Wondering wether not riding for a year would do alot of change us.

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Hey guys, I was just wondering wether if i don't ride or do any serious riding or even not training on my bike trial or stunt riding for a year, will it effect me and make not do the stunts/tricks/or to be as daring as i was before say a year ago. Most peole say its age, well im still 19 and the other excuse is, i'm in Nz(Auckland)now furthering my studies here and its cold too ride, or have no buddies to ride with. I think most people here would know me from Boon Foo's place but, yeah, i was just wondering wether it does makes a difference..-Jonny-

-- Jonny Monteiro (skinshotz@vodafone.net.nz), July 03, 2001


Hey Jonny!

So what's it like in NZ? I find it difficult to believe that you will not be riding in NZ!! Okay, so it's winter now, but spring, summer and fall must be fabulous there. It's ultimate mountain biking country if you ask me.

But back to your question: if didn't you bike for a year, what would happen? Your fitness would decline, if you don't do any other aerobic exercise. Even if you did, some of the cycling specific muscles would get gradually weaker. So, try running and working out at the gym (circuit training) to keep those muscles in good form.

As for your handling and mountain biking skills, I don't think it really makes a difference. At least not for me. Some people I know tend to lose a bit of confidence if they lay off for some time, and as a result can't do some of the things that they used to be able to. But it'll come back pretty quickly.


-- Joe (joeadnan@yahoo.com), July 03, 2001.


Maybe you remember me from Boon Foo's earlier days 96 - 97, maybe not. Anyway, I can give you first hand experience in your situation. I used to ride weekly at a fairly high level of fitness and skill here in Malaysia for some years, but then returned home to Australia where I didn't get the time or the nice weather to get on the bike. (The fact that I got married and we had a baby may also have somethning to do with it). Anyway, I've recently returned to Malaysia are guess what?, I unboxed my bike (3 years later) and have hit the old tracks and trails in the rubber institute and are back on the Hash.

From my experience, there are three aspects, fitness, muscle development and strength, and skill. Fitness - well, this speaks for itself, if you don't work you body its capacity will decline. This varies with age but once you've lost your fitness it takes 5 times the effort to get it back. And let's face it, riding is far more enjoyable when your fit. I've been riding weekly for 2 months and only starting to build some fitness. Enjoying the rides but it's hard work. Muscle development and strength - For me, I developed my riding muscles during my teens and early 20's, still got them today and my strength will be back to normal once the fitness kicks in. Also, its never too late in life to build or develope the muscles further. Skill - Ha! This I could not believe....This I beleive I still have but it was very rusty and my confidence was very low initially when I hit the trails. The skill I developed in my early days is coming back to me and I sure it would for any rider, but the confidence is the factor that will bring it on faster. I used to tackle any downhill without brakes until the point of live or die, and consdier nothing impossible until you failed... but...now a little older and wiser??? and not up to my former level, things are different. In time I hope I can return to my previous level of confidence and skill but it will take time and work. My advise is to make the effort to get on your bike occasionaly when you have the time or decent weather, just to maintain the CONFIDENCE.

Enjoy NZ. Have you ever tried mountain bike riding in the snow? Seriously, it a ball! I used too ride the cross country ski trails when I was in college in Melbourne, if you get too cold, just take a dip in a rock pool (it's warmer in than out). You should have plenty of opportunity and some of the best mountain bike riding tracks to make the most of when the weather improves in NZ. (that's if you have your bike with you)


-- Andrew "Animal" Elford (andrew.elford@esm.ericsson.se), July 03, 2001.

Hey guys, eyah the problem is the weather here now goes down to maybe single degree at nite and about 12-15 during the day. Also my sinus problem plays up when im on my bike riding in the cold. Yup i got my bike here with me, and plan to join the gym this month and a local cycling club once spring touches down. Don't want to waste all my years of riding back in M'sia.

So far about three months ago i did a run here CAlled Round the Bays and its a 8.3 km run around some bays here and about over a 100,000 people participating in it and believe me i actually finished it in 58:47 minutes, and that was without any training and other sporting activites but at the end of it i did feel good. AFter all that running was a Mabuk session b-coz all the companies/ sponsors held a big party for their runners and had some cool bands and barbeques, so it was all good.

Yeah nZ has some spectacular trails to ride on, coz i went tramping about three weeks ago and the sites from where i was, was so beautiful, especially travelling back by foot for about 3 km's on a black surf beach. It was a good experience and a whole good 5 hours of tramping up Mount Zion.

Yeap so i'm Actually, wondering, wether fitness would be a problem. So i guess i'll have to shape up again and get back into training. All my hsemates including my bro here, are health freaks and always ready to help me out in the gym. And i ceertainly hope i'm capable of doing Stuff i could do such as, jumps, trial riding and stuff as b4.

Anyway thanks guys, i will take some of the advise you have provided me and in no time will be riding with u guys back in Malaysia. Will be keeping up with you'll with the tales of myself here from Auckland. Johnny-

-- Johnny (skinshotsz@vodafone.net.nz), July 04, 2001.

Yeah andrew i think i do remember u think, vaguely maybe, u had the very first Lts's is it? Maybe i did ride with you before either. -Johnny-

-- Johnny (skinshotz@vodafone.net.nz), July 04, 2001.

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