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Hi All,

Problem is with Abbey/Eversheds, usual stuff, shortfall claim 65000 A joke of a SARN response, and now not getting any replies to my letters asking for justification. Basically I am fed up hanging around waiting for their next move, and I want to get my teeth into them, and show them up for what they are and what a misery they are making of our lives with the uncertainty.

Such is the strength of my feelings over this matter that I am happy to be the sacrificial lamb, and take this all the way, and hopefully set a precedent for us all by winning the case.

After reading this site for months, it is quite clear that there are a lot of intellegent people amongst us, and I am sure by pulling together we can beat these bullies, their antiquated rules, and their obstanacy in dealing with simple requests.

Can I force them to proceed against me legally or do I have to sue them? basically I am asking for any information people might think is useful in addition to the excellent information here.

I will keep you all updated with any info, and, when I succeed against these fools, I will happily put my hand in my pocket and donate the cash to keep this excellent site running for another year.


-- Not Likely (, July 04, 2001


That's the spirit! We feel similarly - just received the 5 years 11 and a half-months letter ("please phone citibank urgently"...)and have responded with a request to keep everything in writing and a SARN. Just a practical point if you're not getting replies: are you making sure to send everything 'special delivery'? It costs 3.50 a time, but you can check on a website or phone line the day after you post it to make sure they've received it, and they have to sign for it, so you know damn well they really do have it! Best of luck! Melody

-- Melody Clarke (, July 05, 2001.

You cannot force anybody to take legal action against you, it is entirely up to the lender/solicitors to decide this.

As to whether you should sue them, you need to talk to a solicitor who is up on property law. Without knowing all the details and seeing all the paper work I certainly would not say to anyone take them to court.

Please give more details about your case, dates, amounts etc as your posting was very light on facts. I appreciate that you are angry with them and fed up with waiting butperhaps that is what they want to happen.

Any more information you can give would be appreciated - a real e- mail address would be a start.

-- Matt (, July 10, 2001.

Please don't be a sacrificial lamb on my behalf.You'd probably be better off seeing your MP and asking them to stick their neck out on your behalf, if you feel so strongly that the lender is abusing your rights. MPs have built-in protection. You don't.

-- E Scott (, July 20, 2001.

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