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I currently shooting on a xl1, but am considering purchasing a older evw300 or tsc200 as a backup/quick cam. The reason why both supposadly good cameras, I like the lenses, broadcast quality...and Im hoping to take the hi8 tape buy a sony digital8 to use as a player with firewire and feed the video into my mac.

Has anyone tried this, does the quality go down. It seems like a economical backdoor. How good is the quality on those two cams? my only experience is beta and dv/dvcam.

-- michel brewer (, July 07, 2001


I have just recently purchased a Sony EVW300 and it is amazing! However, I find I get better results when I am able to output directly to my S-VHS deck rather than use the hi8 format. This ofcourse is not quite feasable in a mobile situation. If you are buying a Digi8 camera to capture into you computer, you should have as-good-as-original picture quality being captured (in theory)but let me know if you do try this out, as I'm thinking of complimenting my system with a Digi8 as well, but have not had the funds so far.Hopefully in a few months tho.

-- Ziggy Von Fokker (, January 07, 2002.

I am currently own one of this EVW-300 but just a bout a month a go try to help some friend out for his wedding party got in to a kong-fu fight my tripod was fall down straight broken my lens Camera still work but looking for the lens now do you know anyone have this kind of lens? this lens kind like hard to find because got dot dot inside the ring and no connector cable.


-- SAM NOU (, December 10, 2003.

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