A Peaceful Dream

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Thoughts on Christine's latest story?

-- Jeremy (jdwatson@widomaker.com), July 05, 2001


what are YOUR thoughts on it, Jeremy? Just curious.

-- Christine (crgamache@yahoo.com), July 05, 2001.

Not bad. I prefer stories where the narration focuses on the killer rather than the victim, but I do like your portrayal of the killer nonetheless. I'm trying to decide whether to interpret the last bit as a frenzied, logicless delusion that Kaylen is safe, or whether it's a reference to heaven or some other form of life-beyond- death. ... I like the former, myself. n_n

Also, I think it's cool that we have the same birthday.

-- Crucified Lemon/Mark (jsang@crosswinds.net), July 06, 2001.

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