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I'm new to VCD's and I'm tyring to create a VCD with Adaptec Easy Cd Creator4.0. so far I have a nice collection of coasters. When I finish creating the video lay out the playback feature shows a fully functioning layout but when I burn it to a CD-R it won't play on anything, including the computer it was made on. the disk directory shows six sub directories all of which are empty except for the mpegav directory which contain music.dat files and the vcd sub-directory which contain .vcd files. There are no .exe or .com files any where on the disk. does any one know what it is that I am doing wrong?

-- Randy Adams (, July 02, 2001


First I want to know whether you have Adaptec VCD creator. To make VCD's you should need Adaptec VCD creator not the adaptec CD creator. Adaptec CD creator package has CD copier and CD creator for audio & data only. If you use VCD creator you will be able to make VCD' s that can be played on VCD players and CD-Roms.

-- sam (, July 03, 2001.

To Sam

Yes, my version of Easy CD creator does include the VCD Creator. sorry I should have included this in my original post.

-- Randy Adams (, July 03, 2001.

The Vcd contains those files because they are used for playing on a hardware player. If you want to play them on your computer you need to have special software or use a hardware player (DVD). I use ATI vcdplayer which plays vcd 1.1 (it is the most compatiable.) The cd's should not have *.exe or *.com files (vcd players are not windows!!!!!) I use freeware software and it comes out with the same output as yours. Make sure is is vcd 1.1 software cannot play vcd 2.0

-- HP (, July 08, 2001.

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