Judaic oil paintings

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Judaic oil paintings

Russian and Ukrainian oil paintings

realism , oil paintings

When you look at this painting, it makes very strong impression on you. The fact that this painting was created by really professional painter becomes the second of importance. The author put special music and harmony among strokes on the painting. There is some special philosophic problem inside of it. We do not know anything about the past and the future of the old man, but it is vividly for us that he himself is the wisdom and eternity. The child nestles to the old man openly and honestly and he absorbs man's wisdom and eternity. At this moment we know the thoughts of the old man too. He understands that he is not an eternal person, but he is eternal untill this little child exists. Boy is like his continuation and a vessel that should be filled with nobleness. I know very well how children hold openly those people who are dear to them. So does my little son. I know that from children's side these hugs are very open and true gestures, and they are addressed only to those people whom children believe subconsciously. I see warmth and energy on that painting which are between old man and a child. You can not understand or expain this energy - you can only feel it. The uniqueness of this painting is only in the existence of this energy I am trying to tell you now. Of course, I make a big mistake trying to tell about this art work, - it tells about itself. My words do not make this painting greater. However, I can not refuse myself to tell about it. Face and hands of the old man are depicted so vividly, truthfully and strongly that you can read with the help of them all beauty, truth and tragedism of Jewish nation. You can also hit upon an idea that generation of this boy will face with less amount of tragedies in their lives than the generation of the old man. We can also see that old man is tired, but he is not overpowered, because he has faith and greatness inside. I think you should look at this painting in reality to understand it well. This art work comes outside Judaic paintings. As I think, this painting is the source of common to all mankind values which are congenial to every spiritual person despite of nationality and religion he or she believes in.

============== My name is Ivan Davidchuk and I am a private art dealer from Ukraine. Specialize in

Judaic oil paintings Russian and Ukrainian oil paintings

realism , oil paintings

. Build up collections of painting according to tastes and preferences of private collectors, owners of art galleries and corporate clients. My own collection consists of several hundreds of paintings, bronze sculptures. Also I have right to represent more than 100 of Ukrainian artists. I will answer on any questions and proposals.

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Sincerely, Ivan Davidchuk

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-- Anry Ivan Davidchuk (istone@mail.ru), July 02, 2001


hi I am an art dealer and I would like to see some of yuor paintings on judaica, is there a site where I could see it? thank you for your attention james

-- JC Schvracz (james@globusart.com), August 03, 2004.

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