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I know that this is becoming a hassle to me. The bike has been to the dealer on 2 occasions to try and handle to issue. The problem is that MV is disclosing very little, and that will be the case until MV owners actually make a formal complaint about it. There is some sort of informal Technical Service Bulletin lingering in the air, but neither the dealer or the importer will disclose any information about it. The bike runs a lot better now, but I still have backfiring and the engine still shuts off when deccelerating in a low gear (2nd or 1st). Hope they can figure it out soon, because I have missed 2 road trips due to concerns of getting stranded somewhere.

Love the bike though...

-- Fabio de Andrade (, July 04, 2001


Sorry to hear about the problems. I've got 1200 miles on my 2001 MV, and had no problems before the first service. At the 600 mile service, I had the MV Agusta SPR exhaust and chip set put on, and it has only backfired 3 times since then. And I never have had a problem where it felt like it was going to stall. I guess I'm lucky, as it's been trouble-free, which is a good thing since I'm 450 miles from the nearest dealer.

-- Brad Cowell (, July 04, 2001.

You may want to check my June 1 post regarding problems with the MV. There seem to be two possible sources for this problem.

The first may be a CO adjustment. From past posts, it seems it needs to be adjusted occassionally, since vibrations may loosen the adjustor.

The second could be defective throttlebodies or injectors. Several people on my 6/1/01 post said they had their injectors replaced under warranty,which solved the problem.

If anyone with a 2001 model has had similar problems.

-- Allan Gibbs (, July 05, 2001.

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