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I am currently running Mac OS 8.6 using Toast 4.1.2. Whenever I try to make a large audio cd, I always get the error message -9380. What does this mean and how do I correct it? The song list has 64 sound clips; each clip is about 15 seconds (whole cd is 59 min, cd holds 74 min). I want a zero pause in between sounds. When I use the zero pause in between tracks, the write process will not even start but instead give me this error. If I put a 2 sec pause or higher in between tracks, Toast will start but after the first few sounds, I will get this error message. Have already given the application plenty of memory and have changed the "Disk Cache" to the other options and increased "RAM Cache" to the highest setting. "Black and Blue" (an application that tells what error codes mean) and other Mac support groups have told me that this is not a Macintosh code but a code that originates from the manufacturer of the software. All other small file and audio recordings work good. I just get this error code with the play list that have many tracks to them. Any informaton regarding this error code will be very helpful, thank you.

-- matthew rushing (, July 04, 2001

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