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hwllo good folks. I came across a wonderfully useful site that has the year (easy to use by months) charted for gardening (planting, destroying weeds, etc). Trouble for me was it was calculated for Australia and you have to adapt it to your locale. I don't know how to do that, though I suppose it would be an easy to figure out problem? Any one know how? Or even better, know of a site that offers my area moon-sign gardening chart? I am looking for quick reference as my household of six and all its workings gives me little time to spare. So far my search has produced for info explaning HOW-TO determine when to do what. Ah, but I seek something that providing that sweet, all-ready-to-use, day-by-day monthly calandar on the Australian site (I could find it again if any one wants the address). thanks for any help. Sandra

-- Sandra Hess (, July 06, 2001



Go to and type in chart for planting by the moon. Lots of stuff comes up.

I used to have a friend that did thatfor me. Around Feb. he would give me the chart already calculated so all I had to do was check my calendar for the right days to plant, transplant, weed etc. It was great.

Good luck in you search.

-- Cordy (, July 06, 2001.

Hi Sandra, I always try to plant by the moon, when possible. Have had alot of old timers swear by it. Here's a web site you might try....

-- Annie (, July 06, 2001.

Thank you for the helpful resources. I printed off the month of July- real helpful, and a real nice visual! This is great. It would be even better if they would place the current month AND the next month...but I guess that is where hopefulness remains that you'll purchase their year 2001 calendar. I guess I need to return back to the site because I looked to see where it was located for and found nothing, but certainly must be for NA? I have really enjoyed this forum, it really serves a lot of folks. Sandra

-- Sandra hess (, July 07, 2001.

Hi Sandra, yep it's for NA. On the site is a map of the USA for frost dates and a USDA hardiness zone map. Also on the site is a good section on when to start seeds indoors and when to put them out, depending on your frost date (and, of course, the moon!!!). Just count backwards.

-- Annie (, July 08, 2001.

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