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Please check my url (i've just started this) and look in the MV forum - I'd appreciate it if anyone can help answer a question. Thanks.

-- (, July 05, 2001


Here is the question. ===========Quoted==================== Guess I had better welcome myself to the new site as there is no-one else here yet, and, has anybody modded the annoying side stand yet? Mine caught me out the other day but I managed to lay it down on top of me. No damage, lucky or what. So how is the mod done?

-- mod (, July 05, 2001.

Here's a response emailed to me by JS...

Very simple and it makes it a breeze to mount&dismount the bike with confidence. Take the side fairing& belly pan off and remove the stud and nut holding the side stand. The idea is to allow the spring to slide OVER the retaining nut instead of being held up by it.To this effect cut/machine the nut to half its thickness and trim the thread of the nut to suit.Loctite the modded parts when you have finished.Conversely if you wish to keep your original parts unadulteratad just make up a shortened version. A bit of Moly grease on the `now` sliding spring and nut face helps things along. I did this a year ago to my 1+1 and have had no problems. There is no ignition cut out on the stand so be aware!

-- mod (, July 09, 2001.

The safe, cheap, easy way to mod your sidestand is to gently bend the 'C' shaped retaining bracket further round the peg (i.e. make it more 'C' shaped than 'L' shaped!) Did mine a year ago and it works fine...

-- andy (, July 07, 2001.

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