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Was up! I am comming to NC to visit some some friends. I am an old school raver from back in the day (when the media didn't know shit, and widelegs were the only pants that existed) Anyway I am looking for a good party. It doesn't have to be some mission impossible underground event, but I want to hit a cool spot and chill. I like trance, house, jungle, 2 step garage, like whatever! I would appreciate any info (good info, dont send me to some OKE-DOKE line dance bullshit) Anyway, ya'll allways remember; You allways know when your having a good time, if there's any question you might be flippin out. GO HOME!! GET SOME FUCKING SLEEP ALREADY! IT'S OK!! 1 LOVE If anyone hits DC soon be sure to go to BUZZ!! The crowd sucks but the music is still hot, Smokin'!

-- Anonymous, July 06, 2001


go to carolina spins or carolina raves on-line. I was just trying to go there but I am not connecting for some reason. Hope this helps.

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2002

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