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I recently bought a brownie starflex w/ flash at a yard sell. My questions.... What is the f/stop on the lens? How do I determine the year of manufactor? Can it be converted to use 120?

-- Conner Myers (, July 08, 2001


I don't see what good knowing the F is going to do since there are no "user adjustable" settings as I understand it?

I just bough one at a very fair price, and has yet to be delivered, so my help is probably open to constructive critism!

You can use Kodak Natural Color (N/C) 160 is $10 a roll from B&H Photo according to some info.

I just downloaded a manual here:

Let me know if you come up with any more info, since I'm new to these also.

Joe Garzione

-- Joe Garzione (, August 05, 2001.

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