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The good news is I am losing weight. The bad news is I went to get my leather coat that I have not been able to fit into for some years out of the closet in the cellar and discovered that it has a lot of mold/mildew on it. Can anyone tell me the best way to permanently remove it without harming the leather? I didn't want to use bleach or peroxide in case it would harm the leather unless someone can advise me on what strength to use. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

-- Colleen (, July 03, 2001


My husband uses alcohol first and then saddle soap. Hope this helps. Marci

-- Marci Tomlinson (, July 03, 2001.

I've heard el-cheapo bulk white vinegar to remove the mould, then dry, then wipe with a bluestone (copper sulphate) solution to control re-growth. Agree saddle soap or dubbin or some such would be a good idea after it had been treated, dried and aired.

-- Don Armstrong (, July 03, 2001.

I agree with Mr. Armstrong; I've used vinegar on my pistol and revolver holsters for quite a while now; the verdigris(sp?) a.k.a. green crap where metal - leather meet comes pretty clean.

And congratulations on the weight loss . . . I'm going to go on a diet soon; my gravitational field is beginning to draw in objects heavier than a bread box! LOL!

-- j.r. guerra (, July 03, 2001.

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