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Can anyone tell me anything about growing cotton? It seems that I read somewhere that it was legally restricted now... seems odd. I'd like to give it a go on a VERY small scale, and for my own use. Thanks!

-- witness (, July 02, 2001


Some states do have regulations concerning the growing of cotton due to boll weevil control efforts. Your best bet to get the information you need is to contact your local cooperative extension service (county agricultural agent) and ask them, being sure to explain that it's for private, personal use and how much you're wanting to grow. May not be any regulation in your area at all.


-- Live Oak (, July 02, 2001.

I believe it is Restricted in Florida for that reason. It is a nice little ornamental bush-I grew some from seeds carded out of my Little Miss Maid of Cotton bouqet 42 years ago.

-- Mitzi Giles (, July 02, 2001.

The wife has five different plots of cotton planted and about knee high now. She had to call and get a permit and the cotton bollweevel inspectors check traps they set up at each plot weekly. So far no bollweevels. There is no charge and they have almost wiped out the weevel so the farmer doesn't have to use pesticides as heavy. As for growing cotton where do you live it doesn't do well where the growing season is not long enough. If you can grow okra well cotton should do pretty good. Plant about 12 inches or thin to that after it comes up, keep weeds and grass hoed out it doesn't like other plants growning with it. Anyother questions please ask

-- David (, July 02, 2001.

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