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Is anyone aware of general arrangement drawings for these cars? I have listed the data I have below (it is from an ACL 1947 car diagram book). They're categorized as automobile cars, but they do not have racks (listed as XM in the July '47 ORER) --- furniture cars is probably a better description.

O-18, built 1938 Mt. Vernon, Nos. 51000-51399 O-21, built 1940-1, Pullman-Standard, Nos. 51400-52127 O-23, built 1942, ACF, Nos. 52128-52827 O-23, built 1942-4, Pullman-Standard, 52828-53927

There are some subtle differences in ends (O-18 had 4/5 Dreadnaught ends and the other classes had 5/5), IH (O-18 and -21 were 10'3-1/2" vs. O-23 at 10'3", although all show a cubic capy. of 3,823 cu. ft.), different trucks (National, AAR cast sideframe and Barber) and other areas.

Any prodding in the right direction would be appreciated. I'd like the drawings to see about the efficacy of making masters of these for resin casting in HO.


Ted Culotta

-- Ted Culotta (, July 06, 2001


The RR, SCL, put the drawings for the 52000 series cars on microfilm. These microfilms are on 35mm rolls. Unfortunately, I have no way of making copies from these microfilms at this time. The Society is trying to work out a way to tranfser all the drawings onto CD. If you can wait about 6 months I'm sure the Society will be able to have copies made of the drawings you need. If you still have questions regarding this process send me am email message. Ron Dettmer

-- Ron Dettmer (, July 07, 2001.

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