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A Lighting Bolt of Reality (The Forced Relocation of Rural Populations) By J. Zane Walley 07.08.01 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This article made possible by a grant from the Paragon Foundation

Is the United Nations threat to America freedoms genuine? For years, I shrugged such a farfetched notion off. I would listen patiently to very earnest folks who spouted a seemingly endless stream of dire warnings about global and one-world government. I reckoned they had fallen under the influence of the conspiracy conjecturers and spent too much time reading spy thrillers and watching science fiction.

As I researched the plight of farmers, ranchers, miners, loggers and other people who made their living from the land, it became apparent that their livelihoods and homes were being annihilated by international treaties and agreements. Global pacts hidden darkly in the background apparently drove major federal government actions that were hostile to people who work the land.

The first lighting bolt of reality exploded into my dumbed-down brain when a very knowledgeable scholar gave me a copy of a 1972 environmental law paper by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Morges, Switzerland. In the IUCN paper, The Easement as a Conservation Technique, chapter two, titled, "The Need for Conservation Easements in the United States" explains how governmental agencies can regulate private property without owning or paying for it. It also suggests that CEs are a method for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to achieve regulatory authority. It further explains how state and federal constitutional private property rights laws could be circumvented.

In researching the IUCN I found that they are the environmental agency of the United Nations, bringing together 76 states, 111 government agencies, 732 NGOs, 36 affiliates, and some 10,000 scientists and experts from 181 countries. Their membership list of signatory American agencies and NGO has dumbfounded me.

U.S agencies with IUCN membership and providing funding include: Department of Agriculture - Forest Service, Department of the Interior, National Park Service, U.S. Agency for International Development, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce and Department of State.

A very few of the many IUCN NGOs members are: The Nature Conservancy, Defenders of Wildlife, Environmental Defense Fund, National Audubon Society, National Parks and Conservation Association, National Wildlife Federation, and Natural Resources Defense Council. In fact, almost all of the Major NGOs who are wreaking ruin on proud and productive Americans are IUCN signatories.

Further research proved that The Tax Reform Act of 1976 incorporated principles favorable to the IUCN vision. Virtually, elements of the act were a rubber stamp of the IUCN agenda. Simply summed up, their agenda is global environmental regulation. To regulate the world environment, they must of course, regulate the people.

I followed that thread into the spool and stumbled on a United Nations website, U.N. Protected Areas in the United States. The website contained 129 fine-print pages of U.N. Protected areas in America! 129! Millions upon millions of acres of our country are listed. Those protected areas are regulated by the IUCN. When I compared the U.N protected areas to regions that are under fire from federal regulators and environmental takings that force people from the land, I found they are the same.

Other documents also have severely unnerved me. The United Nations Program of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development produced a how-to-manual, The Forced Relocation of Rural Populations, which was distributed in Africa and included the stated mission, "To foster a more balanced spatial distribution of the population by promoting in an integrated manner equitable and ecologically sustainable development."

One of the concepts advanced in the U.N paper will ring true to countless rural Americans who helplessly watched their lives be destroyed by environmental regulations. "When rural resident inhabitants are denied access to the natural resources essential to their livelihoods, they will be forced by economics to relocate."

Our own government has two publications in print that will raise your hackles: The first, Your Rights and Benefits as a Displaced Person, (Publication No. FHWA-PD-95-010) states, "Government programs designed to benefit the public often result in acquisition of private property and sometimes in the displacement of people from their residences, businesses, or farms." The other pamphlet, Acquiring Real Property for Federal and Federal Aid Programs and Projects (Publication No. FHWA-PD-95 –005), spells out how the government can take your land. The U.S Government publications and the U. N. Manual have analogous themes.

The Endangered Species Act is a concrete example of the authoritarian power of international treaties over Americans’ rights and property. Read U.S. Code 16, Sec. 1531 (a) (4) Congressional Findings and Declaration of Purposes and Policy. You will find that the Endangered Species Act is conformable to and in accordance with:

(A) migratory bird treaties with Canada and Mexico; (B) the Migratory and Endangered Bird Treaty with Japan; (C) the Convention on Nature Protection and Wildlife Preservation in the Western Hemisphere; (D) the International Convention for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries; (E) the International Convention for the High Seas Fisheries of the North Pacific Ocean; (F) the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora; and (G) other international agreements In a mockery of the "advice and consent" responsibility placed upon the Senate by our Constitution, the U.S. Senate ratified 34 international treaties without debate, without a vote, and almost without notice during the 106th Congress.

So, am I hearing the flutter of black helicopter rotors and the goose-stepping tread of foreign troops? No. However, the evidence that our freedoms are being methodically destroyed by federal agencies that kowtow to international powers is both concrete and public.

The clamor to get America out of The U.N. is direly inadequate. If our country is to regain sovereignty, we must abrogate all international treaties and require that our federal bureaus withdraw from U.N pawn agencies.


This article made possible by a grant from the Paragon Foundation, Alamogordo NM. 1-877-847-3443

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-- vlad strelok (, July 08, 2001


I'm sure the Klamath nation could speak volumes about "forced relocation" -- considering the massacres of their people perpetrated before the entry of white farmers.

This sort of misrepresentation is only going to get worse as drought and desertification spreads. But at least in Asia, I haven't heard of any home-grown paranoids blaming the UN for climate change.

Growing alfalfa in a desert that barely gets enough rain for pine trees isn't an activity that can be perpetuated forever. The time of reckoning could only be postponed for so long -- and the fishing communities downstream have previously been the ones taking the hit of misguided water policies.

-- honor treaty rights (, July 09, 2001.

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