180/55-17 Rear Tyre

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Info about tyres. I've just changed my rear tyre, instead the two precedent I have ridden in 190/50, this time I have changed for 180/55. Results : far better on slow and tight corners, less vibrations at high speeds (weight less), more rigid, cheaper, no differences when fast and long cornering. Somebody says one time he changes for this size on his Duc and was happy with, it's true for the F4 as well !! Note that Suzuki came back to this on his GSXR 750 ('99 = 190 and '00 = 180) Ok it's less "look-at-me-babe" in the front of the pub, for those like that, go for 200/50-17 or buy a Subaru Impreza pink color....



-- Laurent GABERELL (laurent.gaberell@urbanet.ch), July 04, 2001


I had a 180/55 installed on my bike and have to say that I am much happier with the narrower tire. The turn in response is much better. The bike is also much more predictable. They are nice, because the bike not only turns in better and holds a line better, but it responds obviously somewhat better due to the less inertia that the tire and wheel combination has to overcome in order to accelerate. I think that once I have the Magnesium wheels installed next week, the bike will feel like a rocket. The installation of the billet aluminium sprocket carrier and lightweight sprocket to replace the steel sprocket plus adding 2 teeth has made a major improvement on the bike. Losing a few more LBs will make all the difference in the world.

Sincerely, Fabio

-- Fabio de Andrade (fabioan@ukans.edu), July 13, 2001.

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