Sweet Corn!!!

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I planted some sweet corn, by seeds, a few weeks ago. They are about 4-6 inches high now. Can I take the chicken wire off of them? , it was to keep the birds from eating them.

-- William Robinson (ryanr@goeaston.com), July 05, 2001


An alturnative to the chicken wire might be to get a few plastic owls & put them up on poles (posts). I've done this to keep birds from eating my garden, & it worked great. But watch out for the squirls (ground, chipmunk, etc..), coons, deer, etc... But them wire didn't stop them either.

good luck


-- animalfarms (jawjlewis@netzero.net), July 05, 2001.

Something that I have done with a little success, is to hang out foil pie pans strung together on a string, so that when the wind blows, they flash reflections and bang loudly together. It worked pretty well for a while...

-- daffodyllady (daffodyllady@yahoo.com), July 05, 2001.

Here in West Central, TN, sweetcorn will be read to pick within a couple of weeks. In one plot I noticed, it is already as high as an elephant's eye.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (scharabo@aol.com), July 06, 2001.

Ken, the best thing I ever did with the garden was to turn it over, lock, stock and barrel, to my hubby's care. He planted, mulched and weeded, and I pick and freeze. He has mulched all around everything with manure, and in between the rows with leaves. I never had such a pretty garden in the back yard. For once, I am proud for people to see it. LOL Our corn is 8' tall and tasseling so pretty!

-- daffodyllady (daffodyllady@yahoo.com), July 06, 2001.

Daffodyl lady, that is of course the traditional arrangement, or division of labour (or labor in your case). Do you think the fact that traditional arrangements prove out in practice should teach us something?

-- Don Armstrong (darmst@yahoo.com.au), July 06, 2001.

Since i mucked up the corn plot a few years back it has become my husbands domain..at least the planting of it. I planted too deep one year and we got nothing so now he plants it while I water it if need be, help with weeding and mulch it. The first bunch is about a foot plus tall and the second batch is popping out of the ground (should have been sooner but the weather has turned cooler after our June heat wave). We do the chicken wire thing too . The crows love freshly sprouted corn or that which is just ready to pop up. Actually its the softened kernal they seem to love. I'd say yours is safe from them now at that height.

-- Alison in N.S. (aproteau@istar.ca), July 11, 2001.

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