

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