apron pattern for dishwashing liquid bottle

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Hello-- I'm looking for a sewing pattern that looks like an apron that fits around the plastic dishwashing liquid bottle. Years ago I saw one and have been unable to locate one. I'm constantly washing dishes and the bottle sits out. Thought it would be cute if I could make one and maybe some for gifts. Appreciate any help possible!!! Thanks -- Laura

-- Laura Hickman (tchljhbcm@earthlink.net), July 03, 2001


hi Laura, My sister sent me one that has cows on it. I don't have a pattern but could probably measure it and take a picture if no one else can help you. Let me know.

-- Dee (gdgtur@goes.com), July 03, 2001.

That sounds really cute! If someone can post a picture and measurements, I'd appreciate it too! Jan

-- Jan in CO (Janice12@aol.com), July 04, 2001.

We had one years ago on our soap bottle. It was kind of hour glass shape with the top being a little smaller and cut straight across the top instead of rounded. The little ties were sewn in the center of the indentation. Lay your soap bottle on it's side and trace it. Hold the paper up next to the bottle to compare and cut smaller smaller until you get just the shape and size you want. A pretty calico print with a lace edgeing all the way around looks nice. Sew a loop on the top to fit over the neck of the bottle. You'll find it very simple if you just play with it some.

-- cindy (jandcpalmer@sierratel.com), July 08, 2001.

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