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I am coming back to London In November and would like to see as many Lady Jane monuments and castles as possible...I went to Windsor, Tower of London. Anymore info would be great. Also someone told me that there is a wax model of Lady Jane at madame.

Anyone with infor on any historical places that Lady Jane was apart would be fantastic.

-- danielle (, July 04, 2001


I know not of a wax model is still in existence and unfortunately too there os not much left in the way of monuments to Lady Jane. In fact no confirmed portrait of Jane survives. I have been writing a book on this subject which has been substantially researched. She has been sadly neglected in historical records and it is my aim to put that to rights. The best monument to Lady Jane (if one could call it that) is set in Bradgate Park in Leicestershire. The place where she was born and brought up as a child. Bradgate house, built by the Grey's (Jane's grandfather) is now in ruins but the chapel has been restored and what is left to be seen is very interesting. The ruins are set in a huge park where the Grey's used to do their hunting. Hope this info is useful to you.

Peter Carroll.

-- Peter Carroll (, July 15, 2001.

IF you have already experienced the Tower of London then, as Peter says, Bradgate Park is the best place.

I went to Syon House to see what was left there but unfortunately, the only Tudor bit that survives is a wall!! Not much joy there but at least the grounds were interesting. In one of the rooms, there are paintings of Jane's sister Katherine and her children. There is also a painting that is, allegedly, Jane - but this cannot be substantiated.

I have not yet been to Sudgely Castle in Gloucestershire, but Jane stayed there with Catherine Parr and was chief mourner at Catherine's funeral, which took pace there.

Hope this helps.


-- Jeni Machin (, July 17, 2001.

Althorp(earl spencer-diana etc) is supposed to have Grey family connections What is interesting is they claim to have a contemporary portrait of Lady Jane in their collection. Another wild goose chase?

-- Stephen Jakobi (, July 17, 2001.

Yes, I think one may be on a wild goose chase expecting to view Lady Jane's portrait at Althorpe. It is more likely to be that of a wealthy aristocrat lady of that time.

Peter Carroll.

-- Peter Carroll. (, July 22, 2001.

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