What do you mean by "NON-SANCTIONED ART"

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I read several of the messages in the forum talking about the realtionship between "grassroot movements" and "non-sanctioned art". The second concept is not cleaar for me

-- Dr. Antoni Remesar (remesar@trivium.gh.ub.es), July 08, 2001


Dear Antoni- I think what is meant by non-sanctioned art is the art of resistance, connected perhaps to social movements, or dissidence. It could be... making insurrectionary spectacles!

It would certainly mean outside of state control... have a look at Robbie Conal's wonderful work in L.A., or that of AgitArt in San Francisco. And there's a conference loosely about this in Concordia, October- when I know you'll be busy with your own- but you can check it out at:http://design.concordia.ca/declaration/ Hope that is a help. regards, Deborah

-- Deborah Kelly (heyhetero@yahoo.com.au), July 08, 2001.

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