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I have a question about bulk loading film, I want to do this but my camera automatically sets the asa/iso from the film cans. (Nikon N65) I have the bulk loader and several old cartridges that I used to use. Is there a place I can get labels for Kodak TMY that I could adhere to the cartridges? Thanks for your help. Joe

-- Joe (sowright2@aol.com), July 04, 2001


You should be able to find DX coded stickers at professional photo stores. You can also make one by copyng the pattern from any 400 asa film (it doesn't matter if it is tri-x, hp5+ or t-max, for the camera, 400 asa is 400 asa). Yust get a piece of robust paper and sitck the little aluminium squares to it; then stick it to the cartridges.

-- Martin Crovetto (mcrove@yahoo.com.ar), July 04, 2001.

Joe, I believe Freestyle sells empty cartridges with DX coding for bulk loading.


-- Christian Harkness (chris.harkness@eudoramail.com), July 05, 2001.

www.porters.com has the stick-on labels.

-- Bill Mitchell (bmitch@home.com), July 05, 2001.

The labels sold by Porters do work!

-- Alec (alecj@bellsouth.net), July 05, 2001.

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